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My husband is now complaining of frequent chest pains.. what do I do??
My husband (29) is complaining of freq chest pains for the past week.. Our family had been under stress afor the past month and he had to deal with most of it.. (his mom was severely ill, I had been having some issues with him, his job hunt, and a irritant family member to add to that)..
He also said that it increases whenever hez stressed he could feel it more .. Im very concerned.. we would be visiting the doc shortly, but im curious.. Is it possible that he ccould be sufering from a heart ailment? [he has no other symptoms like other pains, pain/numbness in left arm.. etc but i see him rubbing his chest quite often for the past few days]
He is a physically fit person, not overweight, abt 68-70 kilog and 180cms tall.
Please do let me know if you or someone else have had such complaints...

Thank you so much..

Jo B
If you think an Internet forum replaces a doctor, you should skip the hazzle and prepare for his funeral.

Hopefully by now he has seen a doctor! If not, he should do so. My wife had chest pains a couple of years ago so we went to the hospital emergency dept late at night. They admitted her immediately and did some tests. Sure enough, she had a 90% blockage in one of her main arteries. She was told that had she not gone she likely would have had a massive heart attack.

She was under a lot of stress at the time, mostly work related. Other than that she was fit, normal body weight, good diet, didn't smoke... in other words had no other risk factors other than some family history.

For some additional information about symptoms see http://www.smart-heart-living.com/heart_disease_symptoms.html and for info about stress: http://www.smart-heart-living.com/stress_management.html

Hope this helps... good luck!

Mike G
Honey, either get him to see a cardiologist immediately or go buy a black dress.

Never ignore chest pain! Although its highly unlikely that he is having a heart attack at age 29, it cannot be discounted. You should be seeing the doctor yesterday!

Treat this as a medical emergency, so go to the ER. This could be an impending heart attack even at his age. The symptoms are pain or pressure in the chest area, accompanied by shortness of breath and pain in the arms, especially the left arm or the jawline. However, many people who've had heart attacks had entirely different symptoms.

So, get checked.

Naomi K
You will find stress to be the cause it can be the reason for chest pain and for example neck and shoulder pain,back pain so severe that your spine feels like it wants to explode I have experienced that one and the common one tension headaches.Hopefully it is one of the minorities and nothing serious

see the doctor... its the beast way.

I'm glad he is going to be seeing his doctor soon. It will probably end up being symptoms of anxiety, but chest pain is never something to ignore or brush off. It sounds as if he's had a lot of stressors lately, and anxiety often manifests as pain or tightness in the chest. I myself have the same condition and was cleared by two separate cardiologists.

The best thing you can do for him is be supportive. If it is recommended that he take anti-anxiety medications and even anti-depressants, keep in mind that some men will refuse them because they think that anxiety and depression are signs of weakness; gently suggest that he at least give them a try, and he will most likely feel much better.

Having said all of that - if his chest pain gets worse, if they don't go away with rest, if he begins having other symptoms of cardiac arrest (you mentioned them so you are aware), call paramedics immediately and get him to a hospital!

[email protected]
believe this or not, get a bottle of Gaviscon liquid, give him 10mls on a spoon, this is when he gets the pain,and if the pain goes almost immediately, then he does not have a heart condition, it will be indigestion, this is always being confused with a bad heart.the symptoms are identical,But, if the pain does not go away, get him to the docs, pronto lol.

Kung-Ming Chiu
Go to any hospital right away. It could be heart problem! I had that before, and the doc told me I had just saved my own life! I did have heart problem. Chest pains do not come without any problem at any age.

It is very possible that he is having heart problems. Or it might be an anxiety attack or gastric reflux. All of these warrant urgent medical attention.

Get him to a doctor right now, don't delay

Chest pains are nothing to fool around with, You had better
get him to a doctor.
I was having chest pains a while back and the doctor done a
heart test like a EKG, I beleive thats right, Any way he said
I put a bad strain on my heart from over pushing myself.
Heart getting weak with age.

At this age the heart attack is the list possibility. Most of the time such pains are due to heavy food, irregular life style, gasses, strain, sleepless nights. But it is better to check with a Doc. If cholesterol is on the higher side the hypertension may cause such pains because of the shrinkage of the blood veins.

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