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Recent health scares include SARS, bird flu, and 'superbugs.' What health threat do you think looms in 2008?
This question is being asked by a Yahoo! News editor. A portion of your answer might be used as part of a Yahoo! News special.

Mark K
I am not worried about tomorrow God takes care of His own. Besides who is to say that these are not genteically manufactured drugs to start controlling the population. When it gets to the point, the 1 world government(coming into order now) is going to go thru w/everything in its power to get you & me to submit. They will probably be looking for me tonight & I would tell them all about Jesus Christ & His saving power that no matter how hard man may try to or satan for that matter God is in control & has already won the battle(Armageddon to come shortly) get ready people Jesus is even @ the doors waiting for the Father to say go get our children! Amen!!!

Anita F
Apart from killing each other you mean. I think TB will return because of travelers going from country to country.

The only reason MRSA and the "Superbugs" continue to be a threat, is because medical "science" relies on the biological "dead end" known as anti-biotics.

Every anerobic bacteria in existance can be wiped out through the judicious use of vitamin C and colloidal silver.

(You WILL NOT "turn blue" from using colloidal silver. I've drank gallons of the stuff.)

Even viruses like SARS, Bird Flu, HIV and AIDS cannot withstand the vicious attack that vitamin C and colloidal silver unleashes on these organisms.

In the final analysis, anti-biotics can only kill a handful of anerobic bacteria. That's what makes them a biological "dead end".

Medical "science" needs to fess up and admit the fact that they don't have all of the answers.

Alternative therapies and treatments fill in the gaps that medical "science" obviously can't cover.

Wicked virus killers like Oregano Oil and Cat's Claw (Una del Gato) have gotten short shrift for decades while we have sat around, waiting for Big Pharma to come up with something that will kill disease, without killing us in the process.

Even the lowly enzyme Protease (pro-tee-ACE), the world's greatest "garbage collector", when put in the body, will eat everything in the body except living tissue and has a particular love for eating viruses.

The old saying, "Science advances with every funeral" is especially true with medical "science".

As the "old guard" dies away, minerals, vitamins and herbs will rule the day.

Ignore alternative health at your own risk.



[email protected]
Okay is everyone serious. These diseases are caused for many reasons. But these new ones or uncommon ones, but now common are cause from forengiers coiming into our country. They can refuse certains shots that americans have to have they don;t need there foods FDA approved in our country, like our supermarkets we would be shut down but no not theres.

There requirements in coming into our country is not as strict as if they lived in the US from the gate.
These diseases are the goverments fault . AS well as the immagrants and definitly the illegal immagrants . It is all getting shipped over here. DId u ever go to a forigen store verses an american store. ? It is amazingly filthy. Have u seen how 50 of them all live in 1 house so they can Barley breath. Have u seen new diseases that are only common in other countries but are now here? Think about it . It all comes from other countries coming inot ours. But see the goverment is killing americians so they can make more money ff these people.

Superbugs are very sensational and make lots of headlines - but let's spend some more time and energy on a far more prevalent worldwide epidemic - Autism.
Read "Deadly Immunity" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - and maybe we can all stop the government from covering up the HUGE amounts of mercury injected into EVERYONE - and protecting the drug companies responsible ... all in the name campaign contributions!

MRSA and other antibiotic resistant organisms (ARO's) will continue to be the greatest threat in the short term, however the threat of pandemic influenza remains the greatest health challenge, and in some ways is linked to the ARO's debate, as antiviral medications also suffer from declining effectiveness due to developing resistance by viruses. The fact that Oseltamivir does not break down during sewage processing means that a lot of wild birds (avian influenza reservoirs) are being exposed to low levels of this drug, which allows the virus to be exposed to ineffective levels, but sufficient to "learn and adapt."

I definitely believe its going to be spontaneous human combustion, the next great pandemic, on a scale greater then the influenza post World War 1. The reason? The increased number of citizens around the world who are obese and doped up on useless medicines mixed with too much alcohol. We know what happens with too much alcohol, that penchant to smoke a cigarette. Fall asleep from mixing alcohol and percs with a cig on your lip and your fat body is a sack of fuel just ready to start a conflagration. I'm serious. Spontaneous human combustion is far from spontaneous but its the next big pandemic. You'll see!

