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clare b
Cann you get chicken pox more than once?

yes even though it is very rare. Sometimes you can get shingles in later life which is cause by the chicken pox virus.

Wild seed
I had chicken pox twice as a child. Once was mild and the 2nd time it was much worse

it is possible,, i would get current on your shots

Yes you can , ive had it twice , the second time a lot weaker the second time gave me the immunity from it , i have also suffered from shingles about 5yrs after my last pox.

Most people dont have the chicken pox twice... the only way you might get it is if the first time you got it... it was so subtle that you couldnt even really tell that it was chicken pox.... then you might get it again... but if you have already gotten you r chicken pox shot you really shouldnt worry... but yes you can get im more than once.... but twice is the max.... its very rare to have it twice... and even more rare to have it more than twice... i hope that helps!! (when you get older they call them the Shingles... not chicken pox.... but kinda the same but a little worse)

Yes, if they are light cases.

nosy old lady
no, just the once.

Yes. I had CPox twice as a child aged 6 and 12. And last year I had shingles. It's unusual but not impossible.

It's unlikely. When you're older you get shingles, I think.

Yep, you can, though it's unlikely.

Becca Baybee <3
very rarely but yes you can.
I've had it twice. The doctor told me it is possible, though not common.
if you hav not had it when you where young you could get it when your older some people call it the Shingles.

Danny G
i tink so


lala 16
it's rare

Yes, in rare cases, if your first case of chickenpox wasn't very severe (think less than 10-15 rash spots), it is possible to get it again.

My first case of chickenpox happened when I was five, and I had maybe seven spots. The second time two years later was much more severe.

If you are concerned, see your doctor and ask about the chickenpox vaccine.

angela b
yes you can if the first time you didn't get it bad enough. my son got them twice. most people will say no that you only get them once but my doctor is the one that said yes. sorry if you got them.

Its been known, but not alot it's rare but yes it can happen.

Alayna N
mostly no....but it does happen sometimes

yes. i think it would have to be a different strain, or a weaker case, but yes you can.

Pirates 101
yes my cousin got them twice

yes but not likely

Yes, but not likely.

Yes but it is quite rare to get it again. I know someone who has had it 3 times.

Jess x
Yes you can, but very very rarely does it happen!

most people cant, but some can.

you actually can but it is rare. you are more likely to get shingles if you have had chicken pox before

its rare... but yes

yes, it is possible if the first time that you had them it was a very light case. but most often, you cannot get them a 2nd time.

If you didn't have them bad enough the first time, yes you can get them again.

they say you can't but in fact you can i did!

It is unusual. I had chicken pox as a 3 year old but I did have a few spots when my children had it. The virus stays in the body though and can show up as shingles in adult life.

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