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What is the best way to get rid of a cold?!?

ZICAM has been fantastic for this. You have to take it early on in the cold, but since we've been using this, our colds are VERY short and MUCH less severe. There has been some talk about losing the sense of smell with the nasal spray form, but only a very small percentage of people, and I think it was only in the spray form, and before they re-did the sprayer so that it doens't go so far up. There is also a tablet which has had no complaints. Honestly tho Zicam has been a miracle for me.

Drink a lot of water, clean your nose.

Susan F
By not getting it in the first place.

It's a virus and unfortunately they have to live their little lifespans before your cold will finish. By getting lots of rest and vitamin C you can help your body fight it, but there's no guarantee that you will get rid of the cold any faster. Medications will mask the symptoms (which is fine by me!), but again, they don't actually make your cold go away sooner.

Call in sick and enjoy watching The Price Is Right!

Beth G
A very wise person once told me that if you take all the over-the-counter medications for a cold, and increase fluids, and get plenty of rest, that your cold will last 7 days. And, if you do nothing, it will last one week. :)

Mr. Therapy
OMG! i have to try that. Anyways back on the problem, Just be in really warm spots, go for walks, warm shower, noodle soup, and always put vapor thingy in your nose, (stick it in there) and wear socks.That helped me..the cold went away in 3-4 days

try getting non drowsy med like clarinase, cirrus and telfast-D. It will cure quite fast =) =)

Lots of rest, lots of clear fluids (chicken/beef/vegetable broth, juice, water).

Ginger tea can help: 2" of fresh ginger Root, peeled and chopped into matchsticks simmered in about 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. add more water or simmer it longer if the taste isn't right. Replace the water every time you take out a cup, and simmer on LOW, and you'll have tea all day!.


PREVENTION - First take vitamin C daily to prevent it. You can also use Airborne tablets (Airborne is not medicine, it is a collection of vitamin C and other herbs and vitamins, read the ingredients) or just eat oranges or drink orange juice.

AT THE FIRST SIGN - Take Airborne tablets every four hours until signs are gone. Make sure you are getting 8 hours sleep each night.

WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE IT - If cold persist, make sure you get 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday. When your body is sleep it goes into super repair mode. When you feed it vitamins it has energy to work with and can repair even faster. When you allow your body to sleep long you give your immune system a chance to do its thing. Blow your nose constantly to keep your nasal passages clear and to keep the mucus out. vitamin C, vitamin C, vitamin C and SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP. The cold wont be able to survive those conditions.

lock yourself in ur room with vicks vapo-rub, orange juice and lysol.

put some Garlic through a Garlic press and put it on a spoon put it on the back of your tounge and swallow it down with some water, do it once a day for a couple of days and you will probably be cold free for the rest of the year!

l think if you can drink one over hot water bottle of water after get rid of a cold is quickly. but only busy of you.often to the toilet.but is ok for your body.if you feel drink water is pain. you can changed to take some chrysanthemum and some mulberry leaf togather. and after use just boil water pour the cup and put cover for a few minute.then to drink.after is ok.

Drink a full glass of xango juice and your cold will be gone in 1 to 2 days! This really works :)

rest, drink plenty of water, tea, ect. Keep you're self warm.

Well, first off to prevent it I usually have a Airborne tablet and an Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold daily or every two days to keep the imune system up. I also take it once i'm feeling a little sick. It usually goes away before it can get any worse! Make sure to take LOTS of vitamin C, and multi-vitamins to keep the imune system up. But, definatly the Airborne tablet (which you can put in a glass of water, it dissolves and you drink it, tastes great, also with the alka seltzer plus cold!) and the alka-seltzer plus cold is a definate helper! Take it if your going into a stuffy place (airplane, bus, hospital, doctors office, etc.) or just when your feeling a litte under the weather. Either ways, it's awesome!

wot kind of cold due have?
1) if soar throat then gargles in warm water with a little salt...... twice or thrice....

2) nose block steam or gargles...

4) u may have VitaminC C deficiency so take that in ur diet!!!

the best is honey mix with pepper and Ginger....... daily no cold no throat soarness issues...but i dont know how to make mix all of thse....... as my mom usually makes it....... also u can have honey in light warm water which is drinkable helps in reducing throat pain......

gargles or honey .....

Prathehas reddy A
Dear friend'
To be away from cold
[1].Be hygeinic
[2].Be away from dirt and persons those who suffer from cold
[3]Always drink heated and filtered water.
[4]Always use hand kerchief
[5]Daily have a leaf of tulsi

united we stand
Have a hot and spicy chicken soup, with a cup of hot lemonade, and try to rest and sleep as much as you can.

The spicy chicken soup is going to make you sweat

Barbara B
If you catch it in the first few days you can use the product coldees,( not sure about the spelling). I found it really worked and the cold didn't last long.

I drink a lot of tea, that works for me . Very hot, with some honey and lemon in it. Try it, it might help you , too .


Wally L
sleep and fluids...like sprite/gingerale if you buy medication all it does is sooth the symptoms but it doesnt cure them. even though they make u feel bad though only way it goes away is when or body fights the germs by itself

Get plenty of rest and fluids- Taking vitamin C and Zinc is also supposed to help. I like to drink plenty of orange juice when i get a cold and enjoy some warm drinks and soup.

i'm the right person to answer this question as i frequently suffer from cold.

To prevent cold:
Use clean clothes, donot touch you face with hands, avoid pollution, drink luke warm water etc....

But once u get it, the best way to get relived is:

put some Turmeric in water along with vicks (not compulsory). start boiling it till u get hot vapours. Once you see hot vapours comming out take the vessel and cover it with a thick bedshhet (you are also inside the bedsheet). Start inhaling the vapours. It will be very difficult for you to even stay inside the bedsset for 1 min. But you have to force your self. Do this for 5 min and when you are out of the bedshheet i guarantee you that u will feel completely relieved. Do this twice a day for two days and its gone.

Get a lot of rest, vix vapor rub, eat hot chicken soup, drink orange juice & water, take a hot bath.

sweat it out

drink lots of lemonade with lemmons in it it dose work as i had a cold a week a go and now its gone

Zicam, vitamin C, and lots of water to thin out the mucus.

You can suppress a lot of your symptoms by drinking hot water (don't burn yourself) with a whole peeled lemon in it. I'll warn you, it's not the most delicious thing in the world. But it helps me when I'm sick. It cuts down the amount of snot running through you. Breathe it in too, makes your nasals feel better. Cut out your sugar as well. I've noticed a difference when I have no sugar when I'm sick. And this is coming from someone who is very heavy and eats about as well as Ronald McDonald. So, I'm not an all-natural organic health nut, this works for real people like me.

get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids

Bud's Girl
You're not going to believe this! I heard someone in a grocery store last night telling someone a remedy a customer had told her: Put Vicks Vapo-Rub on the bottom of your feet at night - cover them with socks and go to sleep like that. He said his cold was gone in the morning! (I haven't had a cold to try it out...and I don't know if I will try it...just passing along the word!)

Oh Bubbles,
Are u tired of reading e-mails. 88 answers so far. I didn't even want to begin reading any of the answers. There were so many. And as for so many, thats about the same as how to get rid of a cold. Hope you found a ENDLESS answer.

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