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Heather m
The doctor says I won't die BUT....?
I experience Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia. My heart rate has been over 300 BPM, which only stops when they give me a shot in an IV of adenosine. They say it cannot kill me because it is atrial, and they always send me home the same day. It has happened 5x since I was 19 (I'm pushing 31 now). They suggest a cardiac ablation, which can kill me. Are the docs right? It doesn't seem possible that a heart can beat that fast for too long with out giving up on you.

wont diuretics or pacemaker help

Dead isn't an end to life, however or whenever your body dies.

Your body is WHAT you are IN, not WHO you are.

Steven Halpern has a music CD that is great, named "Healing Music". You might try sleeping with it playing.. or listen to it to help you relax.


Why live your life wondering how you will die?
Just breath and enjoy.

a cardiac ablation is dangerous and probobly not necessary. certain attacks like these can be caused by anxiety and medications. some antidepressants can cause these symptoms. I agree its not healthy for it to beat that fast for a long time. and its very scary i am sure. you have to decide wether its worth the risk of dying or not. Also clot busters and anticoagulants can help during an attack that increases heart rate. avoid caffeine, soda, and fatty foods.

[Simply.. me]
Your problem is nothing God can't fix:]
NOTHING is EVER too big for the man upstairs!
I'll pray for you..have faith that you will be healed, and pray for yourself!
God Bless you! :]
Have a great day!!

i have suffered with these awful episodes since i was 6years old i am now in my 50s my doctors always told me the same,i now have found away of stopping these attacks ,breath in hold breath,bend forward pushing hard into the solar plexus at the same time remain bet over putting pressure on until it slows back to normal rhythm,also massaging carotid artery on neck can work for some people too,if you want any more help you can email me,i have had 3 babies and a normal energetic life

The Genius
300 BPM!? That's pretty fast.

susieq ♥'s all 7 words
Definitely go for a second opinion.

Do exactly what the drs say as this is ONLY a POSSIBILITY and I am sure if they thought it wouldnt do you any good then they would have never suggested the procedure. I know if it were me I would take the chance.

a cardiac ablation is a serious, irreversible procedure so think carefully before doing it ... PAT can cause cardiomyopathies which are serious conditions the older you get

Nikita .
If doctors send you same day at home with any further treatment, maybe they know what they are doing.
Did you see or been examined by other doctors? and tell them about this?.
I have mild tachycardias, specially when something emotional or scary is going on, in my life, tachycardias used to woke me up in the middle of the nigth like I was running but actually i was sleeping, my Dad has the same, Doctors never say anything to him.
I had one nurse who told me that heart bits are connected to our breathing, they asked me If i ever hit my nose, so what I do since them I control my tachycardia's by my breathing I breath slow, counting to 10 inhaling another 10 for exhaling, 10 seconds,
I told to my dad and I think it worked for him too.
I was in the hospital once, my dad was like more than 3 times with electrocardiogram as, doctors say any word.
My brother has a teacher ( doctor ) who said that tachycardias usually are mental.
But again I don't know about your case, 300 sounds a lot to me.
I'm not a doctor, but my brother and my father are, still they don't have answers.
Tachycardia never kill someone, as far as i know.

I wonder why they say an ablation can kill you, what else is wrong with your heart? I had an ablation to fix my atrial fibrilation I don't know if that is totally oposite of what you have, just my 2 cents.

Paroxysmal supraventricular (atrial) tachycardia is a regular, fast (160 to 200 beats per minute) heart rate that begins and ends suddenly and originates in heart tissue other than that in the ventricles. I think it is connected with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome.
Please see the web pages for more details on Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia and Wolff Parkinson White syndrome.

get the ablation. Youll have a lot more problems with the PAT than if they kill you, which they most likely wont.

If you unsure it never hurts to get a second opinion, especially with something that could be life threatening.

It sounds like you have a good doc, and I would listen to the advice. If you are concerned, a second opinion is always a sensible idea. Please be careful with your condition and take care of yourself.

I'd get a second opinion.... after it reaches 220 that can kill u.... so it sounds fishy to me!!!

At much over 180 beats per minute the heart chambers have a hard time getting enough time to fill with blood - so sure very fast rates can be dangerous no matter their source - atria or ventricle.
Fortunately you have an otherwise young, healthy heart and it can withstand running it at full speed without too much apparent trouble; as evidenced by the fact that you have tolerated in the past.

You can learn certain techniques to arrest PAT's. I think it would be worth your while to learn them. It may be worthwhile to consider medications as well - though admittedly they are not successful in every person.

Regarding the ablation - you certainly seemed to discount that as too scary and too risky to investigate it. An electrophysiologist is a highly trained and capable cardiologist who is a specialist in these matters. It would very much be worth your while to discuss this matter with one of these specialists. He/she could do a procedure that last takes an hour and fixes the problem for life. Very good techniques are available that were not available ten years ago when your rhythms first started. With this type of ablation you will not require a pacemaker.

Give it some thought. I hope this helps. Good luck.
See the link below:

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