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her her heart, liver kinneys are felling please pray for a meracle for recovery thank you
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im a mummy 2
How many parents on here can hand on heart say their kids are not overweight!?

Additional Details
im so pleased most people have answered that their kids are fine! my 4 kids are all slim, and fit. And i shudder when i see a fat kid being allowed by hie/her parents to stuff themselves!

All three of my children are not overweight my eldest used to have trouble gainning weight but he is 4 now and he is starting to fill out which we are so pleased about. My daughter (middle) is not a petite girl but she isnt a fat girl either she is 3 and she is average for her age. My little baby (21 months) is just average it doesnt matter what i do none of them seems to eat much junk food they all love fruit and veg. And they are all so active I guess ia m lucky

My son is not but then he is not allowed to eat mcdonalds, burger king or KFC and other procesed and full of hormone meats, good quality meat only, as well as his veggy's and fruit, also his own choosing he only drinks water and occasionally milk

My son, 21 and daughter, 18 are thin and have been thin their entire lives. It started with very good eating habits when they were small, and the fact we were on welfare back then and could not afford fast food or expensive pre prepared foods.
They both still eat very healthy and neither one likes fast food all that much as far as I know.
My boyfriend is very overweight, his ex wife is overweight and had bariatric surgery about 2 years ago, and his 2 teenage sons are overweight. Its really pathetic to give your kids terrible eating habits and then have bariatric surgery. Their sons could lose 70 lbs each and be much healthier.

My daughter is not overweight (but the son needs some work)

yes, shes healthy & slim; but I feed her healthy foods & shes in sports/dance.

I Can but they may be headed that way.

I can honestly say that none of my five children are overweight. They`re all in great shape. My two grandchildren aren`t either.

Bow Hunter
One is, two aren't. The one that is, is more active than the other 2.

My son is in the 70th percentile for his weight and my daughter in the 50th they are under weight for their age. So yes I can say that. Yet they are very healthy per their pediatrician. Not all kids are over weight.

Me, our kids are ok

saf k
me i have 4 kids and they don't eat fast food they eat fruit every day and they meet the official government target of five fruit or veg a day everyday

mickey g
my mom could. i'm 24, the most i've EVER weighed is 135lbs, and thats right now. i was 115 up until i graduated Highschool. now i dont excersize and i eat unhealthily but i was never overweight.

My son is 6 and i honestly dont remember how much he was, i was thinking under 50 pounds but im not sure. He runs and plays alot. he is involved in basketball and tumbling. so i would say he is not overweight based on the fact that he is proportioanl to his body.

My daughter is 7and she is slim and i know she will grow up as beautiful and slim as her mum

Red Mary
Both my children are slim, healthy and full of life, I have always cooked them good tasty balanced meals and encouraged them to exercise.

my kids eat so much but they are skinny! they eat breakfast lunch and dinner with second helpings. they are just very active children, with football and softball. they are 10 and 11 years old.

I can! My daughter is beautiful & always has been slim. Age 7 now & brought up on wholesome home cooked food - yes, she does have sweets & the occasional MaccyDs but essentially, she has a healthy diet. What I find though is difficulty in finding clothes that fit her as a normal build child. All the waists on clothes nowadays are cut for fat kids as they are sadly, the norm.

my children are not yet. they are still very young so I am trying my best to give them a healthy diet. it is up to the parents to teach children to eat healthy

Jace L
I have 5 children and none of which are overweight! My expectations as a parent are high! My children only watch television on the weekends and only if their chores ect are complete! My oldest child is 9 and so far we have never had an xbox/sega or any kind of gaming toy like that to play. I believe in old values...chores....family time...nothing like a good ole game of monopoly or life ect.

The majority of kids in society just are not active enough, and the families are to busy to even cook a decent HOME COOKED healthy meal.......how many of our grandparent or great grandparents would roll over in their graves to see how this generation ect, handle their families!

Me my kids are just right Steph is 14 this month and weighs 8stone, she is 5ft 6inches as tall as I am. Alex he is 8yrs old and weighs 4stone, he is about 4ft. I think they are both perfect.

So the answer to your questions is yes hand on heart I can say they are definately no over weight.

Val G
I saw a photo of my twins when they were about 8 months looking like little fat Buddhas. Roll upon roll of flab - and before you say it, I know babies go through that stretchy out thing as they start moving around. But there are limits and I vowed then and there that I was not going to let them suffer the same fate as I did as a youngster. From that moment, we ate as a family, good healthy meals. As they grew older they were allowed sweets and treats in moderation (which actually was great, because they became more enjoyable and appreciated) and were never allowed bottles with juice in them (especially Ribena). They have had very few health problems. None, concerning their weight. The main thing was, that because we ate as a family, they didn't think anything of it. They didn't feel deprived (of sweets or junk food) and had a very happy childhood.
They are now 25. They have perfect teeth and apart from a beer belly (that comes and goes!) they are in perfect health. Amazingly, they still prefer not to eat huge amounts of junk food.
I feel as though I have done my part, now it's up to them.

My parents would. If anything, I am underweight. So are my 2 siblings. We're all thin.

My son is actually underweight, but that runs in our family. The secret is to not force food on your kids. They'll eat when they're hungry. You should offer them healthy choices when they are hungry. It's really bad to make them eat when you want them to. It completely throws off their "internal hunger clock".

sarah j
my kids are not over weight. they are heavy as they are big boned apart from my 2 yr old who has small frame but none of them are over weight. they are very active kids no chjance of that
what a question to ask

My kids are not overweight at all!!
My son is only a baby but the health visitor is concerned that he is not up to the right weight for his height!
And my daughter is a whole other story, I am constantly worried about her weight. She is very thin and refuses to eat anything but junk food - this means she gets very little to eat because we only eat home cooked meals in our house.
She will often eat nothing at home and then go and get herself a packet of crisps for dinner, despite constant lectures. Living on just a few sweets a day (I do not give her enough money for any more than a few!) and refusing any of the healthy food I offer her means she is pale, thin, weak and unhealthy.
My doctor claims that as long as she is getting the crisps/sweets then she is eating and he will not help in any way!!!
My only hope is that eventually she will become so hungry that she will have to eat the home cooked meals we have as a family!

I can do that for sure with one of my kids. My son is almost 17 and he is still wearing kids size pants and even those look like they will fall off of him some days. He eats sporadically and has a high metabolism so he has no extra weight on him. His sister on the other hand may not be overweight but she could stand to loose the roll just around the middle. Part of her weight though comes from having very very large breasts.

<<raises hand.....

he is not even close....

I can

Helen L
It seems to be a blight in America, you don't find nearly as many in the u.k.

My midpt. in life.
very few.
we're a fat @$$ nation .

As an "overweight" Mom of 2, I can honestly say that my children are not overweight, in fact I wish they weighed a little more than they do.
My four year old is 39 pounds, doctors say he is right were he is supposed to be, but he looks skinny to me and my 14 month old is 20 pounds and doctors say she is a pound underweight.

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