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Eartha Q
Does God cause sickess and diseases?
to teach you something???

he not only causes sickness and disease he created them. All things exist to teach us something.

only if you believe he does

yes, well let me rephase that. He allow the devil to bring things on u.But the question is r u suppose to have been doing something that God wanted u 2 do & u have neglected 2 do it.

dae t
This is a good ?s no god doesn't cause sickness unless you are doing things wrong in your life and you haven't ask for forgiveness but you see if you do. do something wrong their are going to be some consequences you have to go through and that may be one.

No he doesnt. But I do believe evil does. In other words, evil spirits have tendencies to get a hold of people, its up to them to either cast them out or refrain from catching them... ex: STD's or HIV. .....

I think alot of it is from our own sinful behavior, but not in the way you are thinking. In the old testament, the israelites (jews) had strict laws about what was considered unclean. When people began to break those laws, diseases spread. As a result, theyve passed on from generation to generation. Its just a natural consequence.

Oh absolutely,,,, and there is a Santa Clause too by the way.

Series of ?'s
Um...no. It's purely biological and scientific.

Some people believe he does. Some people believe that sin causes disease. Some people believe that God lets bad things happen to teach a lesson.

Is any of that true? Unfortunately, nobody knows.... and nobody can know without asking God what his reasons are. I don't remember if it was a great philosopher or if it was written in the bible, but it's been said that man is not meant to know God's intentions.
I've heard it put that we are so far below God in understanding that trying to understand his reasons would be like a mouse trying to understand why a human does something. Granted, that's just putting it into terms that humans can understand, but you get the point.

I would ultimately say that everything happens for a reason. We may not know that reason, but it does.
I got laid off from a job that I was doing very well in.... I hated it at the time and didn't know why it happened (aside from another man's greed, but I won't get into that). Since then, I have found a company that I really like, that treats me very well, and I've obtained a position that I truly enjoy. I never could have seen that coming a few years ago when I got laid off..... but I'm glad it happened when I look back.

....Take that for what it's worth

I don't think sickness is caused to "teach you a lesson"

God does not control our destiny. God made us in his image and gave us the intelligence to take on life.

Quite frankly,


"When under trial, let no one say:
“I am being tried by God.”
For with evil things God cannot be tried
nor does he himself try anyone." --James 1:13

A loving parent allows wayward children to learn from their mistakes, and God is the Greatest Loving Parent. It would serve no useful purpose to sheild us from the consequences of our decisions--longterm or otherwise. Remember the story of the 'prodigal son'. He learned his lesson well, and was more appreciative for having experienced the consequences than he could have if he'd been sheilded from them. We need to stand back & look at the overall picture, to get the true sense of what is really going on...

Yes, God allows us to learn from our mistakes. However, we bring the troubles upon ourselves. He is making the way out for those of us who choose to appreciate it...

Free Thinker
God is awesome! He is our Heavenly Father. As a parent I would never intentionally harm my child, neither would God. God is a better parent than I could ever be.
There are many causes for sickness and diseases, mostly our own doing by eating foolishly or participating in wrong behavior. Sometimes it is a direct demonic attack but we really have to take responsibility for our own action and not blame our own consequences on the devil.
Ask God to help you see the truth about Him clearly---no human can help you there... only He can! He loves you so!

Dr. Gonzo

Jimithy ™
No and no.

No. But He allows it to happen for His purposes. : )

Emperor Norton I
Naw, yo... viruses, bacteria, and genetics cause sickness and diseases.

Fred M
god gives us free will and the way we interact with each other use are world has a lot to do with diseases and sickness

God doesn't cause disease. He allows it. I believe this because of what is in the book of Job. Usually it is because of something we have done.

i don't think God causes sickness & diseases but us ourselves due to whatever choices in our life habits that we make.


ok, so i'm not so sure but that makes sense in my head!


Violet Pearl
No, God doesn't hurt people. Life is full of troubles and trials. God uses these challenges to bring us up higher. God uses our troubles to grow us up to the next level.

A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all. Psalm 34:18-20

Sickness and disease are a natural part of life. The devil is to blame, if anyone for this...but God uses it to strengthen us, and yes, to teach us lessons.

no GOD allows sickness at times for various reasons

No. He doesn't cause it, he just allows it

No God does not cause diseases to teach us something===We cause the diseases ourselves.because we wanna do it our way

No. The Bible says "All good cometh from above..." Satan brings us hardship and disease.

No. We have sickness and diseases becuase when Adam and Eve ate the bad apple when God told them to he made the whole wide world to have sin sickness and disease.

F. Perdurabo
I'm pretty sure god has better things to do than make you sick.


No- bad lifestyle, germs, or heredity makes one sick.


Hopefully anything one can do to prevent further damage or improve one's lifestyle is a learning experience.
You were born with a brain for a reason and wasting it is a sin.
People don't really appreciate the simple things.
Stop being passive-aggressive and blaming it all on the invisible man in the sky!

Nonny :O)
No. Think of it this way, what disease do child molesters or rapists get? People who say that god causes disease to teach you a lesson are just looking for an answer to their own pain and suffering.

God never cause sickness and diseases. Satan does.

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