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singh p
Can acute HIV(initial stages) be diagnosed by some test ?
Suppose some one develops flu or something like this .Can a test for HIV infection be performed at that stage ?
If so,which test is done ?
Further can HIV be treated in the initial stages ?

you can be tested for HIV immediately and you can get a positive. if you think you've been in a risky situation you can get a blood test. if they come back negative, they usually recommend you come back again in a few months just to test again to make sure it's not coming back positive because sometimes it does delay showing up. best wishes

I think they can test for HIV anytime after being infected with it, although it may not show up for 6 months, so you may want to get tested again if it comes up negative.
As far as i know there is no cure for HIV, but you can take preventative measures to stop it from it turning into AIDS which is what kills you.
Somehow Magic Johnson doesn't have it anymore, but I think that is because he has millions of dollars... who knows

If you are asking this, how would you know if you had HIV?

You should see a doctor about these questions

I'd ask the doctor, not people on yahoo

The diagnosis window for HIV is six months. This means that until six months since initial exposure to the virus has occurred, test results will not be definitive. The HIV test is a simple blood test. If you wish to get aforementioned test, try a Planned Parenthood. Also, be aware they will not call you with your results- you will have to call them and ask if your results are in and if they are, you will have to go receive them in person.

There exist medications for HIV which can prevent or slow its progression in the early stages, but the verdict among doctors is still out regarding whether this is helpful.

It is suggested everyone test for HIV once a year. If concerned test asap and again at the end of three month- the window period for HIV. HIV will usually show on a test with in 30 days (90%) of the time, but three month for retesting is the rule of thumb.

The test is usually a blood test or a test by running a paddle like instrument over the gums to pick up cells.

IF some one test positive for HIV the best bet is to go to a doctor or clinic that specializes in HIV they will best tell the coursr of action. Some people are put on medication very early, some later. The Doctos will decide after running a bunch of test. I know one man who is HIV+ for 23 years and still is not on medications, and another that tested and was put on meds the next day.

There are way to many factors and idea's on what needs to be done. You just need to trust a specialist, someone that has been working in the HIV field for some time.

If you have HIV you will test positive with a blood test in 3 - 6 months after infected. However, you may not show symptoms for many years.

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