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I steped in blood?
Today when i was walking i accidentally stepped on what i think is drips of blood on the street. the blood looked kind of dried up, and i was wearing shoes. But still, i have this germaphobe thing. So can i get anything bad like AIDS or other diseases related to blood if i stepped on half dried blood with my shoes? and also the bottom of my shoes were kind of torn up, so can you get anything bad by stepping in blood?

Jon B

Don't worry about it. Unless you step on glass, take off your shoes, and get a hobo to cut himself with the glass, and stick it back in, you'll be alright :P

I seriously doubt it. For one thing, the AIDS virus (HIV) doesn't live on surfaces-it dies when it hits the ground because of oxygen. So no worries there. On the other hand, if you just have worries, go ahead and trash the shoes!

no, it's not like you were on the ground licking it or you had an open wound and that blood got in it or anything. just bleach the bottom of you shoes, you'll be ok

No you cant get AIDS or hepatitis or anything like that from stepping in a dry blood puddle. For one they can only be spreed if that blood mixed into your blood. Plus HIV (not sure about the others) is a very fragile virus and can not live outside a host, this is why you cant get AIDS from shaking someones hand. The ground is the only thing that made the blood dirty, so you can't get anymore from stepping on the blood than you can from stepping on the ground.

You will get infected if the blood has reached to a wound on your body. (eg. cuts/burns) OR the blood has reach your private parts.

Please, please find a good shrink.

Alex B
Not unless the blood got in a cut, I'll bet it wasn't even blood dude, to be honest.


kia r
The disease is inactive in air, so no worries. You may want to check with your shoe and see if it needs medical attention(Just kidding) you are fine, only worry if you are exposed to blood and you have an open cut or bruise, then you want to clean it immediately and then consult your doctor. The streets are a yucky place my friend.

Hey there
I wouldn't be too worried about it. From what I know, as soon as blood comes in contact with air, most infections and diseases die. As long as the blood didnt come in contact with any open sores on your feet, i think theres nothing to worry about. And if your'e a germopobe, im pretty sure you already threw those shoes away, lol. if u diddn't and want to clean them, use clorox/bleach.

If you feel freaked out, scrub your shoes and spray them with disinfectant. Then give yourself a good hot shower.

Dried or partially dried blood is definitely a potential hazard. Hepatitis B can live in dried blood for several days. There are several variables to consider:
1. Was it really blood or was it somebody's spilled red candy or whatever?
2. Did you have a break in your skin where it touched to allow the infectious agent in?
3. Did you immune system fight it off?
I'd throw those shoes away and ask my doctor what they think.

Nikki is right. You're probably fine. I was at an airport when I got some blood on my shoes. I just wiped it off with some alcohol swabs.

Karlee Thomas.
wow sweet cakes lol no silly.
u have no worries trust me none at all.

a lot of things have to go wrong for that to happen

first of all he has to have a blood disease
then it had to seep through your shoes (its half dried, unlikely)
then it had to seep through your socks
then you have to have had a cut on your foot for it to be transmitted to your blood

i doubt anything is wrong with you, you can go to a doctor if you'd like though.

I <3 Dr. Phil
did you kill him...

No, or we'd all have Aids!


You have to have had an open wound on the bottom of your bare foot that stepped directly onto moist or wet blood.

Are you worried you're going to get diseases when you step in dog poop?

Steve L
you are going overboard i think, it may not be blood or if it is, it may not even be human blood. could be the remains of a hit animal.


blonde chels
no you have to get it in ur bloodstream to get anything like take a cut and rub sumone elses blood in it

Navy wife

omg no ur fine unless you have a cut on your foot. and it acctually was blood. then OMG YOU HAVE AIDS ha ha ur cool dude

i dont think so

The Nikki
No. Not unless you're sticking your shoe up your bum licking it or rubbing it against open soars, there's basically a non-existent chance of you catching anything.

xerox this!
Randy, you're not going to get AIDS.

Right is Wrong
God you are paranoid. Chill out, you aren't getting AIDS.

Blood would have to enter an open wound to pose any risk. I assume, if you're germaphobe, that you checked your foot out when you got home and nothing showed on the bottom.
I think you'll be fine.

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