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burning for you█████████████████
Do you catch a cold from someone else or is it from being out in the cold?

kay s
Ive gotten a cold from both those ways you can get it from both...
I get sick a ton so ya .....
You probably have a weak immune system if you get a cold from being outside unless you were there for a long period of time....
If you have a cold just take a lot of cough syrup

both. i experimented on this. i got a cold, then my groupmates and i were in a room. then a few dayts after, all of us has colds.


𺰘¨ §Håî®èå ¨˜°ºð

colds are from germs, the cold outside only makes you cold ....germs comes from living things.....not cold weather

Short Shot
Both and there are some germs that actually thrive in colder weather.

you get bronchitis or pneumonia from being out in the cold and not being properly covered up.

the cold is caused by a VIRUS not bacteria, and no you can not get it from being out in the cold, unless you are in an area that the virus is in, which i highly doubt would survive in the cold...

Actually being out in the cold itself does not give you a cold. People are more likely to catch a cold when it is cold becuase the body is working full time trying to keep the body warm. Defences are low as a result of trying to keep the body warm.

Colds are caught by your body taking in the cold viruses that are out there. When abybody sneezes or shakes your hand after blowing their nose there's always a potential for getting those germs.

Yes, I just got a cold from someone in my family and I feel really bad and they say that you cann't get a cold just from being cold.

Fo Sho!
The colds keeps us indoors as well as our germs. Cold temps actually suppress bacteria, and airborne disease. The fact that we stay indoors more often in the winter, and less active our immune systems tend to lag, and we're more like to easily share our germs with family, co-workers...etc.

You don't catch the common cold or any cold for that matter by being in the cold. However, being in the cold can impede your immune system and make you more prone to getting a cold.

If your immune system is weakened from being in the cold, you might catch a cold that you would otherwise beat easily.

Same thing for sleep and nutrition.

Lonnie M
You catch a cold from someone else. It is usually transfered by physical contact. You can get it off of something that the other person has touched, like door handles, keyboards, ect. It does not travel through the air very effectively. That is why several people can set in a meeting with a person that has a cold and the others do not get it, even though the one with the cold was coughing. Being out in the cold will not cause you to catch a cold, it will make it worse, since your body has to expend energy to keep warm and has less to fight the cold.

Sir Readalot
The cold virus is spread from person to person, usually by sneezing which releases a virus-laden aerosol into the air. Exposure to the cold virus does not necessarily mean you will contract a cold. However, exposure to low temperature without adequate clothing can lower your body temperature to the point at which you become more susceptible to the cold virus.


You catch a cold because you're indoors more often in cold weather. The actual temperature has nothing to do with cold. However, you can still get very sick from the cold with diseases ranging from pneumonia to hypothermia. So zip up!

New research says that viruses are well preserved in cold weather thats why the flu is so prominent in the winter. You can also catch a cold from someone infected if you come into contact with their cold germs. Especially, if the person has a fever, thats when they are more contagious.

Brown Eyez
Both it's due to germs, and viruses... use defectent sprays and medicine... it's contagious...

sometimes it's just the body's way of reacting to being cold or wet and cold for a long time. then in this case it isn't contagious, but if it's a viral thing then it is.

Things like being cold and not getting enough sleep weaken your immune system, which is why so many people get sick around winter. It's the actual germs that you get from contact with other people (or possibly animals?) that will get you sick. So bundle up and take some vitamin C tablets! I recommend VitaSplash Immune Boost! It's grape flavored powder that you just pour into your water bottle and shake up and it tastes really good and has 1000% DV vitamin C, plus some B vitamins. (1000%!) Also, it's all natural. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. Super good for you! Definitely better tasting than Airborne, which is also a decent product, just not quite as good, if you ask me.


catch a cold from someone else! GERMS and VIRUSES! drink alot od orange juice and get your vitamins everydays!

You catch colds from other people's viruses.
However, being out in the cold lowers your immune system and makes you more vulnerable towards catching a cold.

Mostly from someone else but I think that being out in the cold acts as a catalyst.

a. ani
You can't catch a cold unless you come into contact with the virus. Being out in the cold won't do it. But, if you're out in the cold, you may stress your body enough that you lower your resistance to the virus--increasing the chances that you'll come down with a cold when you do come in contact with the virus.

your cold is dormant until stimulated by either of the two, typhoid mary carried typhoid fever with no symptoms, we all carry the "cold".

Only from germs. The cold weather thing is an old wives' tale. I think we tend to catch colds more when the weather is cold because we're all huddled up together inside.. no fresh air.

ellen degenitals
you catch a cold from someone else.

when you're out in the cold, it weakens your immune system so that it's easier for you to catch a cold or other diseases, but you don't get sick from cold weather itself.


Brad R
you can catch a cold directly from someone or from the air outdoors

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