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Did he for sure get autism from the vaccine?
Our neighbors son is 6 and he has autism. He is non-verbal and bangs his head a lot and runs around all day. They say that he was completely normal before and was starting to talk and then he got his chicken pox vaccine and had convulsions 15 minutes after and was never the same. They claim that he was given the last dose of a 3 vile shot that was never shaken for the first two kids so by the time their son got it there was too much mercury in it. If that is true then doesn't that prove that is the cause of Autism? I just don't understand because there are more boys with it and how do they know that the vile wasn't shaken like it was supposed to. Do they still do the 3 vile shot things or whatever it is that they were talking about? It is so scarey. We have a 2 year old and he has had all of his shots up to date and is fine and we have another little boy on the way and I'm scared now for him to get his vaccines but I know he needs them.
Does anyone have anything to share on this at all? Plus I thought it was the MMR shot that had the mercury in it..is it the chicken pox vaccine too? What can I do to protect our baby from having something like this happen?

Think Nihilism
For sure, I don't know, but getting autism from a vaccine has become
more and more likely these days.
I personally am not going to take those chances.

Michael N
Vaccines do not cause autism.

As much as the vaccines-cause-autism folks would like you to believe otherwise, the autistic genome is already 15% mapped by 137 scientists in over fifty locations in 9 countries and the autistic genome is continuing to be mapped.

Even as people allege that all the governments of the world have united in a vast conspiracy to hide the fact that vaccines cause autism, scientists have already confirmed that autism is present from conception, not vaccination. and they also confirm that the gene differences are NOT the result of their parents getting vaccinated either, but simple and natural variations.

When you think about the fact that no government in this world can hold a top secret meeting without the contents of that meeting getting leaked out, it is extremely doubtful that all the governments of the world could keep quiet about a vaccine conspiracy.

For the FACTS regarding autism and vaccines, listen to "Autism and Vaccines: Parts I & II" at www.mic.mypodcast.com. The bibliographies for the articles cited are on the web page so people can read the articles for themselves.

[email protected]
What is the "vaccines and autism" controversy all about? At this point in history, there is no easy answer to that question. In fact, there is no single "vaccines and autism" controversy at all. While it may appear that the only question being asked is "Do vaccines cause autism?," at least a dozen discrete issues under debate.


Heidi N
Do not decide whether or not to vaccinate based on someone saying their opinion. Do your own research. Now if you just go to a website or two, then you will not be learning much. Go to 50 websites, and follow what you learn. You will cry, be terrified and not able to understand why and how. Just know that the real answer is complex, but generally most people are lyme carriers, and when their immune system is further stressed, the lyme takes over and causes autism. This is the most common scenario. This is from the doctors who are ridding autism, sometimes in just a few months. My kids no longer have autism. I learned from the doctors who know how to rid it. Now, are you going to believe doctors who can rid autism or doctors and scientists who say there is nothing you can do about it, and also receive money from vaccine companies? Use your common sense when researching, and you will be able to make good decisions. You can always use homeopathy if you feel the need to make antibodies to a particular thing that people get immunized against. The blood of those who use homeopathy to make antibodies shows the same titers that a healthy person who got immunized shows. Unfortunately, my children have been immunized, but I have realatives who have not, and they are the healthiest by far. But, its more complicated than that. As much as I believe the research that says one is more likely to get autism if immunized, some do get autism who are not immunized. But know that some doctors are saying that there are antibodies to measles in kids who have not been immunized who take baths with kids who have been immunized. Thus, this is a complex situation, meaning we are catching things from each other, vaccinated or not. This is in reference to the live vaccine, MMR, which has been found living in the GI tract of more than half of the children with autism who were tested for this. Thus, this is a complex situation. The cause of autism appears to be immune dysfunction. I see reports that all children with autism have this. But, exactly what is causing this immune dysfunction is complex, and more a group of things together. The most common things being blamed by doctors who can rid autism are lyme, mercury, cell phones and other wireless technology, and mold. Worms and viruses and numerous toxins, gmo foods, aspartame, msg, are also believed to play a role. The general opinion amongst them appears to be that vaccines add to the problem rather than cause it. Although, in some, it is believed to be the deciding factor. Autism appears to be immune insult by toxins, pathogens, etc., and more than one thing, in that a person is likely to have several contributing factors, rather than just one. In my opinion, if you think there is no connection between autism and vaccines, then you just plain haven't researched much. You can start with Googling Hannah Poling Vaccines autism , and you will see where the professional panel of doctors conceded that vaccines did cause her autism. The current court case is now on whether mercury in the vaccines cause autism. Oh, you can also google the recent study done on monkeys given vaccines. It appears they developed symptoms of autism. Google vaccine monkey autism and lots will come up on that as well. Oh, there is tons more I can give you, but you will find what you are looking for. Thus, if you want to believe there is no connection, then you will; if you want to believe there is a connection, then you will -- no matter what studies say. You will always find studies that say opposite things; thus, its a matter of using your common sense and paying attention to what you see and hear around you.

