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Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?
A gentleman in my office announced to us today - that he has an Aids related !? illness... I have to come into contact with him - passing paperwork - using keyboard ..etc..etc.. Would you feel comfortable working with a collegue who has this illness ?
Additional Details
re: Blood in an Office enviroment... Ever had a Paper Cut ? ..oooohhh!!! sore & Bloody !

I would. Ask yourself if you would continue working with someone who had a cancer or someone with diabetes or someone with epilepsy or someone with lyme disease etc. etc. etc. Then make your decision.

I am a midwife and have come into contact with several women who are HIV possitive i treat them as i would any other patient by taking precausions lets face it no one comes with HIV stamped on their forehead so we dont know who you are dealing with .I think that if a work mate has been brave enough and responsible enought to tell you that he is HIV poss then ofter him the same respect and treat him like everyone else

Yes I would. You never know who in your environment is HIV positive... maybe the guy who used the utensils before you at the restaurant last night, maybe the person who used the public toilet before you... at least this guy had the guts to tell you.


nicola c

Why not?

Absolutely. As long as you are not exchanging bloody body fluids you are safe. Sweaty hands are safe. Even a peck on the cheek or hug is safe for you. He is probably more at risk of catching something from his co-workers than the other way around! The HIV virus cannot survive long outside the body, so do not worry about surfaces like keyboards, phones, paperwork.

Yes, I would avoid the exchange of bodily fluids with him but I would not alienate him or anyone else in his position.....

sue x
I understood that AIDs is only passed through contact with body fluid ... and once its left the body its not harmful. Therefore I wouldnt have a problem with just working with someone with the condition.

Dolly Blue
Yes, why not, you are not in danger, the man was honest with his work colleagues, he has enough to contend with without the added pressure of feeling you don't want to share a office with him. Have some empathy!!!

yes i wouln't be exchanging body fluids with him , just working with him

Your very ignorant aren't you

Yes I would. I cant believe that somebody would even worry about this.

Do you realise how hard it must have been for your colleague to tell everyone this... I am sure that he has agonised over this for some time and worried about peoples bigoted views...

Even if this guy is somebody that you dont particularly like, I would suggest that you treat him in exactly the same way as you have previously done...

My answer is yes.
And congratulations to your co-worker for his courage. Apparently he is under the impression he works with educated and caring co-workers. Maybe you want to put yourself for a minute in his position and than decide.

Yes, of course. So long as he isn't walking around with open wounds.

Of course! Why is he any different from any other co-worker?
That is kind of a shallow thing to say...

not really as long as he didant do anything stupid

Please excuse me but i think you are very naive asking this question, do you think you could catch aids from a paper clip. Sorry. all the best

Honest answer? Yes. Comfortable? Not at all. As much as I know about HIV, It's generally passed only through blood or other body fluid contact. Also You don't need to catch any office heat about discrimination & such. I give the guy credit for telling his co-workers. At least he's thinking of your safety. That said, I don't even like to be arround hosipitals, doctors offices, or kids in general. I've found avoiding such things have kept my sick days to almost nil. I'll work with the guy, but Don't be surprised if I stop using the coffee maker & such. Rather be safe than sorry.

Unless the job involved passing bodily fluids between each other i think your safe. I wonder if he has concerns about catching ignorance from you?

I would continue to work with them just like I would continue to work with someone who has cancer or someone who is pregnant. Just look at them as a person, not a disease.

peter gunn
of course it's not a contagious disease so why not. just be carefull not to get open wouds in contact with his blood

India 55
I would absolutely continue to work with them, I'm a bit offended by this question if I'm being honest, why wouldn't you want to work beside them ?, unless they plan on bleeding all over you then I dont see a problem.

No,I wouldn't!
I wouldn't risk to get infected,die and to leave my son an orphan because some people cannot "control" themselves!
It's his problem only,not mine!Sounds selfish, well..yes!I have a family to think about!Not to feel sorry for soemone who f**** around!

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