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im supposed to go to Valleyfair On friday
( the day after tomorrow)
and i think i have strep throat.
my throat hurts like crazy and all this crap keeps coming out of my throat

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its unbearable man

aches aches aches everywhere
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Glandular Fever is the British ...

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Husband and son have both been sick and running a temperature since Tuesday. Both have seen G.P. and told to rest with lots of fluids.

For how long can someone suffer the high temperature ...

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 Can you get AIDS by eating a HIV infected person?
Even if they're cooked really well?
I'm thinking a well cooked person would have been rid of the HIV as the heat would kill the HIV virus. But then saying that, people still got mad ...

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 Can acute HIV(initial stages) be diagnosed by some test ?
Suppose some one develops flu or something like this .Can a test for HIV infection be performed at that stage ?
If so,which test is done ?
Further can HIV be treated in the initial stages ?...

If i kill my self did i go to heaven?
i really need an answer

The Spirit that under girds our Universe is not an insecure being who must punish by sending people to hell after death. Heaven an Hell are realities in the present. There realities are created by the choices that people make. If you end your life, a "hole" would be created in the Universe that no one else could fill. You have unique talents and insights that we need. I would encourage you to look within yourself for the "real" person who lies beneath the woundedness and hopelessness. Suffering as a way of peeling away the layers of the false self. If you can wade through this experience, you will develop more compassion and uncover more abilities. You will love yourself. When you find self-acceptance (faults and all) better relationships will come to you. Life will be exciting and full of new discoveries. My friend, please trust that things will get better!!

nope. the bible states so

have you ever read the bible,yournot suspose to take your own life an no you willnot go to heaven if you need a friend to talk to i will


sOuL dOcToR
No if you commit suicide or a murder you will go to Hell !
Thats a fact.
Take the Homeopathic remedy AURUM MET 30C thrice a day half hour before meals if you have suicidal thoughts and depression you will be feeling Fit as a Fiddle and Happy as a Lark in a few days !
Take Care and God Bless you !

well since no one on earth knows that 100% (because they are not dead) no one can answer your question. We can all regurgitate whatever our own faith tells us but that is no 100% guarantee, there could have been some translation error or it could all be some huge historic prank we fell for.
The important part is if you are feeling that way go get real professional help now

I don't think the bible says you won't. Someone would have to show me the verse. Where you go depends on your belief and surrender to the Lordship of Christ at the time of your death. However, killing yourself is a selfish coward's permanent end to a (usually) temporary painful situation. I think if one was to endure the situation, they would come out happier, stronger and certainly more alive.

If you kill yourself you WILL go to hell.

I think it could depend on what you believe will happen.


Doc. justasinner111
only if you are in pain, and your life insurance will help your family.

Have u ever accepted Jesus Christ and you savior? Everything you are asking depends on this answer. If you have than nothing can keep you from heaven, although killing yourself can take you out of his will for your life.
If you have not accepted Jesus and your savior and Lord and let him be in control of your life then, yes, you will go to hell when you kill yourself.
That God is able to love you enough to keep you from going to hell if you accept him is enough to show you that your life is worth something and that it is not wise, no matter how bad you feel at this time in your life, to kill yourself.

No you wont. Suicide is a sin, read the bible. If you harm the temple (your body) you will go to hell

ask Jesus, he will tell you, but you gotta listen to the answer.

email me if you wanna talk, felt that way a year ago so ill help if i can.

ღஐ Queen B ஐღ
It doesnt matter because there isnt such a place

suicide is da biggest sin, so i guess not

I give up. Did you?

Malakai the Dark One
You'd go to dirt.

sorry but you will prbably be sent to hell

Read the ten commandments. "Thou shall not kill."

when u die your body will be like every other thing on this planet- (do u ask what happens to goldfish or birds when they die-lol humans think we are so special) it will be put in the earth or cremated based on your families wishes, either way your body or ashes will be broken down to its molecular level (matter can not be destroyed or created) to be recycled into new again as is the cycle of life.. THERE IS NO HEAVEN OR HELL PEOPLE GROW UP!!!!!

Unfortunately, it's not up to any of us to decide what happens to your soul. I'm sad to hear that you want to die. Suicide is a VERY permanent solution to what is likely a temporary problem. Please talk to someone, a counsellor, a hotline - anyone! Whatever is upsetting you is likely to pass in week or two - a year or two at the most. I'm guessing you aren't very old, and I can only say from experience that the feelings you have now will change and ending a young life full of potential would be a horrible waste. Please reconsider. God bless you!

The answer is an emphatic no. Just like everything in life to achieve the best things you must put the most amount of effort. This also includes heaven. Everybody in heaven is a lover of life. Whether that life was pleasant or trial after trial. Heaven is only for those who accepted what Jesus did on the cross and lived thier life according to that belief. Killing oneself would only help to escape one nightmare to fall headlong into an even worse state of being HELL. His love is always here for us but when it comes down to it, we still have been given free choice. So I say to you choose life. Everything might not seem like it is going the way it should but be encouraged that that your life is in God's hand if you accept him. Ask a prayer of forgiveness and acceptance in Jesus name then read the bible daily and apply it to your life. God will not reject anyone who will surrender thier will to his. Make the right choice your Soul depends on it!

Well, suicide is a sin, and since you would have no chance to confess and repent, no, you would not go to heaven.

But, I don't believe in heaven or hell. I'm not superstitious.

I think you already know the answer to your own question.


no b/c u r throwing the gift of life back to God and it's a sin

i read the other comments on yourr question. if i were you i would put the thought out of my mind forever, you are here for a reason, the reason will come to you one day. do not! take your own life, whatever is causing you to even think about killing yourself can be resolved, and you will become stronger. jesus loves you, and you must deeply think of the pain it would cause others upon your death, please just get that out of your mind. and i mean get it out of your mind now. look at nature and the things you love. you will be fine just relax and get a positive goal no matter what is causing these thoughts of suicide. and good luck on a great life ahead of you.


Tammy C
you would not go to heaven or hell dear . You would stay in limbo for the rest of eternity. If that's where you'd rather be but I would think one or the other would be better than limbo. Why are you thinking about killing yourself anyways? If you think that's an answer to all your problems well your wrong!

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