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Scared I am Having a Heart Attack?
For the last 3 months or so ive been really stressed out and Im 18 years old. Yesterday after running in gym class I noticed a pain sort of underneath my right breast and it kind of came and went and then I slept and today i woke up and didnt really feel the pain and then i stared to feel it later in the day and im on my schools poms squad and I started to feel it more there and right now Im at home and it just feels like a discomfort in my chest. The last time I was medically checked out was when I went to the doctors on January 10 and that was for pelvic pain and there they did a blood test and a CT scan so I don't think my heart is in any bad condition. My mom wont take me to the hospital because she thinks it is all stress. Am I having a heart attack? I am so scared right now.
Additional Details
in my family we have no heart attack history

well you need to then check yourself in if your mom wont take you, cause stress can cause you to have a heartattack or nervous breakdown, and so on.....
look into it now, cause it can only get worse

If i wer you i would go straight to my doctor, or scedule an appointment with my doctor. If you have been dealing with this for 3 months there might be a problem. are you dealing with any heart burn??? you are probaly under stress. a tip is to get a masage and relax

it might be a condition known as angina, i think I had that a while back, would get sharp pains on one side of my chest that come and go.

Talk to your school nurse. Explain your symptoms to them and ask their advice. Chances are it isn't your heart but what you need to do is put your fears to rest.

Yes, you are young but it is possible for a young person to have a heart condition.

It doesn't matter if you had a blood test and CT scan. If they were not looking for any heart ailments than chances are they would not have found any. There is a blood test they can perform to check levels of certain enzymes but these usually don't show elevated levels uness you have actually had an attack. The CT scan you had may not have shown your heart. Even if it did, they don't show problems inside your heart. There are specific tests to do that. A stress test and a heart catherization procedure will.
They can also do a EKG to check and see if there is any suspicious t-waves.

The most important piece of advice that I can give you is *if* you are concerned then no matter what anyone here says, get it checked. hese people are not Dr's and quite frankly it isn't their lives we are talking about. It is yours.

Explain to your Mom your fears. Have her read these posts. If you are still having the problem today or if it persists, than it needs to be checked. Even if it turns out to be a hang nail, it is better to find out while you still have pulse.

Besides, the rest of the girls on the Poms Squad would miss you if something happened. ;)

since you are a girl there are different signs and symptoms of heart attacks if you have had this pain for 3 months then it probably not your heart. if you have pain with deep inspiration or with palpation then this is not usually your heart. it sounds like you may have pulled a muscle between your ribs and it takes a while for them to heal. but in the future if you get chest pain that radiates in to your back arms or jaw area you need to go and get an ekg done at the doctors office or at the emergency room and some blood work done and they will be able to tell if you have had heart muscle damage

Tamra P
I thhought I was having heart attack, my pulse was racing fast, pain.
I was having anxiety attacks, which are scary enough. Try to reduce your stress in your life, that is something you should learn to do now!! Seriouslly, do yoga! Works wonders

I'm Gonna Tell You
It's heart burn. Watch what you eat. I'm surprised your mom didn't suggest you take some Mylanta.

Relax. If your doctor gave you a clean bill of health two months ago, the chances of it being a heart attack are very slim. But a lot of stress over long periods of time can lead to serious health problems, up to and including heart disease. You need to take measures to reduce your stress levels.

mcat 5
panic attacks can make you feel like you're having a heart attack. You should see a doc...get with some relaxation techniques, pray....you're prob not having a heart attack, but the longer you go ignoring it, the more anxious you will get and the worse the pain will feel.....see a doc....they can help

at 18 years old its highlyyy unlikely that youre having a heart attack,youre too young. stress often causes chest pain or chest discomfort.

ah i know exactly how you feel, this is happened to me before and i know how scary it is. also,if you just recently went to the doctor and they said you were fine,they would have caught it if you had heart problems.

dont worrry!

Unless you have some kind of birth defect in your heart, it's not a heart attack... It's probably stress and maybe GI related.

maygun renee
You're 18 years old, I would say you're def too young to have a heart attack. I'm 21 and I get chest pains and shortness of breath too when I am stressed. It's all anxiety. You should try to relax and take deep breaths when you feel the stress coming on. If you feel yourself getting too excited about unneccessary "drama" get away from the situation and RELAX. Like I said, you're too young to be all stressed out. You need to be enjoying your youth. If anything, I would talk to my doctor about any medications they might be able to prescribe to soothe your anxiety. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!

Hi sweety,
I dont thinks its heart problems after your tests came back normal. Your heart is on your left side. It might be a case of strong anxiety because of the stress your in now. If these anxiety feelings last longer than 4 days you should talk to your Doc about them and they can take it from there. Dont worry sweety, we are living in the best time in history to seek medical help. You will be fine, God Bless you

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