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How do you lower your blood pressure?

stand in a hole,it will also lower your alcohol level as well.

Lay off the pies and Kentucky chicken meals and get your lardy **** to the gym!

Relaxation, soft Gentle music, massage machine, warm bath, hypnotic trance, good healthy food, reduced stimulants in food, lots of exercise, lose weight, learn to deal with difficult people and situations without letting it get to you. (either that or just avoid)

Protect yourself from abusive, or offensive persons. People who through no fault of their own, are unconsciously giving off unpleasant signals to your id. This could well be someone you live with, and love.

Eliminate alcohol, and as much salt as possible (sodium in particular)

Be aware that blood pressure starts off quite high first thing in the morning, and falls after eating food. It then will stabilise during the day, and hopefully tail off just before you go to sleep.

Kirk Smith
Hi Nikki and great question. It's good to see your taking an active interest in your general health!

High Blood pressure (or the silent killer) is something we all need to monitor in order to stay on top of our health.

Read as much info as you can on this


Clive Jenkins

I found the best way to be is to drink a glass of Concord grape juice in the morning and eat a bowl of oatmeal before bed each night. That with 3 20 minute sessions of cardio a week. From experience, I lowered my BP from 162/98 to 130/80 in 3 weeks.

Don't go to work ........... sit around all day eating peanut butter sandwiches drinking beer and watching telly. Will play havoc with your waist line but hey your blood pressures ok !!!!!

Inky Pinky Ponky
It takes a combination of things to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is known as hypertension and can cause many problems such as a stroke (amongst others).

It is therefore important to try and keep blood pressure normal and to have this monitored regularly by your GP especially if you have a family history of hypertension or stroke.

Ways to prevent hypertension include:
1. Eat healthily
2. Reduce salt and sodium in your diet
3. Maintain a healthy weight
4. Do exercise
5. Limit alcohol intake
6. Quit smoking

Obviously, people also take medication to treat hypertension if this is deemed necessary by their GP.

Remember prevention is better than cure!!

first of all go to your doctor,
he will give you advice on what foods you can eat and what foods are high in cholesterol and need to be avoided , to help lower your high blood pressure
if your blood pressure is consistently high ,
the Doctor will give you beta blockers and anti- lipid tablets, to bring the pressure down to a normal and safe level;
You may also be given Wafarin , to thin your blood, to prevent a stroke or heart attack.
Best of luck

George S
I exercise (cardio and weight training) and eat raw fruit and raw vegetables.

Paul P
The DASH diet is proved to lower blood pressure. Check out the link. Other natural methods of lowering blood pressure include losing weight, exercise, relaxation exercises (e.g. yoga), quitting smoking, a low sodium diet, and moderate alcohol intake (one drink per day for women, 1-2 drinks per day for men).
Also there are medications that can be prescribed by a doctor which can lower blood pressure.
High blood pressure generally produces no symptoms so it is especially important to have your blood pressure checked periodically even if you are feeling fine.

Jane S
lose weight, cut out salt, exercise and take the pills

exercise more and take less cholesterol food there are local alternatives too.

cut out salt from your diet and eat less red meat. use low fat spreads instead of butter. exercise, but not beyond your physical fitness level.

spidoing n
take blood pressure lowering tablets

give blood- makes one heck of a difference!

I'd like to know too. I'm taking BP meds, I've changed my diet, I don't cook with salt, I walk everywhere even though I have a car, I live on the 4th floor in a bldg with no elevator. I've tried everything. Even though this is hereditary in my case, I know that there is something out there because the meds are not really helping.

Manage your weight; lose if you need to.
Healthy diet and exercise regime; get professional advice (from a doctor, not a gym).
Avoid stimulants such as caffiene, spirits and tobacco.
Reduce animal fat in your diet.
Get enough sleep.
Remove all possible stress-situations from your life. OK, we've all got to work, but anything you CAN eliminate, do so.
Therefore, some relaxation techniques may be in order.
And there's currently a theory that stroking a cat and listening to it purr lowers your bloodpressure. Of course this only works if you actually like cats, but I do find it calming.

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