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 What do these symptoms point to, illness-wise?
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It sounds a little like the flu to me...

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Meningitis-WHY don't people realize it is a symptom NOT a disease?
Seriously they keep pushing the "Meningitis Vaccine" and now on the news they keep saying "Were 500 people in this bar exposed to Meningitis?" That is like asking if 500 people were exposed to "fever"

Meningitis is inflammation of the meninges which can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or in some cases no known cause. The most common cause in children is Haemophilus influenzae. The so-called Meningitis vaccine for adults vaccinates against Meningococcal bacteria. Meningococcal can cause meningitis, but does not always cause meningitis and not all meningitis is cause by Meningococcal.

Why do we allow doctors, the government and the media to feed us such inaccurate propaganda all the time? What can we do to stop the media and government from continuing with this propaganda and inaccurate information?
Additional Details
Yes viral meningitis is scary, but the vaccine works against Meningococcal which is a BACTERIA.

So all of these people are getting the vaccine thinking they are safe. Who's fault will it be if some dies because they think they are safe and ignore the symptoms?

Yes it is!
Read your own writting!
quote; caused by bacteria, viruses, Haemophilus influenzae, Meningococcal bacteria.

Betty Boop
Can't...it's called "Freedom of speech"

Lynn K
Well now you've told us but what exactly have you taught us?
Cancer is not one disease but many different ones. HIV can be caused by viruses that have mutated and are therefore different but the result is still AIDS. When your child is sick with a virus that has an unpronounceable name all you care about is what kind of damage it's doing and how to stop it.

You're splitting hairs.

The vaccine is aimed at the most LETHAL causes of meningicoccal disease. The most dangerous cause AT ANY AGE is the bacteria N. meningitidis. Are you saying that this is a bad idea?

Isn't something that can prevent the most lethal cases of meningicoccal disease a GOOD thing? Likewise the new vaccine against certain forms of HPV doesn't prevent ALL cervical cancers. Does that mean women shouldn't get it?

Whatever the cause I'm all for the vaccination. I'd rather have a little pain than risk alot. I was vaccinated for everything a kid could catch as a child. I can remember as a child seeing a polio victim in leg braces and quad canes walking slowly along our street. I asked my mother what was wrong and she said," he had polio as a child. Now you know why we got you your shots.".

Well I was never aware of that, but thank you for pointing it out. I get really annoyed by that kind of stuff too. I'll probably be annoyed when I hear about it now.

Meningitis technically IS a disease, since it is a condition that impairs normal functioning. A symptom is a non-verifiable complaint, such as a headache or sensitivity to light. A sign is a quantifiable measurement, such as fever or white blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid.

Inflammation of the meninges IS a disease, of various etiological factors. What you can't argue against is the epidemiological evidence that shows that certain sub-populations are most at risk for certain causes. Military recruits and college students living in dorms are prime targets for meningococcal meningitis, which is still a significant source of mortality and morbitiy in the United States (about a-25% death rate). So why not give a vaccine that can prevent multiple cases and save multiple lives with little associated risk? True, you are not preventing ALL cases of meningitis, but if you can prevent many cases with a cheap, easy, and low-risk solution, why not?

Preventative medicine is the best medicine, and personally I'd rather take a vaccine that lowered my risk of contracting ANY kind of meningitis than having nothing at all.

I guess it's the same theory as the flu shot. Just because you are exposed to the flu doesn't mean you would catch it. However, taking the shot lowers your risk of contacting it.

I had viral meningitis and it is no joke. I also taught a child that became learning disabled due to meningitis. I am all for a vaccine that could help prevent the illness.

It really doesn't matter, does it?

It's like someone saying they have a stomach flu...when a flu is a respiratory infection.

In fact, the stomach flu one really irks me...so I can see where you're coming from. However, in the end...it's not really some conspiracy. Most people do not know the information that you do, and can only understand it when presented in a certain way. It really doesn't matter that your average person knows what you just described...all that matters is that health care professionals do. And hey, any health care professional worth their salt would not fall for this "propaganda."

The funny thing is the more you learn about medical conditions, treatments, etc....the more of these situations you will find that annoy you. The end however justifies the means, so this is not some grand conspiracy, but rather just an effort to get people vaccinated. Whether or not they know the full truth of the matter really isn't an issue, all that matters is that they are fighting that meningitis and stopping that nasty stomach flu ;)

And to the person that posted it's a free speech issue, you need to stop sleeping in civics/government, twit :p

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