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This might be a stupid question...but...?
If warm water kills germs or bacteria, like washing dishes, if we drink warm water would that kill bacteria or germs in our bodies....if not..why?

Warm water does not kill germs or bacteria. Hot water does. Everyone has bacteria and germs in their bodies. It is unavoidable. You could do a cleanse from the health food store to help with bad bacteria and germs.

Warm water also kills bacteria in ur hands!



it can help get the toxins out of your body

Well warm water doesnt really kill germs...steam does.But we wash dishes with warm and hot water to cut the fat that is in food and on the dishes...soap and hot water help break up the fat molecules so they can be washed away.

first nation
Are you physically four years of age or mentally four years of age?

The Preacher's Husband
no we have to many

warm water dosent kill germs, bacteria etc. exposure to the air does.

Kris L
It's not 'warm' water that kills germs or bacteria on our dishes, and even when they are 'clean' our dishes have LOADS of bacteria and germs on them. It's HOT water that kills germs, but it takes an 'Antibacterial' to kill the majority of the 'germs and bacteria' people come across in daily life.
You can 'drink hot water' (people drink hot tea, coffee, and even hot apple cider) but it WILL NOT kill the bacteria in our stomachs and intestines. It would have to be STILL BOILING to even kill most of the germs, and the human body can NOT ingest actually boiling water without being 'burned.'
I have GOOD news for you, though ...
Most of the germs and bacteria in our digestive tract are the 'helpful' kind, and they don't need to be 'killed.' If you use 'reasonable hygiene' you will be better off than if you overuse the 'Antibacterial' soaps, wipes, etc. that are for sale now, because your immune system gets STRONGER fighting off these 'lesser' germs, than if it doesn't have to fight and can 'get weak' because you are 'over clean.' So ... if you like warm water, then you may drink warm water, but I doubt that you will get any 'safer' from getting ill by doing so. Just lead a 'reasonable and moderate' life and you should be much safer from getting ill or an infection than by taking too much care and weakening your immune system.

boiling water or hot water will kill germs, if you drink boiling water you will kill germs and burn the heck of your mouth only... As soon as this water gets in your stomach cools down to your body temperature, therefore is not killing anything anymore!

Warm water alone doesn't kill germs, you would need hot Water and a Antibacterial soap, or my grandma's favorite chlorine bleach. Not recommended for internal use though. There are plants that have Antibacterial properties like Echinacea, golden seal, Garlic ,Ginger even honey and lemon. We actually need a certain amount of bacterial flora to keep us balanced.and healthy. say probiotics. That is hotly debated though. (drug companies). eating yoghurt is excellent to help keep the good stuff balanced.it contains acidophillus the good bacteria. Keyword: balance, if you have more of the other that is when nasty annoying little infections occur,ugh! tmi, sorry.

Taylor B
yes and no. it kills some germs and bacteria but not all of it

It would not make any difference; the chemicals, cells and acids in your body kill them anyway. If you're paranoid you might agree with this, but a rise in body temperature means your body has to work to cool you down, cause your immune system to weaken.

cuz the some of the bacteria and/or germs in our bodies can withstand that kind of stuff

it can kill some of the bacteria and germs in our body but that "warm water" is nothing compared to the temperature in our bodies, which is 98.6 degrees. That kind of temperature and the stomach acids kill off the most.

Richard B
Water does not have germ-killing properties. It's the soap you use that takes care of the germs because the soap breaks down bacterial cell walls. Drinking warm water won't kill germs in your body. Water's water. And within seconds after it is swallowed it warms up in your body anyway.

LOL... no we wouldnt cause are bodies are on average 98.7 degrees already and water has only a boiling point of 100 degrees yet if you were to swallow boiling water you will burn your tongue... Anyways the bacteria in your body is good bacteria.. They are what help us break down our food and Digest-It... They can also eat away at bad bacteria.

Nancy Kay
warm water kills nothing...very HOT water does...you would not be drinking it that hot, and if you did, the temperature would equalize quickly to body temperature and would have no such internal effect

Very hot to boiling water will kill bacteria and even then not immediatly. Higher temperatures are required for some.

You would not be able to drink water that hot.

Soap does not kill all bacteria. It may kill most but not all. Soap and hot water usually kills enough to reduce the number to a level your body can cope with.

Paula S
First, there are no stupid questions and germs in the body need germ fighters such as antibiotics to kill them. You don't kill all kinds of germs with just warm water. For instance dish water is usually as hot as you can stand it, but in a dishwasher the water is very high temp. which helps it steralize the dishes and they are germ free, but it takes more than, hot tea water going into your stomach to kill germs within your body.

160 degrees F. is needed. that would burn your insides.

no, warm water alone wouldnt kill all bacteria...i guess it also depends on what kind of bacteria is in you too.

well u need soap honey

It's not always just the warm water, it's also the soap or bleach that is used...not something you want to drink. It might work if all the germs and bacteria were in your throat, stomach, intestines etc. But they aren't.

Rob G
you need REALLY warm water, besides your stomach has a protective layer so it wouldnt let the hot water have free roam of your body :/

when we get sick our body temperature increases to kill germs. but i dont know about the water

Warm water does not kill germs or bacteria. Water would have to be 212 degrees to kill microbes
212 degrees is boiling.

for the water to kill germs it has to be very hot. you can't use water that hot on the body. so we use soap to essentially help us scrape off germs

WooleyBooley again
There is no stupid questions. If you asked, you don't know. How else do you learn? I'm not in the medical profession, I do know your body generates it's own bacteria defense. You would be much further ahead to ask your doctor.
By the way, it has been proven that a soap has to be used, equally effective with hot, warm or cold water.

because actually bacteria thrive in warm moist and dark conditions, if you take a look, which I dont recommend, that is basically inside a human body

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