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 Is there any possibility of transfer of HIV by mosquito?

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 Can you get AIDS by eating a HIV infected person?
Even if they're cooked really well?
I'm thinking a well cooked person would have been rid of the HIV as the heat would kill the HIV virus. But then saying that, people still got mad ...

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 Can acute HIV(initial stages) be diagnosed by some test ?
Suppose some one develops flu or something like this .Can a test for HIV infection be performed at that stage ?
If so,which test is done ?
Further can HIV be treated in the initial stages ?...

 Help me I have Flu...?
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Any ideas on how to get me energetic or at least feeling better would be most welcome....

Fg D
Can people be born with aids/hiv?

yup but only if a parrient had it

yes..got it from his mother

Edson C
yes, hiv/aids messes ur immune system, and since a woman has a baby, she gives him aids/hiv, it can be genetically given

Don't look at my avatar.
Yes, if the mother had it.

[email protected]
Yes...it is very unlikelly that the fetus will be infected in the womb...sounds odd but it's true. Also now days there are so many new drugs to prevent this. Last I knew it was an approx. 8-9% chance that the fetus would be infected, but it is possible.

yes, but only if the mother have it.


I'm a weird, ugly, and cute!
yes they can get it from the mother if she has it because of the shared blood.

yes, when the mother is infected with HIV too

granny turtle
Yes, infected from mother *mamatx

The Rock says
yea i guess so..

Yes people can be born with aids. For example if their mom or dad have it. It can be carried on to the offspring....

Eva B
Only if the mother has HIV/AIDs. If this is so, the child has a 33% chance of coming out with the virus. Currently, however, if the mother knows she has the virus from the time of conception, drugs can be given that cut the baby's chance of contracting the virus by another 33%. So, with the proper prenatal care, an infant of a mother with HIV/AIDS has an 11% chance of contracting it.

Christian S

Yes, it can pass onto the children from the parents



David B
infected mother can pass the disease if not properly treated.


i would imagine so if you're born from someone who does

the crusader
If the mother is infected then, yes, it can be transmitted to the unborn fetus.

If the parent has it, yes. If the parent does not, no.



Mary L
yes, it is passed some times. Not always.

Yes. They have treatments that help keep that from happening, but it certainly happens.

it can be passed from the mother at birth, yes

if the mother is infected and proper precautions are not taken, yes

Amanda B
yes, if the parents have aids/hiv. however, there is stuff that can be done for parents that are aids/hiv positive so that the baby will not be born with it.

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