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 What is the best thing for a sore throat?

 Can you get/catch chicken-pox more than once?
My own son had it when he was approc 13 mnths old, then again when he started school at 4 & a half years.- or so the doctor said. Another doctor disageed , saying if you'd had it once you ...

 What is something i can do to get rid of a sore throat?
please and ...

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 Is it true you can only get chicken pox once in your life?
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 This might be a stupid question...but...?
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 Strep Throat?
im supposed to go to Valleyfair On friday
( the day after tomorrow)
and i think i have strep throat.
my throat hurts like crazy and all this crap keeps coming out of my throat

 How can you make yourself get a fever?
Not a high fever but like 100degrees or something....

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 I have the flu.. what do i do help?
its unbearable man

aches aches aches everywhere
i cant take ...

 Any tips on how to deal with chicken pox?
i had a vacination but i got them and it's bothering me with all the stinging and icing and pain
Additional Details
thanks for ...

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how did you feel and what were your symptoms? How long till you felt better again?
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Glandular Fever is the British ...

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 How long should the flu last for?
Husband and son have both been sick and running a temperature since Tuesday. Both have seen G.P. and told to rest with lots of fluids.

For how long can someone suffer the high temperature ...

 Is there any possibility of transfer of HIV by mosquito?

 Eat it...or not?
Okay, I just put nailpolish on, and it dried. Now, I washed a apple...and my mom said u cant eat it because ur nail polish has been spread over ur apple and posoned it. THen I said I dont care and ...

Is pink eye contageous??

Not by definition but it can spread, yea.

Pink eye is caused by an inhabitation of your eye by a small parasite that tunels into your retina and plants an egg sac. This causes the pinkness and iration. When the tiny centpede-like creature leaves the egg sac remains for up to about a week and a half untill the young hatch and exit in your sleep, after gorging themselves on soft optic tissue.

When the young exit they are fully mature and ready to find a new host. Thats when the disease "spreads" to a new host.


OMG yes very very!!!!!

yes it is


Yes. Never share any makeup, it's nasty beyond health risks.

Yes, bigtime!!

Yes. See your doctor. Take your eye Drops.
and wash your hands "often." <}:-})

Christine B
VERY!!!! Get to the doctor for drops it will clear up in 24 hours. Throw out makeup and change pillow case.

da best answerer of ur question
yes.. yes it is

Andrea J
Yes, it is highly contagious.


God's Child.
I have heard it was. They courateened a friend of mine back in first or second grade.

Rockstar :D
yeah so watch out for that!?!?


VERY. Wash your blankets, sheets, linens and things. Wash your hands often and dont rub your other eye.


prevention: don't scratch or touch the infected eye, and wash your hands A LOT.

CURE: eye Drops :).

Sunsets and Roses
Yeah!! i thought everyone knew that.



VERY. =/


um yea

Yes. Don't share eye make-up!

One Person Counts
Yes, as a matter of fact it is HIGHLY contagious.

Yeah it is.


[email protected]

heck yes if u have one dont be near anybody go get some eye Drops from ur doctor

Soccer Nerd :)
Most cases of contagious pinkeye are a type of viral conjunctivitis, a viral infection involving the moist tissue layer that covers the eye and lines the inner eyelids. The eyeball itself is usually not affected. The infectious agent is typically a common cold virus, that's why conjunctivitis is often described as a 'cold in the eye'. Don't blame me - I didn't coin that expression!

Viral conjunctivitis often starts in one eye but eventually involves both eyes. It is extremely contagious. Like a cold, the inflammation will subside in 5-7 days.

Viral pinkeye features a watery discharge, not goopy pus (more often bacterial). You may feel a swollen lymph node right in front of the ear alongside the upper jaw area. Antibiotic eyedrops only kill bacteria so they are unnecessary. Besides, antibiotic eyedrops sting and may make the inflamed eye even more red.

So, what to do? Wash your hands frequently to protect others. Use a clean washcloth to remove and crust or debris from around the eyes. Apply artificial Tears for temporary comfort but never (yes, never) share the eyedrop bottle with others.

If things fail to improve after 7 days or if you develop pain, poor vision, or a pus-like discharge seek help from your local eye doctor.

So YEs it is cotagious on most circumtances

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