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 Strep Throat?
im supposed to go to Valleyfair On friday
( the day after tomorrow)
and i think i have strep throat.
my throat hurts like crazy and all this crap keeps coming out of my throat

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For how long can someone suffer the high temperature ...

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 Eat it...or not?
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 Can you get AIDS by eating a HIV infected person?
Even if they're cooked really well?
I'm thinking a well cooked person would have been rid of the HIV as the heat would kill the HIV virus. But then saying that, people still got mad ...

 Did the Flu just hit me?
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I was cut by knife while cutting vegetables....Is there HIV risk?
The knife isn't mine. And the cut was very minor, but I am still concerned about HIV infection. What should I do?
Additional Details
The knife was clean, but it's my flatmate's knife and I am scared.

Yes and no. IF the knife cut someone else and they had HIV and then you reached over and cut yourself on accident then there is a good chance that you can get HIV. Now if the knife was cleaned with soap and with hot water then no you can't get the HIV that away. Just remember if someone can get HIV by sharing a needle then it can happen with a knife too. If you are worried about having it get yourself tested by a doctor and have it done every six months.

U'll be affected only if someone who had aids was cut by the knife

Don't worry. Unless the zucchini you were sharing juices with on the knife was infected, you should be fine.

Goat herd
It depends whether the carrot has been in contact with either the ruptured sphincta or blood products of an infected being. If in doubt, wait 12 weeks, don't eat any more vegetables and have the HIV test.

go into the doctor and get tested thats all you can do but if th person who owned the knife didnt have hiv its unlikely

the chance is low. The blood rushing out of the wound would most likely flush out any toxins or diseases. If you are that worried, contact a doctor for test. The faster ANY health problem is caught, the better it is for you.

was there HIV-infected blood on the knife? if not, then don't panic. just wash it and put a band-aid on it. HIV is transferred through body fluids.

only if the knife cut someone else and was not sterilized.

Did the vegetables have AIDS?

Stop being such an idiot

I thing you should take the knife and finish the job.
Kill yourself. You already have AIDS.


was there blood on it or something? from him, not you.

rabble rouser
Vegetable could only carry VIV... you don't need to worry.

Think bodily fluids that is how HIV is transfered. Not by getting cut with a clean knife that some gay person used. Was that a serious question??

I'd be more concerned about tetanis instead of HIV. Was there blood on the knife already?


Only if the knife had blood or some other type of bodily fluid on it... but if its a kitchen knife probably not... and if its a minor cut , no

If the knife was clean at the onset, or you know that this knife has never been used on meat ( as in a kosher home ) and it did not just slice a person who is HIV positive, you have nothing to worry about. Although the HIV retrovirus is very virulent ( it reproduces like crazy in your body ), it isn't very hardy outside of the body. Which means in the worst case scenario that the knife had previously sliced someone who was HIV positive and then washed thoroughly, you probably will still be safe. If there was blood on the knife already that was fresh and then you sliced yourself, then I would wonder.

I do not think so.

Check with a doctor.

does the vegetable have hiv?

You would be less worried if you learn more facutal information on HIV. Try starting at these web sites:


The hiv virus cannot live once exposed to oxygen.

Was it clean when you used it or had someone with HIV used it just before you and left bodily fluids on it?

You're more likely to get tetanus than HIV.

I'm sure you are fine.If it worries you that much you need a new flat mate.

you are ok

unless the kinfe have HIV i don't think u should get it

only if the knife was gay will you get hiv.

only if the knife was in a gay man's backside before you were cut.

A little known fact: The HIV virus can't surive in open air for more than 15 minutes- even if the knife was completely immersed in HIV infected blood and allowed to dry, there is practically 0% chance of you contracting HIV and/or AIDS.

The HIV virus is surprisingly fragile- oxygen and bleach kills it completely.

Hope this helps.

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