The worse health threats will come from preexsisting diseases, infectious agents becoming more virulent by
the continuation of damaging the ecological balance.
Global Warming alone will be the driving force in changing the healthy equalizers of the environment, to allow the over-
growth of bad bacteria and formerly suppressed viruses,toxic molds and a host of other sickening microbes to emerge.

More and more people will get swept up in a perpetual state of "dis-ease", and anyone who have a compromised immune system such as the very young & elderly,also who suffer from genetic ailments incl. allergic diseases..will be hit the hardest.
More consequences of Climate change seen in 2008-2013 will be the loss of proper nutrition from crop losses.
As plant species used for both foods and medicinal start to go under, (and heaven help us all if the honeybees go extinct)
it will be an empty cornucopia further undermining our ability to ward off even once considered minor infections.

So my answer is....people are looking at only a small fraction of a MUCH larger and multifarious dreary picture.
Restore the natural balance to the planet by ending the last 100 + year science projects gone bad, turn the clock back to a non-toxic planet...maybe we might get somewhere.
Unfortunately technology has gotten us into this hellish mess,
it will still be partially needed to help get us out.
Just remember for every unnatural action man makes on the planet to attempt to fix something,we create several new problems in return.Dump western meds, and manmade chemicals>>>>
Go GREEN...try it,you might/will like it.

mary w
MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is sweeping through communities and hospitalizing many-even young healthy adults. It is spread by contact and usually causes skin infections. But now we've even seen cases of pneumonia, endocarditis (heart valve infection), osteomyelitis (bone infection) and septicemia (bacteria in the blood). People are dying from overwhelming infections from this bug. In our hospital, up to 30% of the patients are carriers of MRSA.

Brenda Jones
Worldwide contamination of food and water supplies is very forseeable in the near future and the cause, Factory Farms.

Farm animals produce 130 times more EXCRETEMENT than the entire human population. 86,000 lbs per second is a
staggering reality that can't be ignored. This waste has contaminated 35,000 rivers in the US alone along with ground water from 17 states, a breeding ground for new forms of bacteria

Animal Factories

With animal factories raising food animals, current laws allow
the following:

INGREDIENTS of Legal Animal Feed Used By Factory Farms
Now keeping in mind what these animals are being fed we in turn feed off them.

Animal Protein Products:

consist of rendered intestines, blood, feathers, skin, hooves and hair. Also, carcasses of rendered horses, dogs, cats and or road kill.

Manure-Animal Waste:

Animal feed can contain chicken litter, pig waste and cow manure inclusive with ground dirt, sand, rocks and wood particles. All the while this filler contains digested meats from all these animals.

Slaughtered Meat-Diseased Animals:

Pigs, chickens and turkeys including the diseased that have been fed rendered cattle can be slaughtered, mixed with animal feed and fed back to farm animals including cows. These animals are later slaughtered once again, mixed with feed and fed back to the cow and farm animals.

Excessive Amounts of Grain:

Digestive systems in cattle are not tolerant to excessive amounts of corn and health related problems such as abscesses of the liver and acidic digestive tract create further ingredients into their diets, drugs.


To prevent disease in crowed animal farms or factories, antibiotics are used to combat this and the stressful lifespan of an animal in these unsanitary conditions. Also is used to enhance the rate of growth and are added to feed on a routine bases. This has caused concern for antibiotic-resistant bacteria which can spread to humans through meat and milk. To manage parasites in chickens certain antimicrobials are used which again enhance the rate of growth. However, they contain arsenic, a human carcinogen and runoff from farm factories can contaminate meat and ground water.

Genetically Engineered Feed Seed

Taking this one step further, genetically modifying their food supply by inserting DNA from plants, animals, bacteria, pesticides and insects into feed seed, cows; pigs; geese; elk; squirrels; mice and rats have been tested and by natural instinct they have refused to eat GM or GE food.

One can only begin to comprehend the probability of new
antibiotic-resistent bacteria forming, mutating, and spreading
through the poor quality of the meat we eat.

And it's already begun.

Article: Animals We Eat And Their Disgusting Diet
and video from UCS-Union of Concerned Scientists
on how factory farming is destroying, ground, water, rainforest
and contributes to disease, pollution and human starvation.


I think the next epidemic is already starting. I think it will be E.Coli. and Salmonella. It is ridiculous how many food companies have been infected. They have recalled so many different foods from so many companies. It is really scary!! I mean, are they not cleaning the facilities the way that they should be??

