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My question is: Is MRSA a notifiable ...

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 If one person has a cold in the house can someone else in the same house get the cold to?
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 If I have a staph infection, can my boyfriend giet it from me?
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 Is leftover Amoxicillin safe to use?
I have some leftover Apo-Amoxi. It doesn't have an expiry date, but I think the date given (prescribed) was December 12th, 2006.

I have a throat infection, I know this because my ...

Can you die from hepc?
if you dont get treatment? will you die earlier? if you keep drinking?

Definitely don't drink if you Hep C. Your liver is already compromised and it will just make you feel terrible. And by the way --- death from HEP C ... you die from the different things it does to your body (Chirrocis of the liver, cancer, etc..) Some people do fine for a very long time with no treatment, others need it immediately --- every case is different. My husband was diagnosed 6 years ago, but never has had any outward symptoms, so he chose not to take any form of treatment (since the treatments can make you very sick). He does not drink, and watches what he eats and feels pretty good most of the time, although his viral levels are still somewhat high...

You should discuss with a physician to see what's best for you. :) Good luck to you.

PS -- Hep C is contagious through BLOOD. If you are cut, be careful around those you come in contact with. I've been married 20 years, when we found out my husband had it I was tested and I am fine, although, to be on the safe side, we do use condoms now. My children are also clear.

Yes, you can die in one of several ways. Treatment can slow the disease markedly. Drinking can speed up the disease, or even make a non-life-theatening case lethal.

mdGreg C
Yes, Probably From Liver Failure, I've personally Seen people In Liver Failure, a Liver Transplant was Their Only Hope, Don't Exacerbate the Condition With Alcohol.

Yes of course!pegatron is now the top cure for hep-c

Well, yes you can if you do not get treatment and if you drink. But that does not have to happen. it can often be treated, tho it cannot be cured. See the web site listed below.


some people with hep c never show any symptoms of the disease--it is a chronic form of hepatitis and it can damage the liver severely.
it is not known why some people with hep c never develop major problems and some do--however, drinking alcohol in itself is damaging to the liver as well as any type of drug you use--prescription or otherwise. In my opinion hepatitis in any form and alcohol/drug consumption you are only asking for trouble.

IF you don't get medical help, you will probably die.

IF you keep drinking, you will die even sooner.

Hepatitis C has to do with the liver and and since drinking will also cause liver damage you are hurrying you demise along. Good look!!!! Pops

hepatitis c can lead to death if left un treated.It attacks your immune system moves on to your liver and kindneys.if your drinking this will increase the speed at wich this happens.hep c is also contagious and you could be passing it to friends and family see your doctor get the help.

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