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its unbearable man

aches aches aches everywhere
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For how long can someone suffer the high temperature ...

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 Can acute HIV(initial stages) be diagnosed by some test ?
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Any ideas on how to get me energetic or at least feeling better would be most welcome....

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She said to ask on here so please I need help!...

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 How long does the flu last?
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What is something i can do to get rid of a sore throat?
please and thanks

take it easy on talking and yelling and put honey in water

Raven Z
put some ice on your throat

cough drops work well for me.

Micheal Jones
warm lemon and honey tea drink

take a Panadol (Aspirin or Advil)

you could either gargle with salt and water take a throat losenger or you could drink some Ginger tea

Corwin Shiu
I just constantly drink warm water. Try to avoid hard foods.

I heard gargling salt water helps your throat, but I never tried it. Citrus helps you.

Drink Lipton tea with leamon and honey

a sore throat? :(

try gargling with warm water and dont eat cold things- everything should be hot or at room temperature.

hope ya feel better!

cool girl
You should drink warm tea, not hot or cold tea.

chew ice

gargle with warm salt water. just run some warm water n add salt. than call your doctar n make an appoitment you may need antibotics because it may be strep throat

Echinacea and Vitamin C in the early stages.

After that, time and a doctor.

hot tea and honey.

tastes yummy too.

Sue F
Gargle with warm salt water, drink hot tea with lemon and honey.

Wrapping your throat with a dampened hand towel which is warmed up in the microwave will help while you are lying down and resting or sleeping.

Hot water with fresh Ginger grated into it can also help, Ginger has a lot of natural antiseptic properties and will help strengthen your immune system.

Up your intake of vitamin C with lots of orange juice and take Zinc tablets to help ward off the infection.

Make sure that you are keeping a lot of moisture in the air, this time of year with heat running a lot of the time, the inside air can become dry and irritating which can make your throat sore very quickly.

Keep a humidifier running in your home and also in your bedroom during heating season to avoid the dryness that can lead to sore throats and other infections.

I hope you feel better soon.

I have a sore throat and cough right now and cepacol is helping me a lot. Also Gel capsules are nice. And Ricola.

gargle WARM salt water and go to bed early. If you wake up because of it chloroseptic for sure. I usually take enough to ease the pain regardless of the recommend dosaging

connie sue

gargle 3 times a day with warm salt water and take a multi-Vitamin...drink lots of water and warm tea and get plenty of rest

what works for me is COLD-EZZ and cold water

book and see a doctor.you may need some anti-biotics

Gargle with salt water. It draws out bacteria.
1/2 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water.

Tea with honey and lemon usually works for me...that and strepsils.

I have a lot of sore throats and this works well...Take a regular coffee cup and fill it halfway with warm water then fill the bottom with salt.stir it and then only if you are not allergic to peroxide put ONLY a cap full from the bottle...but you can go without using it..it's completly safe if you don't swallow it my throat specialist has had me doing this for a while.

now you want to gargle with it at least once a day but only for about three days it should start going away within the next day but you don't want to use the peroxide long(ex. only once a day for two days)..however you can gargle with the warm salt water all you want.It's gross but it works

ariel f
gargle with salt water and also DRINK A LOT OF WATER, it really helps and if not, cough medicine

Xombie Doll
sadly.....wait it out, use vicks or halls.

get well soon

Gargling salt water, taking vitamin C pills and getting plenty of rest are best.

gargle salt water or an antiseptic spray (vicks)

gargle with salt water

Drink lots of Cranberry juice (controls illness) and/or orange juice, hot Green Tea, and thera Flu.

If you've had it for more than a day, see a doctor, it could be strep throat or another illness.

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