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How long should the flu last for?
Husband and son have both been sick and running a temperature since Tuesday. Both have seen G.P. and told to rest with lots of fluids.

For how long can someone suffer the high temperature and other symptoms of the flu?

Hollie-Raie's Mummy!
everyone is different

but the general consensus is a week

it depends how strong the persons immune system is

it could be 2 days to a 1 week, depends on how bad it is

There is no set time.

up to two weeks, i have had same and its hell i can tell you.

Haven't you heard of "Man Flu" - it's serious


Hope you're taking good care of them

More seriously - if the fever is very high, sat >100F, call a doctor out. Otherwise, all they can do is rest. A friend of mine needed 4 days rest recently before he could do anything. There are some nasty flu bugs going around

Mr X
mostly people have it for a week. Do drink alot of Fluids it helps alot. water and such .. no COLD drink .

depends on how resistant the flu virus, despite of meds intake

i would say 3 days at most is enough ...then get them out of bed ...if need be let them continue their medication but there is no reason to remain in bed

Mr Mills
Symptoms come on suddenly, with shivering and generalized aching in the arms, legs and back. May have headache, aching eyes, a sore or dry throat and sometimes a cough and runny nose. Occasionally there may be vomiting and or diarrhoea. Temperature may rise to 38 0r 39 degrees. The fever lasts for 2 to 5 days and the patient may feel depressed. The cough may last for up to 2 weeks.

I'd say a week. Although it takes a while longer to feel back to normal.
They are doing the right things though. Rest, fluids and something for the aches, pains and fever.

A week or more,

Outspoken but Honest
Men flu 5 weeks female flu 5days

It use to be about a week.However nowadays they seem to drag on.Hope you husband & son make a speedy recovery.
If the doctor give them anti-biotics if the flu persists get him back out.Good Luck

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