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MRSA in a 101 year old?
This is my Grandmother who is quite frail and weighs about 80 pounds. I told my mother she would probably not last a week...Am I overstating the time frame? Of course she is on drugs for it and in isolation But still it seems about right all things considered...what do you think?

R. Gaspari
The thing about making predictions on how long a human being has left to live is that it's based on a lot of assumptions that may be false. We can offer statistics, but statistics don't apply to an individual. We can all get hit by a bus today and die, so there's no point in trying to figure out how long she has left.

Granted, at her age, and with MRSA (I'm guessing she's in an ICU) her prognosis is likely guarded, but no ethical physician will try to exercise clairvoyance about a given patient. We do the best we can and the rest isn't in any of our hands.

It's always better to err on the side of honesty and saying, "I don't have a crystal ball, and so I don't know how long anyone has left."

Al Scusi
Some of that generation are just so tough.

You cannot possibly get a good answer here. Let's hope she recovers however unlikely it seems. But why are you asking?

We can ask and say some very strange things when we are grieving. If you are right would it help your mother knowing you guessed right. Let her grieve in her own way please don't argue at a time like this.

If I have jumped to the wrong conclusions I hope you will forgive me , and I wish your Gran well

I'm sorry to say my grandad died of MRSA, he only went in for a pacemaker but otherwise was healthy. So your nan who sounds quite weak probably will die of it- but i don't know how soon it depends what strain etc. But in this hospital which sounds good (I'm guessing not NHS?) who have put her in isolation and given her proper drugs should help so she could live longer.
Good luck to her x

You never know I've seen people like that last months and others who last days, without knowing more about your grandmother I really couldn't tell you. If she fights the MRSA and wins she might last longer but if she doesn't I'm sorry there's nothing you can do.
BTW the manuka honey really works. my grandmother used it to heal a sore on her foot that was down to the bone and it healed it in 8 weeks. google it.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, my grandma just died two months ago, from complications from Alzheimer's disease, one of those complications was MRSA. She had it for a number of weeks before she was hospitalized, and had been on medication, they eventually entered her into hospice and sent her home. She didn't last too long, she was also 90 years old. No one can guess the timeframe...that's not up to us.

Martina V
My mother had MRSA along with many other illnesses plus an illness the doctors couldn't identify. She died last year, but she had the MRSA infection for years. I suppose it depends on how strong your grandmother is. Me not being in the medical field I couldn't tell you, but my mother (who was in her fifties) lived with MRSA for years.

My mother is in a nursing home, and I have seen a lot of this in young and old. It has amazed me many times. Some will bounce back unbelieveably, some will go fast, some will slowly improve. I think it's near impossible to know that answer. Good luck.

MRSA is antibiotic resistant due to, well, the use of antibiotics. It is quite common knowledge now that antibiotics are causing resistant strains of bacteria due to mutation to withstand the antibiotic. One reason why antibiotics should not be used except in extreme emergencies. Antibiotics also deplete friendly bacteria which causes further problems including decreased immune function to fight off the vary infection it is being used for. If your grandmother is not on any medications that thin the blood, garlic Oil (not dried Garlic) capsules would likely get rid of this infection depending on her overall condition. She should take a minimum of 3 capsules 3 times a day. Up the dosage if results are not noticed in 2-3 days. Bacteria do not become resistant to Garlic and it is a powerful natural antibiotic. It does thin the blood which is why she shouldnt use this if on blood thinning medications. Continued use of conventional antibiotics will cause her to have even more trouble fighting off future infections of this bacteria. Colloidal silver is also a useful alternative and can even be given orally, topically, or intravenously for severe infections, including blood infections by an experienced naturopath doctor. Colloidal silver is free of side effects. A naturopath may even prescribe a homeopathic medicine that can be far more effective than conventional medicines. Drugs deplete the body causing further illness where homeopathy and herbs heal the body. Drugs only hide side effects rather than treating the source of the problem. Likely the source of the infection (other than the bacteria itself) is a suppressed immune system, due to both age and prescription drugs. Ignoring immune function will make her susceptible to future infections and other ailments. The antibiotic is a temporary fix with many side effects...including MRSA, an infection that has become more resistant due to antibiotic use.

The monster from under your bed!
Damn Shez old

First L
Well nobody knows when is a person gonna die, i mean depends on God's decision

Staszek G
I think you're right thought it can take her a year or two in my opinion however this time she wont escape it sorry

You should ask a doctor, not here.

Just follow your heart.


Jesus M
im sorry

Hannah R
i'm so sorry!
i'll pray for her.

uh huh

debra p
MRSA is like an infection most of the time in a sore, sometimes in the eye's or nose, it is treated with antibiotics they will do 3 separate cultures when they get 3 neg. than she is better. She will be a carrier for how ever long she'll live.

Ugh, answers froze....AGAIN

Thomas SR
My (67 year-old) mother contracted MSRA through a breathing-tube while she was in the hospital following a stroke, and she died within the week from pneumonia. MRSA is bad news. I am really very sorry to hear about your grandmother. I send my sincere condolences.

