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gilly g
Anyone had glandular fever?
how did you feel and what were your symptoms? How long till you felt better again?
Additional Details
Glandular Fever is the British term, it's mononucleosis everywhere else, sorry didn't think to put that when i first wrote the question.

I'm a physician but I had never heard of glandular fever before. I expect it's probably called that in the UK/Australia. It is another name for mono, or infectious mononucleosis, which is I have heard of. The following is from the link given below.

"The throat soreness is worst during the first five to seven days of illness and then subsides over the next seven to 10 days. The swollen tender glands generally subside by the third week.....
A feeling of fatigue or tiredness may persist for months following the acute phase of the illness."

See the full article for more information.

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV, human herpesvirus type 4), characterized by fatigue, fever, pharyngitis, and lymphadenopathy. Fatigue may persist weeks or months. Severe complications, including splenic rupture and neurologic syndromes, occasionally occur. Diagnosis is clinical or with heterophil antibody testing. Treatment is supportive.
Please see the web pages for more details on Infectious mononucleosis.

I first had it in 1993, and missed 3 months of school. I felt really drained, and even the tiniest jobs, like putting fork to my mouth, really wore me out. I relapsed a year later with the same symptoms, but then was fine.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a full 10 years after getting Glandular Fever, and that was MUCH worse - I couldn't even walk up and down the corridor of my flat. Apparently a lot of people who develop CFS (or M.E.) once had glandular fever - it makes you more susceptible. Thankfully, I am completely over it now.

symptoms include fatugue, muscle weakness, sore throat, headaches, swollen glands and tonsils (this is why it is sometimes mistaken for tonsilitis and antibiotics are given, which can cause a rash, a rash is not a symptom of GF), loss of appetite and generally feeling under the weather. the simplest way to put it is really bad flu.

i had the symptoms for around 5 weeks, but the actual virus can take up to 6 months to clear up, i had it 5 and half months ago and am only just starting to feel normal again.

the best way to fight it is eat alot of green stuff spesh broccoli and that and mayb take vit supps to help keep your immunity up. get plenty of bed rest and when you start feeling better dont push yourself to hard as you will feel really bad again - i made this mistake way too many times!!

I had it for about 6 weeks , when in my teens . It's very debilitating and there's not a great deal you can do to releive the symptoms , all of which have been deatiled above. You don't say if you are at school or work but the most important thing you must do is not to go back to school / work too soon wait till you are fully over the attack and then take a couple more weeks if you are able to to slowly build up your strength before starting back. Glandular fever can in a large number of instances develop into ME of Chronic Fatigue syndrome if you push yourself too far too soon . Those illnesses can last for months or even years or you could get relapses for the rest of your life so its very important to not overdo things while you are ill now , eat well - little and often is best and excercise - very gently - just to keep mobile - but get plenty of rest too . You can build up an excersise routine as your condition improves but always follow it with rest and drink plenty of water . Looking after yourself properly in the first few weeks is vital if you want to fully recover and learn to pace yourself during the day , listen to how your body feels whether you need to rest / eat etc. I wish you well and a speedy recovery just ensure you look after yourself properly and you'll be fine Good Luck Good health

Mrs Proper Gander 3.0
Yeah, it's a pain in the neck!

yeah twice it was bloody awful
Glandular fever can last a very long time and you can have mild symptoms for weeks even months after it
lack of energy, mild headaches and just generally feeling unwell are what can last for a long time afterwards

first time i had it, was for about 2 weeks, its flu like symptoms

second time was awful, had it for nearly 6 weeks was in hospital twice took me nearly 4 months to get over it completely

Its an awful illness took me ages to recover, no energy, lifeless and numerous other things, people with worse things than Glandular fever

Yes when I was a child. Lasted about 3 weeks and because it's a virus the doctor couldn't give me anything for it. The glands in my neck had a lump in them either side. I've still got a small lump in one of them now and I had it 30 years ago.

Yes i had Glandular fever.

It took a couple of months before the main symptoms cleared. Just be careful, even when you have recovered your system is still vulnerable, so take care of yourself. My symptoms? I at first felt like i had a cold. Then my throat swole up and i felt very ill. I had pains all over and thought it was just a bad throat infection. The doctor gave me anti-biotics and tested for glandular fever. The GF being viral, he said that if i tested positive, the drugs would be useless. But just in case it was bacterial, he gave me them in the meantime. I had a rare reaction to the Gf, an immune system
collapse. But that is very very rare indeed.

I had it when I was 16 really bad, I was unable to eat for 2 weeks and found it very hard to move / etc.

I still have bouts of fatuigue to this day (I am now 17) but things like regular excersise and good diet do help (I know you'll be sick of hearing it but it is true).

I'm afraid you will probably have to look after yourself in terms of diet, excersise and proper sleep patterns more than others have to for a while if not for ever, but this can be a positive thing as you will end up feeling better in youself.

no, but when i was in my last year at school, my best friend had it and she was off school for ages.she was off 6months and had to go back a year at school.
some recover quicker than this.

Before the disease breaks out, one to two weeks may pass with symptoms that are similar to those of flu.

A sore throat with swollen tonsils that are heavily covered by a white coating.


Severe fatigue.

Muscle pains.


Tendency to sweat.

Stomach pains and there may be signs of an enlargement of the spleen.

Swollen and sore lymph nodes in the throat, armpits and the groin.

The liver may become enlarged and yellow jaundice may develop.

There may be a rash.

i'd felt ill for about a week with a cold/flu

i had a very bad sore thoat, a temperature, headaches, swollen glands and i was tired all the time.

There is no specific treatment for it, its just a cse of easing the symptoms.

It was about 2 months before i actually felt back to normal

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