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Babies found in dumpster?
How you feel when you see babies in the dumpster? like how does one sleep?
NO I don't know what it feels like to have a baby and not be able to take care of it, no I don't know what it feels like to not be ready>
no I don't know how it feels to have any one to lean on

But how do u guys feel to see innocent babies left in the dumpster to die? Especially as cold as it is

what dumpster have you been hearing 'bout?

Thats disgusting.. You would call the authorities..

International Spy
Well, babies in a dumpster is not something I see everyday, but it is pretty upsetting.

♥♣XX seshy! XX♣♥
i would cry

I just wish there was a place, like a hospital, or such, where you could annonymously (SP) take the baby without question. Without looks or judging. Without the fear of anything. But I almost think those places exist, just not in all cities. Not small cities. I'm sick of the judging aspect of it. No one is the same. No one knows everyone's home life. You just can't assume that it was easy to do.

Excuse me Olaf or whatever your name is! This is not funny you are being very immature!

I feel so sad , why keep the bby if you cant even look after it?

that's f**king terrible.
put the poor baby up for adoption...don't put it in a dumpster.
abortions are better than THAT.
i'm sorry you had to see something like that.
god that's horrible.

Curtis R
any one who did this is a terrible person.
baby's our to be protected by all it is in our nature to do this.

It is really sickening to me. I dont have children either. and honestly, im not ready for one...but too many resources are available. this is not necessary. someone out there IS ready to be a parent so why not let them have a chance at adopting?

I feel furious, outraged, and sad at the same time.

There is no reason for anyone to do this since any baby can be left at a fire house or hospital, no questions asked, no parents notified, nothing.

On the other hand, the mother must be so rattled by drugs, devoid of human empathy, or terrified that I can't even imagine it.

San Diego Art Nut
I think it is horrible. Worse than all the terror of all the scary movies ever made. Obviously, for one reason or another the mother is not capable of taking care of the baby.
I would hope everyone knows that everybody who works in police departments or hospital emergency rooms are most concerned that that baby is safe and taken care of. I would home the mother would realize that at any point she can take the baby into a hospital or fire department or even a fast food joint.

i feel like they should've put them up for adoption, no human being should be treated that way. Everybody should have a chance, those baby's did not have a chance. They barely had a live, anyone who's one of those people who hurt those babys ARE TRASH now ill throw YOU in the dumpster.

I wouldn't be able to sleep and i would try to help the poor thing and HATE the mother who left him or her there!!

thats terrible. & guys wanna keep their whole macho thing most of the time but they really probably feel the same.

and ive never seen a baby in a dumpster

or ever want to

I would feel really sad and wanting to take care of the baby. And take it to the doctor. I love babies. So cute! AND, I would feel really really mad at whever treated a baby like that.

it's messed up and totally wrong. it just makes me want to cry because the baby didn't do anything to deserve that.

I've never seen it, but whenever I hear about it, I feel like crying. No one deserves to die in a dumpster.

Maybe if I ever saw it, I would end up committing suicide like that one photographer who took the picture of that one African baby that almost got eaten by that vulture.Its so depressing. =[

How can people be so regardless to human life!?!? Abortions are just as bad as leaving a baby in a dumpster. They can not stand up for them self, so we have to. A child is a child from the moment after conception. I think it is murder for an abortion, and also murder for leaving it in a dumpster!!

*´`*♥♡Sarah☺ Beanz♡♥*´`*
It makes me sick to think an individual that could be so cruel to an innocent child. a child cannot defend themselves. I think the person who did it should be put to death

Diana C
I think it's extremely sad because all the mother would have needed to do was take the baby to a hospital and drop it off. There is a law concerning this baby dumping and I think it's called the moses law. Mother's can take their newborns to a hospital and drop it off without any repercussions and the baby would be put up for adoption and hopefully be adopted by a living, caring family. I see young girls all the time in the area in which I live that have babies and can't seem to stay off the streets long enough to parent them so the grandparents are raising their grandchildren. I give big kudos to those grandparents because I know it can't be easy on many of them taking care of and raising their grandchildren after their own children are grown. I was a teenage mother (15) and I raised all four of my children and am happy that I had a strong family support to do it. I however did miss out on a lot of teeneage things by doing this and basically grew up with my children. I am a highschool graduate and have over 80 college credit hours so I know it can be done but for those who feel that they can't raise their own, please take your baby to a local hospital or police department so it can be taken care of instead of tossing it out like unwanted rubbish. As for the question the asker asked....I am deeply saddened and heartbroken over the way people toss these babies away.

madly in love
you just gave me the goose bumps just thinking about it my 16 year old sister just had a baby a month ago and i moved her in with me to prevent things like that from happening i really hope that you did not see a baby in a dumster and leave it there. I would have nightmares and i would never be able to live with myself but if you saved that baby you could have just saved the world because what if that baby grows up and finds the cure for cancer or aids you would have been so many peoples savior.

It makes me sick, you can leave your baby at a fire station or hospital , no questions asked so there is no reason to leave a baby to die. That is a horrible thing to do.

I don't know how the sick people that do that stuff ever sleep or smile again!!

Sarah R
I honestly dont know how people can do that, if they can't care for the baby they can take it to a hospital for a better chance at life or a shelter where I know certain organisations help you and your child if you can't afford it. When you think about it there is absolutely no reason a person should do that. I mean fair enough if your too young and you cant support yourself why not consider adoption instead of just dumping your baby? Everyone deserves a chance at life especially a child that has to rely on others to help it survive

absolutely empty and sorry for the world. what a terrible situation for everyone

Do My Dirty Work Scapegoat
"Simply, barbaric" - Robert Byrd

i feel sad already

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