wow, a lot of closed minds on this issue. y'all are so sure because of a few studies, that vaccines don't cause autism. (remember when eggs were bad for you?) there is definitely a correlation between the rise in autism cases and the widespread increase in vaccination rates. that does not imply causality, of course, but i haven't seen a satisfactory explanation for this correlation.

you cannot simply discount parental observations. what are the odds that the autism will surface one day after a vaccine as opposed to a week or a month? how many anecdotal reports are out there with this timeline? these parents are not stupid. they know their child's personality and behavior. the child is happy, healthy, and engaging; a vaccine is administered, then like a switch, the child is autistic.

i'm not anti-vaccine. but they cram all these vaccines into children on such a condensed schedule, many before the immune system is even fully developed. i know from experience the strange effects that a vaccine can have. i also know that being vaccinated doesn't necessarily protect you from the disease (i had mumps earlier this year even with a current booster).

i think a lot more study is warranted, but then again you can perform all the studies you want, but actually proving causality would be impossible due to the multitude of variables. that doesn't mean that the connection isn't there.

i wouldn't hesitate to get your baby vaccinated, but you could talk to your doctor about waiting a year before beginning the vaccines and spreading them out instead of getting 2-3 at a time.

Lora T
This is a very controversial subject. First of all thimerosal (mercury) is NOT out of the vaccines! You can go to the FDA web site and see for yourself. Children that have regressive autism showed symptoms after the MMR shot. The MMR never contained mercury. Some parents in the autism community believe this was the final insult on their immune system. Many parents including myself believe that our children were mercury poisoned by the vaccines. These children have an inability to detoxify themselves. My son is a fraternal twin, his brother is fine and they followed the same vaccination schedule. We are currently detoxing our child and he has high mercury levels. (this has been proven by blood tests) I believe that as a parent you must make choice on what you believe is best for your baby. Spend some time researching this subject, it will be well worth your time. You can vaccinate on a slower schedule, only do 1 vaccine at a time and never vaccinate a sick baby. Check out generationresue.org for an alternate vaccine schedule. Autism now effects 1 in 150 (our kids get 36 vaccines now). Autism used to effect 1 in 10,000 (kids in this time frame only had 10 vaccines) Autism is an epidemic now. Remember you do not have genetic epidemics.

My daughter was a normal baby until she received the chicken pox shot and the flu vaccine, both which contain thermisol. Now she has very little speech, eye contact, stimming, and other classic autisitic behaviors. My son has never had a shot and is perfectly fine. Your children do not need the shots that drs. say they need. Talk to a chiropractor, they will give you the truth on vaccines and how harmful they are. Your baby is perfect when born, why inject poison into them?

You are correct it's the MMR shot that is suspect, and they don't put mercury in vaccines any more.

I like another poster's comment: a child is more likely to die of what is being vaccinated against, than to get autism. And if they do get autism, at least they're protected from the disease.

It's an emotional response that is not based in fact, and the shame of it is, a lot of children are going to end up very very sick because their parents believe some conspiracy theory about vaccinations.

i was so happy to see all of the other answers in this question! (except for the first girl)

i am getting so sick and tired of hearing people blame vaccines for the cause of their childs autism. there has never been a study to prove that, i think the media just took control of the story and blew it out of proportion.

if i ever have children i would for sure give them vaccines, i can't imagine not getting them myself and contracting some deadly or debilitating disease.

i'm sorry your neighbors son has been diagnosed with autism, and it was probably easy for them to blame a vaccine for it or any other little detail (like shaking it the wrong way) when it was probably just the way the child was meant to be in the first place.

and if it really was vaccines causing all of this, wouldn't we have noticed it a lot sooner? like a few decades ago?

a) autism is a genetic disorder and a vaccine cannot change your dna
b) the dont put mercury in anything anymore
c) your children are probably fine
d) pfft chicken pox vaccine....chicken pox doesn't hurt kids 2 yrs to 12 yrs....let the kids get it naturally rather than pumping him full of drugs....allergies and inteloreances happen because we isolate our immune systems as children too much

Katie K
Vaccines don't cause Autism. It happens that the symptoms of Autism show up at the same time period as vaccines are given. Correlation is not causation.

Proud Mama of 4
People want to link it to the mmr shot. I myself don't believe it. My son showed signs of being autistic before he had his shots. Autism also has been known to run in families. I myself believe it is genetic. I had an uncle who died of diptheria at 4 years old. I am happy that I can vaccinate my child, and I would rather have him autistic than dead. Just my opinion.

This is just a theory scientists have...they don't know if immunizations have anything to do with autism for sure. They have many theories, but have so far failed to find anything 100%. It is not a reason to not have a child immunized. I would never keep my child from having their immunizations because of all this crap. We all ready know for CERTAIN the great benefits of getting immunizations....

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