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Bruised during blood test?
is this ok for the hospital to do??because it doesnt look very nice really and im sure i heard they could get into trouble for this a i have a huge bruise on my wrist through this
Additional Details
lol no i dont want to sue them or anything..i wouldnt no way i was just told this before and wondered if they had done this wrong cause i dont want that same doctor...why sue for a bruise..it was just buggin me lol

It happens, they miss the vein..They aren't always perfect, each persons veins are always easy to get blood out of.

Sadly, some people do bruise during blood tests and it looks deadful.
I dread going to clinic to have blood taken as I always bruise. It doesn't matter how long I hold the cotton wool in place on my arm for.
I also take blood as I am a nurse.
I use the small black needles and am really careful as I hate hurting people or leaving bruises, sometimes peoples veins are just so fine and fragile the needle either goes through a small peripheral one while trying to find a good vein or the vein you are using collapses.
Everyone who takes your blood in hospetal has been trained.
Next time say to the person taking yourblood that you bruise very easily and please could they be really careful as it left your arm a mess

a girl i used to know used to give blood
she had the same with her arm, where the elbow was,

it will go down though, but its because they didn't take care when doing the thing..

hers looked like someone had beaten her up =/

if its sore, it will hopefully settle and looks far worse than it hurts ?

if your worried go see ya doctor.

You are not alone. I bruise very easily, due to having to take steroids, and I always ask for the finest needle and for them to take extra care. I must say I really dread having blood tests for this reason but some people are really skilled at doing them carefully and others are too heavy handed. I would certainly complain if you were treated badly.

its not the hospitals fault .most people get a bruise when they have a blood test ,ask your Dr if u are still worried

It is just one of those things
they certainly wont get into trouble for it
they were probably not very experienced at taking blood
everyone has to learn!

hip lady wants YA fixed
you some times get bruises. this is normal. but if you start seeing your whole arm bruised then you have some thing to worry about.

if its a blood test from the wrist then chances are you are being tested on your blood oxygen level..

a bruise is where there is some blood under the skin..

so this is completely natural for such a blood test..

my Nan has these tests in hospital all the time and is bruised... the bruises clear up within a few days.

missing piece
it's normal i get huge ones a lot worst when i don't apply enough pressure right after. and my veins are very small so it doesn't take much to pop them. so don't worry it will go away soon. :)

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
I have bruises right now on the inside of both elbows and the backs of both hands. I just came out of hospital and this is normal for me. sometimes you just bruise from it, it happens.

It's quite usual, and unavoidable. Stop whining, and be bloody thankful you haven't got anything REAL wrong with you. 'kin ell.

Daisy Duke
This is quite common when the hospital take blood it happens to me all the time. I dont think you can do anything to the hospital for it. This is caused by you bleeding internally. To prevent this you must put pressure on the area for a little while after they take blood. It doesnt prevent it completely but it reduces it.

Randy K
This happens alot and is caused by blood leaking into surrounding tissue during the phlebotomy. It can be somewhat prevented by direct pressure for several minutes after a blood draw. They will not get into trouble for this as it happens as a byproduct of this procedure

michelle b
if its happend this time it may happen again, every time i have had blood tests or given blood i end up with them look unsightly but can't be helped really

This is a common occurrence after a blood test or giving blood the vein bleeds a bit thus the need to apply pressure to the area. the size of the bruise varies but does not always accrue.

i get this all the time when i have a blood test, my veins are terrible, they have a real hard time getting my blood out of me sometimes, its very common, and its nothing to worry about, when u bruise, its only because the blood has spread a little around the surrounding veins,

the hospital will not get into trouble for this at all! so dont try to put a claim in, as you wont get anywhere with it. sorry

Some people's veins are easier to find than others, and it also depends on how good the nurse is when finding them. My dad has to have regular blood tests, and sometimes he's left with a bruise if it's a different nurse who takes his blood. The usual nurse he sees leaves no bruise.

Mark S
most people brusie after blood tests, however you will not be able to put in a claim.

It happens sometimes, my mum gets huge bruises after blood tests it's no ones fault. next time try pushing on the area straight after the procedure

It is quite normal and very common but very ugly. Really cannot escape it. The smaller the needle and the quicker the phlebotomist , the luckier you'll be.

The same thing has happened to me. When they stick the needle in to draw blood, depending on how deep it is you injure blood vessels. Give it about a week you will notice it will turn yellow then eventually fade away.

my husband gets nasty bruies. it just depends on how easly they find a vein - me ive been turned into a human pin cushion because the veins in my arms are hard to find so now i just tell them to use a butterfly needel and use the veins in my hand - no they cant get into trouble as everybody varies some dont bruise at all and others bruise real bad

It seems to happen quite often. Use Arnica cream on the bruise it will clear up quickly.

Big Bear
It's quite common. It all depends on the expertise of the person taking the blood and what type of veins you have. Some constrict or close more easily when a blood test is taken. Put some ice or cold compresses on it. It will disappear in a few days.

Jessie H
I get them all the time when I get my blood checked.

Helen S
No, its quite normal although not very nice. Some staff are better at finding the vein than others.

Well a bruise is from blood vessels breaking so it's quite normal for it to happen considering you were having blood drawn..

This is unfortunate, but unfortunately, this happens quite a lot. I got a blood test this afternoon (10 vials O_o ow!) and now i've got a nice big bruise going on.

Maryn Bittner
Very, very common, and usually unavoidable.

All it is, is that after the needle was removed, some blood escaped from the vein but didn't make it to the surface. Unless you're a hand model who lost work, there's no harm done.

Find something more worthy of your outrage, okay?

its common to get bruised during blood tests it cant be helped, why would you want them to get into trouble for it??
looking for a claim are you??

Bruising is very common during a blood test and happens for a variety of reasons. It is not something the phlebotomist would (or should) get into trouble for...why would you want them to? It makes no difference how experienced the person doing the test is, even the most experienced can cause bruising sometimes.
The bruising may not look very nice but it will fade quickly and not cause any lasting problem. Assuming you have no other symptoms I would say don't worry and just wait for it to fade.

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