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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I just broke my leg clean in two!! What do I do now?!?!?
Heeeeeeelllp!! It bloody ruddy friggin hurts!!!!

Bob The Builder
Do the same to your neck...

rather than telling us, dial 911.

'Dr Greene'
Try hitting yourself with the soggy end!

starting over
If your leg was broken clean in 2, you would not be sitting here typing on your computer asking what to do.

How dumb do you think we are?

ray c
how you find out whats in a book lol

Definitely don't seek medical attention. Instead, waste some time on Yahoo Answers, then maybe email some friends about it, start up a broken leg blog, browse ebay a while, and settle back for a nap. Bones break all the time; it'll probably just take care of itself.

Sit down and have a cup of tea, you'll feel better in a minute

A trip to the hospital seems to be in order

turtle girl
oh you did not.

MISS ******
Gosh, a ruddy, a friggin & a bloody in one sentence - gee, it really must hurt.

Let me get this right, you just broke your leg intwo so you thought "I know, I'll just go and type some questions on my computer" - yes, that we first think of when we break bones.

Get to A&E & stop pratting around you bloody ruddy idiot!!!!

oh,hop down to ur local accident and emergency....if its not shut down!!!


Try WebMD or just google what to do. Obviously using the Internet is the priority here.

Well i would recommende a&e however you could always try glue??

sew it back together...GO TO HOSPITAL DUUHH! cnt believe u'd even have time to come on yahoo if u broke ur leg! dumba**!

Go to a doctor! damn you? while they work on your foot, let them work on your brains too! damn.....

pick up the pieces!

Go to the doctor and he'll give you pain medication. Not to mention, an awesome cast.

I think going to the hospital immediately would be a very good idea.

go to the hospital


John T
You need to go to the hospital.

get 2 lollie pop sticks and duck tape

you could try elastoplast and two soluble Aspirin good luck

Just wait until you have 40 answers first of what to do then.......


Ah, it's nothing...but since medical bills will be very costly you should just put some ice on it and hope for the best.

learn too hop

stop lieing

Hmmm, you broke your leg whilst at the computer on yahoo answer?????
Go to A&E (or ER if you're American).
It will need an xray to evaluate the nature of the injury and future repair. You definitely need analgesia and if it really broke with minimal trauma you may need investigating for causes of a pathological fracture.
First Aid: Splint the leg, secure it to a rigid object like a splint or Broom stick with bandages. Elevate it if possible and do not walk on it, apply something cooling to the leg if there is swelling and avoid compressive clothing.

CHECK your foot for pulses and temperature, sensation and movement. In either case get to hospital but make sure you tell them the findings as this again may dictate the urgency you are triaged to before a doctor will see you.

Be more careful with your computer next time I guess.

Go to the ER your Twit! ToT

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