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No silly replies please!
What is it, how serious is it, and can it be controlled?

I know what it is. it is a small hole in your heart. It Can not be controlled you have to live with it. Not that serious you can live a long healthy life if you can to.

Hi, it thinks its when your heart skips a few beats then carrys on, or it could beat too fast, i dont think its that serious but its best to get it checked out by a doctor, i think there is medication that you can take for it. It could be doing it for a reason so id get it check out as soon as possible coz your heart is very inportant.

The librarian
The lunatic is right. I had a heart murmur since birth and was operated on at age 13 to repair the problem - an aortic valvotomy (sp?). I was told it would suffice for about 10 years and then I would most likely need a replacement valve. Well, that would have taken me to 1984 and I actually had the operation on Dec 30th 2004 - 20 extra years! I wasn't suffering any symptoms and have had 3 healthy children in the interim. They took me in to sort it out while I was feeling good and was likely to recover well. I did, and am better than ever having shed 24lbs I didn't need and am still losing weight and feeling good! If you have a murmur, or think you may have, then see the doctor and most of all DON'T WORRY.

see a heart specialist as I think it is something to do with the hearts natural rhythm

It's basically an "echo" heartbeat and is quite common. I'm not sure of the technical name for the equipment, but on the graph that shows you your heartbeat (on screen), anything BELOW the horizontal line is a murmur.

It is a sound heard by the stethoscope other than the normal heart sounds. It can be innocent (i.e) no organic heart defect, or it can signify heart disease. A doctor can tell the difference.

Single Dad
An inconsistent heart beat.

Amy M
When my son was born, they saw a Heart murmur on the EKG. It went away shortly and has never happened again. The Dr. said that many people have them and don't even know. It is almost like a stutter in your heart beat that happens every once in a while. You can't control it because your heart works on it's own. You can't feel it. If you have had one you would only know by going to the Dr. Hope this helps.

a small electrical fault in the heart muscle. See a doctor just to be sure.

There are different causes. I was born with one and it was one of the valves wasn't quite as big as it needed to be but by the time I was 8 it had caught up and I was given a clean bill of health.

Another form that my daughter was born with is when you are in the womb you have a hole in your heart that helps to shunt the fluid away from your lungs. When you take your first breath this hole is supposed to close but sometimes doesn't close right away or not all the way. They have also given her a clean bill of health because she has no signs that this is causing her any problems. Some of the things they look for is failure to thrive, breathing fast, chest pain, fatigue, blueness of the lips.

The cardiologist also explained to us that it is easier to hear murmurs in newborns because they have little extra tissue or fat between the stethoscope and their hearts.

Most cause are not serious and they say that most people will have a heart murmur at some point in their life but they will run tests on you just in case cause there are a few serious complications from some murmurs.

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