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My friend was just describing some problems she has. I'm scared for her...?
She says that she gets heart palpitations and tightness in her chest. She's been blacking out since she was young; not too often, but enough to cause concern. She's also cold all the time and her fingernails are purple.
What could be wrong with her?

It could be circulation issues she should see a cardiologist.

She might have a condition called vasovagal syncope. I have had this disease for years (dont expect this answer to be true i am not a doctor) I often get heart palpitations but not tightness. When you have vasovagal you tend to faint a lot and my fingers have turned purple. Its just from the restricted blood flow or low blood pressure. If you want to know more about vasovagal syncope wikipedia.org has a really great section on this contition that has been really helpful in describing what happens. If you friend wants to she should go to the doctor to get a tilt test, Its not very fun but it does help to determine if this is vasovagal or not. If she does have vasovagal then all she has to do is take a medicine called Florinef, and or Midodrine. They are a bit time consuming as you have to take them throughout the day but they really help to keep the fainting under control, and no more heart palpitations!!1
p,s. vasovagal can make you cold

another guess of mine is that she might have low blood pressure. that explains most of her symptoms as well as vasovagal

She needs to see a doctor right away. Purple fingernails and a bluish tinge to her lips would indicate not getting enough oxygen into her system, but I'm no doctor.

Chase L
I don't know but I hope she has gone to the doctor.

Thats not a question you should be posting online... She needs to go to the doctors and get checked... She could have one of many things including low blood pressure... She really needs to get checked... She should have gotten checked a long time ago... especially if this has been happening since she was a child!

She has a serious cardiac compromise and needs specialist care urgently. DON'T waste time


Steven N.
did u try going to a hospital or doctor? she could seriously die.

i think she might have a heart condition. coloring of finger nails can sometimes tell whether the person is healthy or not. your friend seems like she needs a check up. bring her to a hospital, or tell someone authoritive that can help her.

Loyal B
That is WAY, WAY to big of a question to ask here. You need to tell her Mom or Dad, and/or take her to a Dr. to be checked out. Her life could possibly be in danger.

there has to be something wrong with her circulation/heart, tightness in chest means ur heart is having trouble pumping, same with the heart palpation; blacking out can be caused by not getting enough blood to the brain; being cold & having purple nails is caused by not getting enough blood to those areas
I suggest going to a doctor/cardiologist if she hasn't done so yet, and get fully checked out

good luck

somthing is probably wrong with her bloodflow

HI,I think she NEEDS to see a Doctor ASAP..she sounds like she has Heart problems ,possibly with a lack of blood circulation,,thru the heart,,causing her maybe to have a blockage or something,somewhere in the Arteries ,I am Not a Doctor but this sounds serious! Have would have her go and see a good Heart Doctor and do a complete workup on her to see what is wrong,Before something bad happens.!! Good luck!!

Sounds like she has some circulation problems, for a start. She needs to see a Dr. ASAP

Circulatory problems, aside from seeing a doctor regulalry and taking medication as perscribed doing things like YOGA is VERY good for circulation, walking, drinking lots of water and sleeping 8 hours. Dont exert yourself to much and stay happy.

She probably has bad circulation. Her hands and feet would probably be always cold because not enough blood is flowing through her body. Not enough blood gets to her heart, therefore she has heart palpitations and tightness in her chest. She needs to go see a doctor, and they can help her.

Anyone thought about asking a doctor?

True S
Tell her to see a doctor immediately!!!

she might have some kinda of a dieases but idk u should have her go to the doctor and check that out i would be very scared if i wore u she could have cancer or not i am no doctor but my mom is in the medical bis so u should have her check that out

tell her to go to the doctor that could be way serious

she needs to get to her doctor ASAP!! those symptoms are not good.....please, encourage her to go to her doctor and get testing heart, blood, anything and everything to find out what is causing these symptoms...

Amy B
She should see her family Dr. he will probably do a holter moniter on her, which reads your heart for 24 hours to see exactly what it is doing. Good luck to her, hope she feels better soon, but she should seek help soon.

she should see a doctor. nothing good will come if she doesnt.

wow, thats sounds freaky!! well if she has abusive parents that could be a main reason, and if not you should ask her if shes gone in and had the doctors look at it. it could be serious, so talk to her about it.

Ok, This isn't the type of question to put on Yahoo answers because not everybody here is a doctor. Plus, even if they were they probably won't be able to give a proper diagnosis. My advice is to take her to the docter, and fast.

poor circulation for sure. that's what my dad is going through. You need to get her into a doctor NOW because it can result to heart failure. Be there for her.

She should know by now!

♥Shortstuff ♥
She needs to see her doctor as soon as possible. I have a hunch about her symptoms but I'm not a doctor, so she needs to be in touch with one. Tell her NOT to out it off.

i dunno. but she better get checked.

Elizabeth N
i understand your fears ...you are a great friend to sit and listen to what she had to say ... help her ... please help her by asking her to go see the Doctor , if she s scared to go by her self ... help her by going with her or ask her parents or ask your mum for help ... she could coming from a deserted place called home ...or even the pipo she is living with dont mind anything about her so you might be her Angel... please help her in anyway to see the Doctor pliz ..... its so sad .Help her , she needs your help.

I use to black out from time to time and was usually when overstressing myself or hadn't eaten. However the palpitations and tightness in chest sounds more familiar as I've gotten older and found out I have a medical disorder. Some things to consider or research would be a-blacking out can be from a blood pressure drop (dehydration, lack of oxygen, missing nutriets...) b-palpitations and chest tightness or pain - heart or lungs; see a cardio! c-cold and blue or purple fingernails goes along with lack of oxygen or blood flow. Without knowing other problems which you make it sound like there are I'd see a cardio and also do some research on connective tissue disorders. Do searches on as many symptoms/problems you know of, maybe even see a geneticist.


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