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brazilian angel
Any tips on how to deal with chicken pox?
i had a vacination but i got them and it's bothering me with all the stinging and icing and pain
Additional Details
thanks for all the feed-back so far and one more question i was wondering if you are 11 if you should go to the doctor

The best thing to use is the Aveeno bath for any kind of skin irritation. It works good . Also if you dont have that handy baking soda. Vinegar and water too.

aveeno or Calamine lotion - do your best to avoid scratching - it can leave scars.

As I told my kids (1 got them twice!), scratch your @ss if you want, just stay away from the face! IT WILL SCAR (1 kid has JUST 1 lil scar from it)

If it itches, RUB with finger tip AROUND the pock do NOT use nails or directly on them.

Calamine lotion and a antihistamine helps.

Sorry for your situation, good luck

Put Calamine lotion on the places you itch. The more you itch the more it will spread. Do not pick them, they will leave scars!

Use coalmine lotin on the places you itch at....but don't pick at the pox you will diffentily leave scares!

They have a bath powder with oatmeal in it and you can use oatmeal for a bath, just disolve some in a blender with hot water and add to warm bath. It stops the itching. You can take Benadryl also at night because it causes drousiness to stop the itching. You can also dissolve the opened capsules in water and put on the really bad spots to stop them from itching. Calamine lotion helps too. Cut your nails as short as p[ossible and put Calamine on every time they itsh. Call the pharmacy too, they know what is new out there for these things and can help you. Good luck.

a good product is Aveeno anti-itch cream. You could also try soaking in an oatmeal bath. Just fill the tub with warm water and a cup or two of oatmeal.

Cindy Bank
My husband Pat had them, and the best thing to do is not to scratch them.

oatmeal baths, Calamine lotion, anti inflamatory such as ibuprophen. Do not scratch, it will leave huge scars

lionel ferrao
apply Neem on your skin

put lots of cooca butter on it
stay in bed
don't go to school to you are well

Have a bath in which oatmeal has been added. Calamine Lotion will ease the itch.

Try an oatmeal bath.

Steve Urkel

put on mittens,clip your nails, and put some of that pink stuff on you. make sure you drink lots of fluids!!

Misty Eyes
I believe that good old Calamine lotion is soothing in chicken pox, as it cools the skin and reduces itching. You can also take a tepid bath with some salt in it - this is antiseptic and if it is not too strong is also less uncomfortable than plain water. You can also use an antihistamine medicine to help reduce the itching. Piriton is commonly used and is available over the counter at a pharmacy. It may make you a little drowsy, but this can be an advantage if they are restless at night. Of course do not forget that Paracetamol can also make you feel a lot more comfortable when you have an acute illness like this, even if you do not have a temperature.

Don't scratch them or they will spread
Aveeno products work very well on chicken pox
Take any medications your doctor might give you or reccomend
If you get them in your throat (they are horrible in there) use Chloraseptic Spray on it

This is what my parents did for me when I had them when I was really young and it worked.

And a quick fact- They never really go away, they stay in your cells, kind of encoded into your dna for lack of a better way of describing it. The can come back later in life and are called "Shingles" then. But that does not happen to everyone

Good Luck and Get Well Soon

anti itch meds help, and Tylenol

Absolutely do not take Aspirin

Preventing Chickenpox
Doctors recommend that kids receive the chickenpox vaccine when they are 12 to 18 months old. The vaccine is about 70% to 85% effective at preventing mild infection, and more than 95% effective in preventing moderate to severe forms of the infection. Although the vaccine works pretty well, some kids who are immunized still will get chickenpox. Those who do, though, will have much milder symptoms than those who haven't had the vaccine and become infected.

Healthy children who have had chickenpox do not need the vaccine — they usually have lifelong protection against the illness.

Treating Chickenpox
A virus causes chickenpox, so your child's doctor won't prescribe antibiotics. However, antibiotics may be required if the sores become infected by bacteria. This is pretty common among kids because they often scratch and pick at the blisters.

The antiviral medicine Acyclovir may be prescribed for people with chickenpox who are at risk for complications. The drug, which can make the infection less severe, must be given within the first 24 hours after the rash appears. Acyclovir can have significant side effects, so it is only given when necessary. Your doctor can tell you if the medication is right for your child.

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