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For how long can someone suffer the high temperature ...

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Do flu shots hurt?
Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a flu shot, and I just wanted to know if it hurts. I'm really scared to get one, but I don't freak out and like scream or anything....any tips on relaxing? Any help would be awesome! God bless!
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Just to add something else-
I got really sick last year with bronchitis(sp?) and it almost turned into Pneumonia...thats why im considering the shot. Thanks so much for the advice so far! God bless!

yes, I got one and my arm hurt for three days, but is necessary, and not EXCRUCIATING!

Dingus M
Hmmm....sharpened steel ramming into your flesh. Sounds delightful!

I've never had a flu shot & don't plan to get one. Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer, drink lots of fluid & eat a healthy diet. Stay away from sick people as much as you can (there's an obvious one).

No, it's like any other shot you get from the doctor.

Talk Dirty to Me =P
its just like any other vaccination you get, just a needle and some stuff in it lol dont be scared its not that bad

Dont look pinch ear it dont hurt to bad then !!!

Not too much but try your best not to faint,
as it frightens the rest in the queue. I am going for mine next week, and I might be in the same queue as you, and I am a big fearty.

I just so happened to have gotten a flu shot today. It did not hurt me one bit. I am not just saying that to ease your mind. LoL. The whole reason I avoided getting flu shots for a long time was I thought it would hurt alot. I barely felt it. The nurse told me to just simply relax my arm and wiggle my fingers. I'm guessing if you try the same you might not feel it much either. Also if the person giving you the shot isn't in a stabby mood that could help it not be so discomforting. Hope that helped ease your mind abit.

yeah, well every shot hurts for me i cry every time that i get a shot

no but plan on being sick with the flu afterwards. If youre young you shouldn't need a flu shot

It only hurts if the person giving it is not very good at giving shots. I hated shots myself but after the pain of childbirth, I can handle anything. You might want to look into the flu inhaler. Good luck.

They don't really hurt but your arm will be dead for a while and you might get fluish symptoms.

helen p
No more than any injection. It just stings for a few seconds.

Janet H
no it doesnt...
think about lolli-shota (happy) stuff.....
clouds..... rainbows.... how to beat a new level of a video game you know... stuff like that

Katie bugg
I haven't had one but take a freind or b/f and u will be fine oww and after get a treat!

Veronica Alicia
Had mine last week. Just like any injection - short, sharp jab and that's it. No - it doesn't really hurt - much better that than 'flu.
Just keep breathing very slowly and steadily so that you relax at the moment of impact.

you won`t feel a thing...don`t look when you get it and...think about something.....nice :->

Jesus & Kristle
The only thing that hurts about the Flu shot is the initial sting of the needle. It is quick though.

The Anthrax series of shots do hurt though. They leave your arm sore for like 3 days.

Not any more than any other injection - if they're given right.

Hurt not really. The site will knot up/be sore if you dont massage it most places dont tell you this though. If you've ever had a shot its really no different then that and its quick

a shot is a shot-it just feels like a pinch

Brendon C
I thought all shots hurt

Yes it hurts you will be sore for a couple of hours afterward. It wont kill you it does not feel like a gun shot or anything. Just do it and get it over with.

2 second pinch and it's over

taxed till i die,
Don't hurt really small needle,Just look away.

It's not any worse than any other shot. Just take a deep breath and relax your muscles. Your arm might be just a little sore the next day, but it's certainly not excruciating pain :-)

Talk to your doctor beforehand, they can tell you what to expect. It will be over in a matter of seconds.

I got my nose pierced - just think, it can't be worse than having a much larger needle shoved all the way through your nostril! Now that hurt!

i had one a 3or 4 years ago and i was in bed for 3 days it was just like having the flu itself. however i have to say that i have not had the flu since then. unless there was a real bad epidemic going around I would not have another one....no it dont hurt just stings a bit

They are all uncomfortable. I took one once and ended up with the Flu.

mOLLy sUe
it doesnt hurt at all
trust me

noo,, its not. just dont look at the needle. it will hurt just a pinch,, dont worry. just dont look at the needle,, and bring someone u can talk to -- so u wont think about the needle and everything -- like, u and ur friend can talk about random stuff -- it takes ur mind off the thing :) that's what i do <3

Texas Horse Lover
Not at all! Just don't look. Take a deep breath and think of something nice!

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