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Is the shingles virus dangerous?

It's an old wives tale that you can die if it circles your body. It is the same virus that causes chicken pox and can be dangerous to pregnant women, so you should stay away from any that you know is pregnant.

they can be..the virus settles at a location in your body.mine settled in my eye and almost burst my eyeball. luckily i caught it in time and an opthamologist cured mine with medication.

Nah. Shingles is caused by the same virus (varicella zoster) as chicken pox.

When you get chicken pox, the virus stays in your body in an inactive form. Later in life, it may creep back up again at a time when your immune system is weakened, and present itself as shingles.

When a person has shingles, the only danger it presents to the people around is to people who have not had chicken pox yet. They can get the chicken pox from you.

But not to worry. In healthy people, neither disease is dangerous :-)

Yes it can be! If the shingles makes a complete circle around your body you can die. Did you know that it is related to chicken pox and that a person who has had shingles can not be around someone with chicken pox or they Will get shingles again? Also shingles is made worse by worrying.

nit in time . i had it two years ago and my doctor gave me new pills on the market and the itching stopped within three days if you catch it in time

Amir K
shingle virus better know that it will be dangerous or not.......

I agree with the others regarding shingles is cause by Chicken Pox. I don't think you can die from it, although it might depend on your auto-immune system. I have heard it is very painful due to the fact that it affects your nerve endings. I have heard it takes about a yr to get rid of them and worrying about it doesn't help you get any better.
Go to the DR asap and he will prescribe you an ointment and possibly a pain medication to ease the pain. The older you are the longer it takes to get rid of shingles.
Good Luck...

Shingles is the same virus as chicken pox, I've been told. I had chicken pox as a child and it was very bad indeed (2 months I was contagious and after I to had to use makeup to cover up sores/scares that people who've been badly burned use). Usually you get shingles when you're older but you've already had chicken pox. You can die from chicken pox or shingles. Especially if you're elderly, pregnant or have a compromised immune system.

It can be. Its very contangious and Shingles can be dangerous in someone with a weakened immune system because the zoster virus can possibly spread throughout the body and reach vital organs. If you don't have a weakened immune system you should be fine although its very painful.And shingles usually doesnt cross the mid section of your body since it attacks one nerve section.Thats how they know its shingles and not some other rash. So its not going to make a circle around your body.

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