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Any advice on soothing sunburn?

either cloth soaked in vinegar and placed on area or grate a raw potato and put it in a cloth and rub this over the area

natural yogurt helps! trust me i know!

Lavender essential oil is great for burns. Try adding a few drops to a non-scented moisturising lotion and it will sooth your sunburn and make you smell wonderful too!

hunni (: Bunni
Use after-sun it's like sun tan lotion but it really helps to protect you and soothes it too!!!!

The best, first thing you can do is crawl into a tub full of cold, cold water. Like any other burn, the burn doesn't stop just because you get out of the heat. It continues to burn deeper and deeper. Applying any kind of cream or salve before it has stopped burning deep inside, just seals the heat in so it can't cool down and makes the burn worse. After you have got the burn to cool down, then apply a moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out and cracking.

Once I got really heavy sunburn and went to a first aid post. The nurses applied a wound gauze called Biogaze. It is used for second and third degree burning wounds. It had a miraculous effect. I still use it sometimes and when I travel I always carry a pack with me. In Nepal I treated a very young baby who got a whole pot cooking water over it. After a few days there was no trace of the burning.
Most important components are:niaouli essence and thym essence reconstituée. Sorry, french. You will find the whole formula on the net in Google. There are other gauze dressings but I try to avoid the ones that contain an antibiotic.
I have also found out that applying applying cold water and after that any moisturing cream helps a lot. Recently in Thailand I rode 4 hours on a motorbike without sleeves in the burning sun. At a stop, I realised something was wrong and went into a little shop. A man who saw what was wrong poured a bucket of water over me. Later he helped me to apply ordinary Nivea cream on my face, arms and upper legs. I had to stay in bed for a whole day. I took cold showers and used Nivea milk several times every day for a week. For the first time in my life, I am not peeling like a snake after a trip.

Alex MacGregor
Treat it like any other burn and apply cold running water to the area for at least 10 minutes, longer if you can. It will feel uncomfortable but the water will remove the heat from the burn and prevent deep damage.

Don't put any moisturisers, creams, lotions or potions on until the burn is well cooled. All you will do if you put creams straight on the burn is keep the heat in and baste the skin just like a Christmas turkey.

Once you have cooled the skin and dried it gently, give the skin 20 minutes or so, if it feels cool to the touch you can use any aftersun or Vitamin E cream to help repair the skin. Apply it regularly and drink plenty of fluids, water is best but sports drinks will be good, avoid caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks.

Avoid the sun for the next couple of days and drink fresh fruit juices (particulary citrus juices) and continue to use the aftersun/moisturiser. The Vit C in the fruit juices will help mop up the free radicals released by the UV damage and help reduce the risk of longer term skin damage (according to research).

Best to avoid burning in the first place but this should quickly sooth and help repair the damage

Pure aloe vera juice...and a long soak in a cold bath or vice versa

Natural Youghurt

After sun

lotion smoothe lotion and next time use taning lotion so you wont have to get another sun burn

kymberleigh g
ermmm aloe vera after sun it's great and leaves you tanned too......

and natural yogurt if you have blisters or raw tomato works a treat

Sunburn is like any other burn, and needs to be cooled with water. Also try fresh aloe vera. If you can get a plant, open up the leaves and rub the sap onto the burn. If you can't get the real thing, try a cheap moisturiser that contains aloe vera.

Next time, please try to remember to stay out of the sun. You can burn even on cloudy days.

sandra b
you can buy 99%aloe vera gel at most chemists for about £5 and it's really good.it's the stuff to put on serious burns so that or cheaper aloe vera gel with a smaller percentage.

Cut a tomato in half and rub on

suzana b
herbal aloe soothing hand and body Lotion

herbal aloe soothing spray

I used Solarcaine. Its like 6.00 at your local target/cvs/ drugstore. Also just keep it moisturized!! And pop a few Ibuprofen every 4-8 hrs. I also used cold compresses on it to sleep at night.

Hi! If is only sunburn without blisters or open wounds, a clay mask is incredibly efficient!

Alan C
Natural yoghurt, stirred, and thined with water if neccessary and placed gently on the affected area.

Sun M
rub red hot chilli powder into the skin, then start on with the lemon and lime juice

Pure Aloe will be most helpful. Often you can find 100% Pure Aloe Gel, but if this is not available a lotion containing aloe will also be soothing. Try rubbing this on the burned area several times a day. It will help sooth the burn and may also prevent peeling.

Avoid tight clothing and if possible avoid further sun exposure. Also over-the-counter pain medication (such as Tylenol) may help decrease the discomfort.

amy d
apply heaps of after sun. Remember its always better if its kept in the fridge . it'll be nice and cool when applied. If its burnt aloe vera is a good cream to apply. Or failing that keep out of the sun and put loads of ice cubes on your back. Ooohh i can feel the relief now!!

Put Tomatos on you skin.
It suspose to work.

Lauren S
Wet a towel, put it in the freezer for an hour or so, then drape it over burnt area. Also, keep some Aloe Vera cream or gel in the fridge and slap it on whenever you feel sore. (Banana Boat does a fab gel, that gets really cold and is very soothing) Stay out of the sun until your skin has cooled down.

Calamine lotion

After sun lotion.

Pinky Patel

Buy a big jar of Noxzema skin cream and slather it on VERY thick. It will cool, moisturize and relieve any pain and possible blistering. If within 24 hours this has not helped, go to the doctor and get a prescription for compresses to be placed on the burned area -- the burn could be deeper than you think.

use a Lavender oil moisturiser, from experience it works! that or vinegar but thats a bit smelly :D

Andy H2
aloe vera is definitely the best thing if you can get hold of a plant.easy to buy in any decent garden centre.
cut the hard outer skin from the leaf leaving a green sticky substance,looks like green turkish delight,and then gently dab onto skin and rub gently in with your fingers.

if you can't get a fresh plant then any good after sun containing aloe vera will help.best are hawaiian tropic or boots soltan products.

if the skin isn't broken lemon juice is also very good

natural yoghurt is also very good.

please ignore the idiots who recommended chilli or toothpaste,they're just trying to wind you up.

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