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Can my MMR vaccinated 8yr old catch Rubella?

Anthony B
Nope, MMR stands for measles, Mumps and Rubella.
The vaccination infects the toddler with a trace amount of the viruses, so they can build an immunity to the disease.
The MMR jab has been linked with cases of autism, but is widely discredited.

Maryn Bittner
Nope. The R in MMR is for rubella.

Yeah and the vaccine is a live-virus so they can even get rubella from the vaccine. No vaccine is 100% effective and that is not to say that there are no side effects either.

unlikely, when you are vaccinated you are injected with a strain of rubella minus the part of the virus that makes you ill,
this causes an immune reaction, so that next time your body detects the virus it can fight it off very quickly probably without you even noticing.

fyi - there were only 8 reported cases in 2006 for the whole of the USA, and 30 in the UK so its quite rare now.

Most likely not, since MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Meaning your child is injected with a weakened form of the rubella virus, which does not cause him/her any harm but is sufficient enough for the body to produce antibodies against the virus. If your child still gets rubella, the vaccine might have been expired or it must have been administered incorrectly. It happens sometimes since MMR should be administered subcutaneously and the baby having so little fat in there bodies makes this more difficult.

Yes. Vaccination doesn't always stop the disease !


Dr Frank
Very unlikely, the protection,especially for rubella and measles is excellent. Unfortunately the mumps element of the children originally vaccinated with MMR, seems to wear off. Quite a few people seem to turn up n their late teens, early 20s with mumps despite being given MMR. I think however at that time they only received one injection.

I highly doubt it.

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