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Kelly D
Will a flu shot definitely stop me getting flu?

Flu, also known as Influenza B, Influenza A, Asian flu type B, Asian flu type A or Asian flu, is a viral infection of the respiratory tract that causes fever, headache, muscle aches, and weakness. Outbreaks of illness of variable extent and severity occur nearly every winter in the general population.
More Info

You may still get the flu. It won't be as bad as someone who doesn't have an immunization.

Don't count on it. With all the toxins in them, it almost makes it more likely a person will get sick from it.

Crossroads Keeper
Nothing is 100 percent espeially as far as vaccines are concerned. However; it does greatly reduce the chances and if you can is worth it.

As my doctor told me.if you imagine there are 250 strains of the flu virus active this year,when you go for the flu jab they can only use the vaccine known to them at that time.
So for instance if you get the jab it covers you for 250 variations but if a new one occurs or mutates like HYN1C or whatever it was called then you are not covered against it and could get it just as bad as anyone who had no flu jab at all !
I am diabetic an get the flu jab every year but they say it only covers you for about 60% of what might strike this year,however generally the biggest risk strains are included,but as someone else said no vaccine is foolproof !
Just to re-iterate,if you have the jab and still get the flu,it is not diminished because you had the jab,it is probably less severe because you have caught a milder or weaker strain which they thought was not high risk and didn't vaccinate against !

no you just would'nt get it as bad!! if u have asthma, diabeties, or hayfever u really need to have it or over 65! it can cause u to get a little cold a few days after having it

Welll theres a controversial question for you.......

Medical staff say it does... but I know people who have had a even more serious bout of flu after they have had a flu shot.... so who to beleive eh ???

Decoy Duck
No but it will lessen the symptoms.

No. There are many different strains of flu and you might get one that the shot did not cover. Also, the shot might not last the whole flu season. I think it is still worth getting. I have been getting my flu shot in October for at least the last four years and I haven't gotten the flu. Before that I used to get the flu every year around Christmas from being around a lot of people in the crowded stores, airport, etc.

old lady
It isn't guaranteed 100%, but it certainly lowers the odds by a HUGE amount. It's worth doing. If it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, what you get will be a much milder version than what you would have if you were unprotected.

no but it helps the body develope the imune system against the flu so you only get a milder form.

About 80% success rate. There are more than one type of flu viruses. You only get a shot of the most popular flu at the time.

No it wouldn't it would just lower the chances of you getting the flu


No. There are too many different strains of the flu virus. But if you do get the flu, it can help lessen the severity of the disease.


Ive been having the flu shot now for about the last 6 years,as I'm asthmatic i need to have it every October,i haven't had the flu in all these years,you do still get the occasional cold though,one of the side effects of having the flu shot is that you can get a cold up to about 2 weeks after having the shot,so no matter what all the other answers tell you take my advice and go and have it.

No. It is not definite.

No. I had the shot last year and two weeks later I got flu really bad.

you can still get the flu but in a mild form

NO! It's Not fool proof! You can still catch the flu but it supposed to be Less severe if you've had the shot!

No. This is a common misnomer. You are given a shot for a specific type (s) or strain of flu that is potentially serious and of concern for the public. That does't mean that you still couldn't get a different flu. Sorry. Doesn't happen very often, but it COULD happen.

Nothing is definite. You will always hear about people who got the shot and still got the flu. I myself, have never had a flu shot and I haven't had the flu in over 10 years. In fact, I quit getting the flu when I quit smoking. I really miss smoking but I don't miss the flu.

carol p
no but if you are in one of the groups that need it ..its best to have it done ... i get it every year and so far have not had the flu for 2 years

no, not necessarily...it is the virus itself that is injected in the flu vaccination either your body will be immune to it or not it just depends on your immune system..

yeah it should i think


Jean M
No, becos there are different strains of flu

the flu shot will lessen the severity of getting the EXACT flu that is in the shot

It may,,, It may not... the flu shot is the dead strain from last year.. If that strain mutates (and it probably will), then the shot may not prevent you from getting the flu.

Donna :
If you regularly get the flu, then the shot is a good idea. If you don't get the there is no real need to bother with the flu shot.
Flu shots work about 70% of the time so read that statistic how you want.

You are injected with a small amount of flu which is supposed to build up immunity against the proper flu. Some people get the flu as a result of the jab being in them.
At the end of the day, some people have no doubt been saved (their life) by the flu jab. No one has been killed by it, so weigh it up as you please

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