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Is it true you can only get chicken pox once in your life?
My friends are saying if you have it mild the first time you might catch it again. Which is which?

That is what it is supposed to be but I have heard of people getting them twice because there first case was too mild.

The Boss
Yes, only once...if you get when you are older...say in your 20's it could be deadly

you cab only get it twice if the 1st virus is mild

It depends I've only had once in my life but it think it has to do with antibiotics that your doctor gives you.

yeah! thats very true!!11111111 coz its happened to many peole like me!!!!

Army Wife
No someone I know has bad it 2 times.

yes just once but there is a virus that is closely related called shingles and you can get that after the pox

No...I've known someone that caught it twice. But luckly while still young...it's suppoese to be dangerous if you don't have it will you are young and have it when your older.

Bawn Nyntyn Aytetu
Chickenpox is a virus like the flu. once you first contract it, the body builds up a stock of antibodies specifically created for the purpose of fighting the virus. Once its gone, there are a number of antibodies still in your system, and the more severe the case, the more left over antibodies will be in your system and the more effective each one will be at fighting the virus. So if you contract it early in life, you might contract it later if the number or effectiveness of those antibodies still in your system are not equipped enough to defend you from it. I've heard of people contracting it up to 4 or 5 times in 1 lifetime, for the same reasons.

My daughter got it twice

Yes it is, like a lot of "children virus"

You can get it twice, if the first case was mild.

Yes, someone could possibly get it more than once, but that is extremely rare and usually only in cases where the first time was very mild or the child was very young.

if you have chicken pox it is POSSIBLE that you CAN get it again.

although after you get it the first time there is a chance for you to get it again, the probability is unbelievably low so we just consider it as you cant get it again

generally people who get it once dont get it again, but there are plenty of exceptions. my cousin had it twice, i remember both times because i'd tease him about looking like he's going to explode. good times good times

Iron Rider

A person usually has only one episode of chickenpox in his or her lifetime. But the virus that causes chickenpox can lie dormant within the body and can cause a different type of skin eruption later in life called shingles, also referred to as herpes-zoster.

Second infections with chickenpox occur in immunocompetent individuals, but are uncommon. Such second infections are rarely severe.


Yup...u can still catch it another time. When u first get it, ur body builds up antibodies but this immunity only last for about 10 yrs. After that u are susceptible again. And...once u have chicken pox, u now have a chance of getting cold sores, herpes and even shingles...cos the virus stays dormant in ur body and shows up again when ur immunity is down.

Children get the chicken pox vaccine now, and have been since, I believe 1991 or 1992. Something like that. Anyway, if you get it before the age of seven, you're safe, but after that, your chances of getting it again increase, and getting it a second time can be very serious.

Once you get the really bad then you can't get them the second time

No that is not true. It is a virus, Most people had it bad enough the 1st time that they never get it again.

You can get it again...it is a virus.

You may get chickpox more than once. If you get it as an adult it is called shingles. It is not rare to get chicken pox/shingles more than once.

Once your body gets it at all you develop an immunity to it. You will only get it once, but it stays in your system your whole life....that's what causes shingles in the elderly, the same virus. Best wishes

both my brother and his wife had them when they were in their 30's.Neither got them as kids

no i have had them twice thats a bunch of bull!

Earl E. Morningwood
it is possible to get chicken pox more than once. But rare.

nope there is nothing like that..i've had chicken pox twice in my life. the thing is that once u get it then ur body will develop a strain against the virus which will help your red blood cells to fight against the virus the next time u are infected.

Thats why they say that if u get chicken pox when ur a kid then the chances of getting it again is pretty low coz ur body will be having the "anti bodies" to prevent it. But if not..then u could get it again and again

Most people only get it once. However, I have a friend who had it twice....once as a child, the second time as an adult. She is an elementary school teacher and was undergoing chemo so her resistance was low.

Usually, yes. Usually even if your case was mild you have developed enough immunity not to get it again. In other words, your body will recognize it. However, herpes zoster, or shingles is possible in anyone who has ever had chickenpox as the viruses are in the same family. Shingles usually only occur in immunocompromised, very stressed individuals, or elderly.

Once you have chickenpox, you are considered immune; you will not have a serious infection again, but you may have a mild infection (called a breakthrough infection). Generally, if the virus becomes active again, it will not result in chickenpox but can cause shingles, or herpes zoster.

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