Also, I believe all these toys that have had high levels of lead will cause a problem in the near future. I think we will start seeing a new epidemic in lead poisoning in children.

By June 2008, acinetobacter will be a household word. Although primarily a disease on ICU's, affecting only the severely immunocompromised, the incredible infectiousness of acinetobacter are likely to make it an epidemic in US hospitals. While only the already sick will become ill, we will all hear about acinetobacter.

Compromised immunity secondary to stress related to media hype about 'superbugs.'

doreen m
I think it's the recalls in our food and also the lead in our children's toys. Our food is not inspected properly, a better inspection needs to be done.

dave e
Right now where I live (Cincinnati) there seems to be a rising problem with MRSA - methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. There have been a few deaths among children and it's sweeping the high school sports locker rooms. I think it's being hyped by the media for ratings - you know, "Locker Rooms of Death" type reports during November sweeps. We'll see.

We also are seeing a huge outbreak of bedbugs. Group homes for the disabled and apartment complexes are being closed. Predictably, those less tolerant are blaming illegal immigrants.

Michael H
Whatever the media thinks will scare the mindless masses the most.

A super flu bug. Just as when you have a cold, PLEASE REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HANDS AND COVER YOUR COUGHS AND SNEEZES. ESP AROUND KIDS OR SMALL CHILDREN. If they see you being responsible and respectable towards yourself and others, they will more than likely, follow your good example.

This is related to your question, but in the Philippines.
Here, the television says "If you find a dead bird, or know of chickens that are sick or dying, report them to your local Health Department".
In Riverside,Consolacion, Cebu, a sickness wiped out almost all of the chickens in one neighborhood.
When we called it in (when they first started getting sick), we were told there was nothing they could do and just bury them as they died.
They claimed that they didn't have the resources to deal with problems concerning birds and the U.S. was at fault because they wouldn't send the needed money to monitor the problem.
I know for a fact, by monitoring the Grants received links on the internet, that the U.S. does indeed send many millions of dollars here and so does the World Health Organization, but it never reaches the people or projects that it is meant for.
When will the foriegners learn, they are just supporting an anti-democratic Dictatorship here?
The loyalties of our government are to which ever entity sends the most money at the time, and not to the people!

Michael B
Over-medication of the population.

David C
I think we'll continue to see concern with antibiotic resistant skin infections in 2008.
When rain returns to the Southeast, in 2009 or 2010, we may be surprised with some nasty mosquito carried diseases in isolated areas - malaria or dengue fever.
The good news is that the flu pandemic will probably hold out until 2011, the peak of the next solar cycle, because there seems to be a relationship between them.

Lelia Katherine Thomas
The health threat I see affecting Americans most in 2008 is the overwhelming fear that many will feel, thanks to media sensationalism. The greatest threat I see looming is a population that believes in such exaggeration. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go ready myself for SARS, bird flu and other superbugs, while I'm fighting the war on terror in my heart and going green. Thank God we don't have the Millennium/Y2K Bug to worry about anymore! I really wouldn't know what to do then.

Tonni R
MRSA is definitely on the top of the list for me.

Ignorance, indifference & instant gratification.

Patients who practice this triad cannot be educated.

We are already practicing "Fast Food" primary care medicine (minus the menu) in our dangerously over-filled Emergency Departments, and it is only going to get much, much worse...

Kimmy J
The only threat I see is too many people believing that health threats are "looming". Wash your hands, drink lots of fluids, keep your house clean, use a condom, take care of yourself and have some faith! The media is always scrambling for some form of sensationalism or other. Don't get caught up in it, enjoy your family and your life, put all of the energy you give to fear into faith or some other positive force and you wont have to worry about "looming health threats"!

Terminal Bush. It started in Iraq and will soon spread to Iran, all over the middle east, Korea........is there no cure?

MSC Lieu
MRSA, and any organism that is developing antibiotic resistant strains. People haven't really paid much attention to the little bugs that live on us daily but can kill us. I am positive that the overuse of anti-bacterial soaps , cleansers, hand sanitizers, etc is actually encouraging the growth of the resistant strains, without really affecting the things people are really using them for: the common cold. (The cold is a virus and not touched by anti-bacterial anything.)

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