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 Meningitis-WHY don't people realize it is a symptom NOT a disease?
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How do I help my 11 yr. old child get over the flu?
She wants to go outside, but I don't think I should let her.

She said to ask on here so please I need help!

Be the parent for pete's sake. If she does indeed have the flu, she needs to be resting and getting alot of fluids. If she goes outside she risks complications like pnuemonia, not to mention giving the virus to anyone she comes across.

Plenty of fluids, and plenty of rest. Unless you live in a warm climate, and it's a warm day, I wouldn't let her go outside.

Do whatever she wants to. If i have a fever or flu, I am used to exercise my body to overcome those sickness...

absolutly NOT. the only cure for flu is rest, fluids, and time. her body needs all the energy it can get to get well, it doesn't have extra to spend on playing or keeping warm. basically there are two options: go out and play and be sick for another week or more, or rest now and get well quickly.

theraflu for kids, chicken noodle soup and have her sleep in sweats under a few comforters.. she will sweat it out and the theraflu will help for everything else... and the soup is hot so it will taste good going down if her throat is soar... good luck

Your the parent take control. Take her to Doctor make sure what she has.Several illnesses starts out with flu like symptoms

Has she been to the doctor? If it's the flu, she should go to the doctor and get appropriate medication and instructions.

She should not go outside. She needs to stay inside, take medication, and drink lots of fluids -- soups and juices. She needs to rest, or it won't go away -- in fact, it could get worse.

You should give her lots of love. Read to her. Keep her company.

Take her to the doctor

I think some fresh air could be good. A lot more people get sick in the winter because we don't go outside as much, so all the viruses and stuff stay indoors. I don't know where you live (I'm in Florida), but if it's not too cold and you keep her warm (keep the head and neck covered especially), I think she will be fine.

If she's strong enough to play outside, she should be able to. If she's really that sick, she probably would not have much interest in playing outside and would just want to sleep. When sick, it's best to just follow what your body tells you.

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