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Did the Flu just hit me?
Just in the last 30 minutes i feel terrible... I have an upset stomach, chills, mild fever-very warm head and face, tired, body feels like it was run over by a truck. Feels like a headache is coming, and probably a sore throat. but all of this in the past 30min-hour... I got a flu shot in early october.. but could this be the flu?? I really dont feel good..

In my area there has been a bug called norovirus going around. It makes you feel horrible, have diarrhea, and vomit.

If you have a thermometer, take your temperature. If it's over 98.7, like 100 or more, yes you're sick.

Sounds like! My son got a flu shot in Nov., it hit him suddenly yesterday, went to the ER today, got a scrip for Tamiflu (sp?) to help knock it out.

Good luck, take care of yourself!

the flu thats goin round here is hittin fast and u won't expect it comin! get some sleep if it is the same it'll only last 24 hours!

The real thing that tips you off to the flu is being sore, you might have it, or it might just be a cold.

thats just how i felt about a week after i got my shot ,but my husband had nothing ,and we had the shots the same day

Sounds like the flu. Since there are many strains of the flu, this could be one that the vaccine did not prevent.

If your joints are aching and you feel really bad and your running a fever and cranky you got the flu virus. Get rest and drink water.

Try looking Upward, without moving Your Head. If You Feel a Lot of Pain behind Your Eyes, than YES, You have the Flu.

I also got a flu shot in October, as soon as my doctor had it available, and so far I have been well.
It sounds like you may have a touch of a stomach flu or perhaps ate something that did not agree with you.
Eat light, crackers for instance, and drink some 7-up to calm your stomach.
Hopefully this will pass and you will get to feeling better soon.

dances with unicorns
It sure sounds like the flu to me. There's a good web site that might help you find out; I'm including the link below.

I hope you feel better soon!

Drink some water and rest. Call your mom or mother in law. They might know what to do.

It is possible...

The flu shot cannot protect you from all the strain of virus.

But It seems like you ate something wrong to me more than a flu virus...

See a doctor...

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