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I STEPPED ON 3 RUSTY NAILS? What should I do?
I was walking on a wooden porch barefoot when I stepped on a nail that was nailed in with the tip pointed up I jumped forward because of the pain and I stepped on another one with the same foot.I lost balance and stepped backward and stepped on the nail again....totalling 3 times...I know im the biggest idiot in the world. But now im scared of tetanus...the last time i got a tetanus shot I was 12 and now im 16 and a half. What are m chances of infection? Should I see a docter?
Additional Details
It doesnt really hurt anymore but the nail was a good inch long.

Which idiot said cut your foot off?

Everybody knows you have to amputate the whole leg to be safe. Just make sure the saw isn't rusty because then you would be back to square one and I don't know what you would have to amputate next.

No really, man up and take the pain. Tetanus does not come from rust, it comes from bacteria. If it was a barbed wire fence used to contain animals, then I would say get a tetanus shot. But you have had one anyway. As it is, unless you got a deep wound from the nails I wouldn't worry. Even if you did, it isn't tetanus you have to worry about, it is more general staph infections.
General message: don't be a wimp.

Future Mrs. Nick Jonas
you have about 9 out of 10 chance of infection. yeah you should go see a doctor. that would help. then youd have prolly 3 out of 10 chance. hey, its better

Cal Boy
cut your foot off. it can't have tetanus if it's not there.

Bottom Contributor
Go see a physician, dude. You don't want to get lock-jaw. I hear it hurts big-time! Good luck.

You should be covered by your last shot, cause it lasts 10 years but you should see your doctor just in case. Better safe than sorry!

Yes go to the doctor you have the tetanus shot but because you stepped on a rusty nail you now need a booster shot

Call a docotor

If it caused bleeding, make sure your vaccine is up-to-date. Some last longer than others. If you aren't up-to-date, it is definitely in order to visit a doctor. If you didn't bleed, however, there is no risk.

You need to go to a doctor immediately.

kelsey loves jonas
go to the Doctorr!!!!

GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!! yea just in case.

yes you should probably go get a tetanus shot.

Nick is cool
Go see a doctor it can't kill you.

go see a doctor, if you have had a tetanus shot you should be fine, put some antibiotic ointment on it to keep it from getting infected

Get a Tetanus shot , like now!

get a doctor to examine, he should be able to tell if you need another tetanus.

clean it out first because you have to take the puss and all that
if it really looks infected go see a doctor

Go to a doctor or you risk infection.

I definately recommend seeing a doctor. A shot is not worth losing your foot to infections.

samantha m
I would see a Doctor if I were you cause it might get infected and you don't want that to happen. Call as soon as you could.

Yes you should probably see a doctor to make sure there is no infection. It sounds like your tetanus is up to date, but yes you should still have a doctor check it out.

dude!prevention is better than cure.. you should go see a doctor for sure.. but the doctor may not require you to have a tetanus shot though, because you already had one not more than five years ago..^_^

to take a tetnanus shot
if u already have, then u dont need to go to the doctor

Krista W
You probably don't need to go to an ER, but I would recommend seeing a doctor. Since you've had a tetanus shot within 5 years you're probably ok but I would also recommend getting another booster just because you can't be too safe. You want to make sure the wounds are well cleaned out to prevent infection--you can do this at home, but if you are going to the doctor for the shot you might as well have him/her look at it anyway to make sure things are ok.

A tetanus shot lasts for 10 years. You should be good on that, because you got one 4-1/2 years ago. Chances of infection is minimal if you keep the wound clean. If you see any redness, swelling, or have a lot of pain, I would get to a doctor. The most important thing is to keep the area clean....oh yeah....keep shoes on too! lol Good luck and I hope it clears up soon.

arii, ♥
You should probably get off Yahoo Answers and go see a doctor.


Snake W
not a serious problem.... However, due to the rust, i recemond seeing a docotor since the rust can cause problems... Where you bleeding at the time? or did it just poke you and Barley torn your skin? if you did not get blood, and you did not step on them badly then you may not need to go see a doctor.

I would make sure it's clean, use anitbiotic ointment-Neosporin or something. If it gets red and puffy, that means its infected, you should go to the doctor in that case. Tetnus last for a few years (I think) so you should be good there. Good Luck!

Sarah W
Soak It In Peroxide. It'll Really Sting But It'll Clean It Out. If It Gets Infected After That, It Is Serious. Go To A Doctor If It Gets Any Worse.

Keeping your Tetanus vaccination up to date is a good thing, and makes it so you don't have to rush to the doctor or the emergency room for every injury you get. :-) Clean it well, and keep it clean; put a bandage on it when necessary and you may want to keep it *out* of your shoes; the bacteria inside closed shoes are among the worst for infections. While a shoe may have prevented the injury, it's too late for that now, and research has shown that puncture wounds sustained through the sole of a shoe are *far* more likely to get infected than puncture wounds sustained when barefoot. Of course do keep an eye out and if there is any redness, swelling or more soreness than should be (especially any throbbing) then go see a doctor after all. But no need to rush there straight away.

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