My roommate got it. We're both 19. She got it on her leg and was so sick, she couldn't walk or anything, it was really bad. I think she is very old and you're being realistic, sad but true. Maybe your mother just needs a little hope you know? Try to be supportive, but prepare yourself for the worst. These infections are nothing to play around with. I'm sorry this happened to your grandmother. My prayers are with you and your family.

guys if you are interested ... I've created for client a website about MRSA.... http://www.css-int.com/vnto/ beta version. Sponsors is charity and the website is http://www.thebellamossfoundation.com/

MRSA is a Staph infection that is resistent to one type of antibiotic. I don't know if age has anything to do with how well someone fights off infection. However, it depends on what other problems they may have too.

I had a Staph infection in my eye and it turned out to be the Staph that was MRSA or resisten. So the Dr. gave me Augmentin and Bactrim and it cleared up in about 7 days.

He also told me to wash my face with Hibiclens which is a medical soap found at pharmacy's. Dr.s use this type of soap to wash up before surgeries. He said to use this a few times to make sure it kills any staph on my face so that it doesn't reinfect.

However, Staph is a bacteria that lives on all of us at all time. You just have to have to bath everyday and keep clean for it not to become a problem. And for me Dr. said Never put your fingers in your eyes.. That is how alot of people get eye infections.

Bottom line is you never know how your Grandmother will react to treatment. You shouldn't play the numbers game especially telling your mother that she won't last a week. That could be a little hurtful. Drs these days have many ways to fight infections. Give them a chance.

Good luck. I hope she gets better. God Bless.. you and your family.

What da Helow
I lost my Father to MRSA in March this year-

There is no way to perdict her time left- With my father all we could do was keep him comfortable he held on for about 30 days- He was only 50 years old, 210lb and healthy.

My heart goes out to you and your family-

Be well-

Dr. Jen
I am an internal medicine doctor who specializes in hospitalized patients (I'm called a "hospitalist"), and I am a professor who teaches medical students and medical residents from Georgetown University and the George Washington University. Approximately 70% of my patients right now have MRSA, and none of them are dying. It's a bacteria that lives everywhere, and can be harmless or can kill, depending on the risk factors of the patient (immune system, age, other medical problems, etc) and especially the site of the infection (is the MRSA just colonizing her nose, which puts her in isolation but doesn't harm her body at all, or was it cultured out of the bloodstream, which would require 4-6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics to cure and could potentially lead to death if she is unlucky?). MRSA is still susceptible to several different antibiotics, so if it's caught early it's usually no problem. I myself had a MRSA skin infection last summer and it went away without any antibiotics, but I am a young healthy person. When it has been circulating in the bloodstream it can get tricky, because then it can infect other portions of the body like the heart valves or the lungs, and can be difficult to cure (and can sometimes lead to death). I would need more information about your grandmother's specific infection site, whether she is in intensive care or just the regular hospital wards, and her other medical problems to really answer your question, but MRSA in and of itself isn't necessarily any worse than any other bacterial infection. The bigger picture is probably just that your grandma has lived a very long, good life, and she may be ready for the end of life (meaning a simple infection could possibly lead to death, if her body is frail enough). Best wishes to you and your family!

I work in a nursing home and see it all the time. A lot of times they get better. But I see it in the younger elders like 70 and 80. Your grandma may very well die of something like weight loss or the fact she is unhealthy because she weighs so little. Don't ever put a time period on them things you want your grandma to live so be there for her.

Jane G
you really don't know what her timeline is. no one really knows. doctors can guess, but you really never know until it happens. MRSA is a tough illness to fight through. she may pull through.

i am sorry to hear about your Grandmother. i don't think anyone on here can predict when your Grandmother will pass away. I said a prayer for her. God Bless You All.

Michele G
MRSA is a strain that many of us carry, but just show no symptoms b/c our immune systems are strong enough to fight it. Many immunosurpressed patients are the ones that tend to struggle with it. I have seen many geriatric patients make a full recovery from MRSA, so I think it really depends on the overall general health.
I hope everything turns out alright, and that she turns around for the better, don't lose hope. Stay Strong.

101 is very old, and 80lbs is very small. They may want to get her weight up before they start giving her IV Vancomycin, and they may not be able to give it at all since this broad spectrim antibiotic can further complicate her malnutrition by causing C. difficile to proliferate in her GI tract, causing vomiting and diarrhea. She has had a long life, and maybe palliative and hospice/end of life care is something to discuss with her since the focus would be more on bringing her comfort, and family/psychological counseling to help the family and her deal with the loss of life. Hospice care will stay with the family for a year after the death to help with the grieving process. This is not a suggestion, merely a presentation of options, and the family will have to decide what is best. I do not know your culture, etc, as some cultures will not use hospice care because of certain beliefs, etc. It must be difficult to deal with this loss, and I hope you guys can be with her as much as possible as you go through this trying time.

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