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Heron By The Sea
What does it mean if you have frequent infections?
Every 2 or 3 weeks, I feel like I'm coming down with the flu or something. I have a potential liver problem they are checking on. Could it somehow be related to my liver, or is it just a coincidence that I'm always getting sick? It usually doesn't last long - just a few days, but I will feel like I'm coming down with the flu and I can smell this "flu smell" in my own nose. You know how if someone's been sick, their bedroom or hospital room has that "sick smell"? That's what it's like.
Additional Details
Diabetes runs in my family, but I don't have it so far as I know. I'm overweight, although I'm losing weight through Weight Watchers. A severe liver disease runs in my family, and my doctors now suspect I may have it too. That's why I wondered if there may be a connection of some type.

Kyle K

There is an underlying problem.

It is now time to see a doctor. It could be a symptom of "diabetes" or possibly something worse.

Jane C
you may have a very low resistance. Try to lose weight but don't do crash diets. This will only make your condition work. Get enough rest and eat the diet recommended for you. Drink at least 2 liters of water. Try to have an allergy test too. You may have food allergies as well.

You should maybe get checked for cystic fibrosis, that smell you say you smell is linked to cystic fibrosis suffers.

ik ben alphabetsoup
It could be diabetes. I don't know if you are overweight or not or how old you are.. You shoud provide more details. Diabetes definitely alters your immune system. I would take vitamin C and Echinacea to boost your immune system.

It could be due to various reasons and I feel you have some deficiency or viral infection that is causing you the problems and making you uncomfortable. You need to check up your Liver functioning, diabetes and also Thyroid. You could undergo a master check up program in which they will check in all respects including blood, urine, etc.etc. Then the physician can decide the course of treatment. I do not think you will have any serious problem but it is better to ensure that everything is alright. Please take care. Best of luck. -

-you could have some type of blood disorder, or an issue w/ your bowel system...
I just said a prayer for you, and God bless you as he heals you totally, completely. Amen.

Sounds like you are going through the right motions. A good blood workup is good to have and a battery of tests will narrow things down. Weight Watchers point system is good since you will be getting a balanced meal. Make sure that all points of the food triangle are equal to rule out a possible vitamin deficiency.

A good Multivitamin for women might be in order as well. It should have a fair dose of iron. Anemia might be something to watch out for. Broccoli and links would keep that at bay.

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