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Can you get/catch chicken-pox more than once?
My own son had it when he was approc 13 mnths old, then again when he started school at 4 & a half years.- or so the doctor said. Another doctor disageed , saying if you'd had it once you can't get it again!
I've just been told by my friend that her son (12) who's doc. reckons the lad has it, but (to my knowledge) has never had it before.
Don't mean to sound selfish here, but as I have a very low immune system, can anyone explain some of this? i.e infection.

Thank you in advance

Yes. I had it when i was about 18 months old and again when i was 5 and not long started school. The doctor told my Mum that i probably only had it mildly the first time and it wasn't enough to give protection against getting it again.

Chris E
if you had a light case of chickenpox , then you can get them again

Yes. While it is extremely rare. You can indeed get Chicken Pox twice in your lifetime.

Most people develop an immunity once they get it the first time round. However, if you get an very light form of illness. Or get over it too soon, your body may not have been exposed to the illness long enough to develop the anti-bodies needed to keep it out of you a second time, later in life.

The second round of chicken pox is commonly referred to as Shingles. Check out the site below for more info.

nicole b
it can happen to some people ,but most only contract it once...like everything there is always an exception to the rule..

i gt tld by the doctors that if a baby has it they can catch it agen coz that dusnt count

Since people who are given the vaccination can still get it after the vaccination but not as severely, logic would say that it's possible to contract it more than once. I am about 90% sure that a person can have it more than once.

ayman a

The Saint
Yes. I have. Once when I was a nipper,although not severe, and later from one of my kids.

YES, I have seen it with my own eyes however not a good chance in getting it twice.

Yes , I had chickenpox twice , that doctor is wrong . I also had measles twice , so my immune system isn't very good

Ally L
yes! i had it 3 times... dont ask me how though

ya its possible. my mom had it twice. once when she was nine and again when she was like 17

Well I've had it twice (once when i was 7 again when i was 14) so yes it's possible but not very commen as far as i know.

menome b
Yes, chicken-pox more than once and also shingles which is a cousin-strain of same virus!

From what I've heard you can only get it once; but if you haven't, I'd try looking something like this up on a site like www.webMD.com

If you didn't have chicken pocks that bad you can get it again.

well it depends on your immune system at the time, Ive had it 3 times!!!!

i thought you couldnt get it more than once ... maybe you can but very rarely

nathan q
some people can but rarely you won't lol

Hmm i always thought if you caught chicken pox as a kid you could never get it as an adult.

Connie S
Once a person gets chicken pox, the virus remains in the body forever and can reappear as a secondary outbreak, called shingles, later in life. Shingles is much more painful than chicken pox and needs certain medications to help clear it up.
Also, if your child had chicken pox, then got vaccinated for it later, He could have gotten a small "reaction" to the vaccine.
If you have low immunity, please be safe and ask your doctor. This is the only sure way to know for sure.

yes you can get them again if the first case was what they term a light case of chicken pox. my daughter had them twice b/c the first time she just had a light case and the next time she had a full blown case of them.happened about six years apart.

yeah.you can.
my friend....
he got it twice.

Alexis T
yes i believe so,scientists have just found out that fact!!!!!

Most doctors will tell you that you cannot get it again, However, I know people who have had it twice. I would keep your son away from your friends son for the time being just to be safe. Some people just don't have the immune system to build up a resistance to it.

Yes you can.

It's rare, but I have heard of people who have gotten it twice. It's supposedly worse if you get it as an adult.

Maybe they are both right and you may need to be clear with the question.
I suspect you'll get chickenpox once -
You could exhibit the symptoms more than once, but I don't really know.

yes you can, if it is a very light case, you can get it more than once. also it could be possible if you get run down enough you could possible get it again, as the virus hide out in a nerve ending similar to herpes. people who have had chicken pox, can later get shingles, which is from the same infection, when it comes out form being dormant. don't know if this answers you questions or if you want more?

yes you can get chicken pox more than once...particularly if you had a light case of it the first time as my children did.

With the vaccine available now, there should be nobody getting chicken pox. Or if they do get a vaccine reaction from the chicken pox shot, they are not contagious and may attend school.

It is uncommon, but yes, you can get it twice, especially if the first case was rather mild.

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