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How can you lower blood pressure??
my mother is suffering with high blood pressure and has been advised to eat healthily and exercise to try and lower it. this has not helped yet so I am looking for any tried and tested foods, exercises - anything at all that has worked!!! Please help...thanks!!!

try a coke and salt!
y prefer coke and whyski

~*❤*~ Spontania *~❤~*
Reduce stress (yelling, running around too much, etc.) and salt intake.

Trust me, I know. Everytime my mom yells at me she blames me for her blood pressure! :)

And she is always preaching about how chips,"Have too much salt!" And telling me not to eat them because I'll get sick!


Wendy M
there is lots of things she can do to help lower it. try this link, also the special report can help her with lowering it.


strictly diet of sodium (<1200mg) without caffein, alcohol, spicy, fat/cholesterol, sugar (for diabetes), and maintain optimal weight, few short fast walks, neck excercises a day and always keep body warm. If suffering water retaintion, then water pill once in few days plus Potassium, or about 1lbs of Celery juice daily.
Always take medicine, not only help lower BP but also protect from heart attack and kidney disease with beta blocker.

Seungyong W
you can certainly get rid of high bp. more than anything , i would recommend YOGA. please do some simple breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. they have been proven to permanently lower blood pressure. google out yoga for high bp and find out the exercises. it's not all medicine, it is to do with the mind too.

``ur doctor not give her asprin;;;Garlic n honey;; or cayeene pepper put it in soups``

low salt eat less fat lots of fruit+veg less meat and exercises

reduces stress, and isn't too rigorous.

Thats got alot of information on treatments for it. hope it helps!!


This is a tough one, especially if it runs in your family. I have the same problem. I eat healthy and try to excercise often, yet my blood pressure still remains borderline high, which is about the same before I started taking better care of my health. At the very least, it's not getting any worse, so if exercising and eating healthy don't help too much lowering it, at least I can keep it at bay. As a last resort, I might go on medication but as I said, it's of a last resort. My advice to you is to keep at it, because while taking care of your health may not help much, I'm certain that not exercising and eating poorly will worsen the situation,

The best foods to lower blood pressure are those which are rich in Potassium such as bananas and spinach.

Actually, there are many things you can do and should do. Some may be a little hard at first but will do wonders if you are disciplined enough. Totally not use proccessed table salt and sugar for like 2 months. Totally avoid junk food like chips,ice cream,crackers. Also look at the back of any kind of snack box as see if they have aspertame or monosodium glutamate. If you see these, forget it at all cost. These are artificial taste enhancers which are very bad for the body. Breath better, take a deep breath in hold it in as long as you feel comfortable and then exhale. Before you inhale again, hold it out for as long as you feel comfortable. Usually this is harder. Aim for about 15 seconds a breath and practice for about 10 mins a day.

I guess the best advice I could give is to have her keep up the healthy diet and exersises. I too have high blood pressure. I started eating healthy and joined the gym 3 times a week. It's been about 1 month now and my blood pressure is right at normal!

My daughter-in-law cut out coffee & brought her high blood pressure down to normal, Before her Dr. put on medication to do it. She was so happy & prowd of herself & so was her Dr. & I. ~~~~~

try to walk about 3 miles a day, it helped me and I don't like exercise.
You have to stop adding salt to food. Cook without salt, anyone who wants salt can add it to their own meal.Eat wholemeal breads,fresh vegetables,plenty of fish,meats like rabbit,veal,chicken & turkey without the skin, plenty of fruit,nuts,low fat cheeses, yoghurt.
try to cut out or reduce sugar.
You could join a keep fit class to exercise, just take it easy at first so you don't over exert yourself.

it's up to your mom to help herself. I'm sure the doctor gave her a prescription and she must follow a diet of low salt foods. good luck

Medicine Woman
The one thing people over look is diet soda. Diet soda is loaded with sodium (salt) and if she drinks diet soda she is getting her salt from there (my neighbor did the same thing until she changed her diet soda) The only diet soda without salt is Diet Rite, it's made by RC cola. If she is drinking diet soda tell her not to drink any kind except Diet Rite. Check the sodium content in your/her soda. You will see what I am talking about.

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