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Additional Details
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no one
What should i eat Diarrhea?
I have diarrhea so wut should i eat or not eat. Please be specific

i thought you meant eat your diarrhea. nope sorry i dont know.

if you have diarrhea than it mean your not eating enough. basically you can eat any thing . try meat and veggies any will do just not to littleor to much

Usually if you have "the runs", it is for a reason... to get rid of something quickly like a flu bug, food poisoning, or something your body can't tolerate. Try to identify the cause before you try to "bind it up" and end up with the opposite problem!!!!

I would eat dry toast (no butter) and crackers. You need really plain foods so that it doesn't upset your stomach anymore than it already is.

Lots of water and no dairy it will make it worse. Imodium AD works great as well.

Bland foods and water

Diarrhea is body's self defense to eliminate toxins in the stomach. Take lots of water & electrolites. Use Isab gol. Take less water with it. It will soldidify the watery stools.

Limit foods that contain caffeine such as coffee, strong tea and cola beverages. Check out this website for more specific info:

If you have no other symptoms, then get yourself an anti-diarrheal medication (available over the counter at any pharmacy. Drink plenty of clear liquids (avoid all caffeine - it makes it worse), so you don't dehydrate and get sicker. DO NOT eat meats, or vegetables ... these are too hard to digest and will make the diarrhea take longer to go away. Avoid dairy because it tends to cause diarrhea in about 85% of the population. Eat toast, oatmeal, cooked rice, bananas, and applesauce. Avoid other fruits for now because they can make it worse. When things start getting back to normal, start adding in the other foods slowly or the diarrhea may return. Add dairy products last.

You see your doctor if any of the following occur because your diarrhea may be caused by something else:
- you become dehydrated
-if you have it longer than 2 weeks
-if it becomes black or bloody
-if you get severe stomache pain, especially in the lower right abdomen
-if you have been in an area where you have been drinking untreated area, because you may have a parasite and it won't go away on your own

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