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 Heart palp/shortness breath... Should I have an echocardiogram?
I have had mild heart palpitations and slight shortness of breath over the past few years. It was finally bothering me so much that I went to a doctor and had an ECG and 24 Holter Monitor. Both ...

 Medicated, my bp is normally 130/75 to 140/63. Today it spiked to 198/105. Should I go to the ER?
I just began to take lasix this morning....

 Heart randomly quickens and you can see it beaten?
Im writing for my brother here. One day he returned from his aunties, and sat on the computer for three hours. He turns it off, walks into his bedroom, gets changed, brushes his teeth, lies in bed, ...

 Should I be scared to take Zocor after reading the side effects?

I mean seriously.....I don't know which is worse....getting heart disease from NOT taking it...or risking having liver failure or ...

 Why soft drinks are not recommendable to heart patients?

 I think I have Heart failure, Should I go 2 the doctor?
I have chest pains on & off, or sometimes during nights the chest pains will occur and I can't go to sleep. During rough exercise like running and high impact aerobics the chest pains will ...

 A 65 year old man wants to keep his heart healthy. what should he do?

 Can havng the flu increase your heart rate?
ive got flu i was taking beta blockers 4 a fast heart rate,but am just coming off of them and now only take them every other day. .. ive just come down with the flu and my heart rate has got a lot ...

 I will feel my heart give one good strong pound in my chest. It kind of feels like it skips. No ins. Any ideas
Normally we don’t notice are heart beating. But with me all the sudden it gives one hard kick that I feel in my chest and then beets normal again. This happens up to 150 times a day and sometimes ...

 What is the difference between blood pressure and heart rate?
And also, how do they effect each other?
Thanks for th help!!!!!...

 What happens to people with congestive heart failure? Can you recover from sucha disease?

 Chest Pain?
I would like to ask a question about some symptoms I've been having......
Around 10 a.m I had a dull burn in the middle of my left chest. It started off, just uncomfortable pain....

 Need good travel insurance for my wife who has heart condition?
she has cardio myopathy (recovering from successful operation 15mths ...

 Please help??????
I found out a couple years ago that i have a heart murmur. I haven't been to the doctor for it since i was about 11.. and i'm now 15. Latey i've been feeling out of breath and dizzy, ...

 Ihave very high chlestroll[331]i do not have bloked arteries .but i need to get on a good diet to lower it wha
what type diet do i need. anyone out there have the same ...

 How long does it take someone to die who has a dilated heart?
My dad died in his sleep...here is the specs:

Male, 53 y/o, one beer aday, maybe two cigs a day at work, construction worker, played with grandkids, watched TV, worked on cars, ate typical ...

 Weird Heartbeat?
Sometimes my heart beats really fast and I can feel it in my chest. It only beats like a couple of times like that and it makes me have a shortness of breath. It usually happens when Im laying down....

 My father Justcame out of the hospital from a MILD STROKE.....?
And he is stuttering and mumbling words which is very different for him because he speaks very well and intelligently ...i am wondering will he recover from the slurring speech or will he never be ...

 Can gas in your chest (burping) cause heart to beat funny?

 How long does it take after open heart surgery I can do cement work and brick work?
I'm a contractor and I do brick, block and cement work for a living how long should I take off before I go back to this line of work or should I just not do it any more
Additional Details

Would you pray for my daughter please?
she is in the hospital she is 29
her her heart, liver kinneys are felling please pray for a meracle for recovery thank you
Additional Details
please keep praying
she is responding to the med but it well be still be 48hours be for we really know if she pulls though god bless you all for taking the time to pray and for caring

Yes I will!!

He is touching her right now.

I will pray for your daughter. God Bless.

Stephanie B
i will certainley pray for her.... may god be with her... i hope she'll recover

I will pray for her

I will pray for her.

Dear Father in Heaven,
I ask that you will bless this child of yours with healing if this is your will. Thank you for the life that you gave her. Please keep her especially close to you and protect her. I ask a blessing for her mother here also. Please give the whole family peace and comfort. I know that you have ALL POWER and can do anything. We believe, help our unbelief... Thank you for what you will be doing for this precious family. I ask this in Jesus' holy name.......Amen!

† On-call Prayer Warrior †

Dr who
Prayed For.

Lord we lift Na Nas beloved daughter up to You. We know that You know her situation already, we plead for Your mercy and healing touch for her. Make Your presence known to her and her family in a powerful way. Give the Dr.s wisdom as they care for her. We thank you that You hear us and answer our prayers. In Jesus name we ask these things and will give You glory for what You are going to do. Amen
† Christ's Bondservant Prayer Warrior †

Im praying for her..........

God can heal
Yes and bless you all
in Jesus name

Praying for her

I would be honored to answer your request.

Father God we know you hear us. Please attend to us now. I lift this family up to you Lord. Bless her, Fill her with your blessings until the cup overflows. Hold tight God and Don`t let go. Give them strength, peace, comfort and joy like only YOU can. Father above all Fathers, You said *by HIS stripes we are healed*.. You said to come boldly, you said that if any 2 ask in your precious Jesus name it MUST be...We know your words do not leave you void and we stand on your promises. Let your light shine so brightly from her , that anyone who sees her will know she is much beloved of you. guide the doctors to do the very best they know how, Thank you for those same doctors, Lord bless them too. Thank you for the miracles you are about to do...WE praise you Lord. We love you. Thank you for all you do. We bring this to you, in your beloved Jesus name. Amen.

† Lonestar Prayer Warrior-ess <>< †

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