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How can you make yourself get a fever?
Not a high fever but like 100degrees or something.

Drink some hot tea, take a hot shower, get a hot water bottles and stick them all over so you get a fever.... Also, eat some jalapeños... Now THEY'LL give you a fever...

get the flu....

have a really long hot shower

ok, y wud u want to give urself a fever?
anyways, u can get urself sick. cuz a fever is a sign tht ur body is fighting off bad germs or bacteria. so u can get bacteria in ur system.
well, i guess tht all ive got
from, pixie

sharen d
A fever .Why?I have a bad cold with one and it's not that enjoyable.If you hang out with someone that is sick.There's a good possibility of getting one.But controlling how high.Not.

Dip a thermometer in hot water and put a blow dryer to your forehead and face or a heating pad if you have one.. ( thats quieter) Good luck getting out of whatever it is your trying to get out of..!!

You can't.

Kit Untz
...are you trying to miss the CRTs or something? Because thats not a good idea.


kiss someone who does, and if you want one, you have problems.

take a really hot shower for more than 15 minutes

Dukes of Hazardous Waste
Girl, you need to hit life head-on. You asked this yesterday. Ask something different for a change. Take a chance. We know you can do it.

stress mostly. and a combo of some others things like lack of good nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc. The natural remedies always prove best in all preventative methods.

Bark at the Moon
Just eat a raw chicken. That will give you a fever...but youll have to contend with the poop's too!!

First have a real hot bath, then stand infront of the air-conditioner not wearing T-shirt or any form of clothes...then repeat this twice...you will sure get a high temperature and get illness...anyway...100 degrees isn't possible...your brain will just....melt?

well, you can get close to someone who is sick, or go for a tan, but not long if you've never been, just enough to feel all hot and red a bit, your body will feel on fire!!!!!!!!!P.S. Don't overdue it XXX

If you go to sleep with wet socks you will get a fever.

But WHY by any means would you want a fever? You shouldn't ever try to give yourself a fever.

why wouldu want to do that

m e r e d i th
Expose yourself to someone with one

lol!! you trying to get out of school or something? Fever means infection in your body - so unless you can gather up an ifection real quick, you arent going to have a fever any time soon.

get a sick person to sneeze on you.

taking long hot showers doesn't work. u'll just sweat out the heat or pee. that's how ur body keeps cool. only way is to get sick so ur body heats itself to "cook" the virus.
y u wanna get a fever any way. just study 4 that test or what ever ur avoiding

well there alwasy the old trick where right before that take your temperature you gulp down some hot water. I don't really know much other things.
Sorry but hope that helps!

karen s
100 degrees isn't even considered to be a fever. Also, fever is a symptom, not an illness. It's the body's way of "cooking" a bug in your body in order to kill it. So, unless something is there it wants to get rid of, you won't get a fever. Sorry to say this, but it sounds like a very dumb question.

get in a hot tub and run around in the cold air...you feel like you have a fever but you feel fine on the inside

The Cutest Thing Ever
i dont know but to trick a thermometer put it next to a flashlight for 1 minute and it will show up like 100 degrees

you can lick playground equipment lol!

Lick the pavement under your feet; better if you go to a public bathroom and lick the tiles.

Xander R
by going to school

Take a long hard look at Brad Pitt....

just dip thermometer in cup of hot water for few seconds..

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