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Why should you take the antibiotics wisely?

The Cythian
So, when you really need one for a really bad infection, your body is not immune to the good benefits. If you keep taking them needlessly, your body will build up a resistance,and you will not be able to advantage of the good benefits. You are also making any germs in your body build up a Resistance to the antibiotic, which makes the germs more powerful through mutation./

Ma Dukes
Because it is unwise not take them wisely.

you should take antibiotics when you are very sick with some type of bad infection so that they wil work on the body to make you better

You don't want your body getting use to them. Only use them when REALLY needed. Your body Needs to build up a immune system to fight off anything that comes its way.

Doctors over prescribe antibiotics for the wrong reasons. Like sinus infections, that has been in the news lately.

Youneed your body to do its thang! Don't depend on drugs. The body is an amazing machine, don't screw with it!

If you don't finish all of the anitbiotics you are given you may not kill the infectious bacterial and you risk re-infection.

If you take too many antibiotics your body builds up a tolerance and bacteria can be come resistant which means they will require more or different drugs in order to be eliminated.

Antibiotics in large doses can eliminate GOOD bacteria as well as bad, causing things like thrush in the mouth and yeast infections (same bacteria, different body part).

Antibiotics only kill bacteria. They should not be taken for viruses because they will only weaken your immune system when they have nothing to fight against.

There are other reasons but those are your basics.

So that your health condition, if you take a medicine that's too strong for a small condition...your body's condition will get worse and you will go to the hospital!

because if you don't they can't work properly and you will end up immune to them

because abusing/ misusing antibiotics makes the bacteria ,"germs", develop a resistance. Then they are even harder to kill.

2 things. 1st if u don't finish the course, the infection may relapse. 2nd, bacterial resistance may develop to this antibiotic and with time this makes the antibiotic useless and so we humans must use our antibiotics wisely in our war against bacteria.

You should always finish the course. otherwise, any surviving little nasties can become immune to the drug. Making them become super nasties.

exactly as prescribed.
accompanied by bed rest and healthy diet.

Overuse of antibiotics can make you immune to them and also overuse of antibiotics can disrupt your digestive flora causes c-diff.

Julia Warhol
If a patient doesn't take antibiotics as they are prescribed (skips a dose here or there OR doesn't finish the entire bottle) the bacteria can mutate (change there "immune" system and cell make up) to then become RESISTANT to the medication. This renders the antibiotic useless. Then these bacteria, if transmitted to another person, will not be effected by the antibiotic used by person #1 which if the prescribing physician doesn't perform a "SENSITIVITY" test (lab test) they may prescribe the same medication and person #2 could get much sicker before an effective medication is prescribed.
Many patients request antibiotics to treat viral infections (like the flu or a cold). Viruses cannot be killed with use of antibiotics. Not only are antibiotics powerless against the viruses that cause Cold And Flu, but misuse of antibiotics can actually do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics when they are not necessary increases the chances that bacteria in the body may become resistant to these drugs, making future infections harder to treat.
Because they are caused by viruses, colds and flu cannot be effectively treated with antibiotics. However, symptoms such as runny nose, headache and cough can be alleviated with over-the-counter medications.

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