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 A 65 year old man wants to keep his heart healthy. what should he do?

 Can havng the flu increase your heart rate?
ive got flu i was taking beta blockers 4 a fast heart rate,but am just coming off of them and now only take them every other day. .. ive just come down with the flu and my heart rate has got a lot ...

 I will feel my heart give one good strong pound in my chest. It kind of feels like it skips. No ins. Any ideas
Normally we don’t notice are heart beating. But with me all the sudden it gives one hard kick that I feel in my chest and then beets normal again. This happens up to 150 times a day and sometimes ...

 What is the difference between blood pressure and heart rate?
And also, how do they effect each other?
Thanks for th help!!!!!...

 What happens to people with congestive heart failure? Can you recover from sucha disease?

 Chest Pain?
I would like to ask a question about some symptoms I've been having......
Around 10 a.m I had a dull burn in the middle of my left chest. It started off, just uncomfortable pain....

 Need good travel insurance for my wife who has heart condition?
she has cardio myopathy (recovering from successful operation 15mths ...

 Please help??????
I found out a couple years ago that i have a heart murmur. I haven't been to the doctor for it since i was about 11.. and i'm now 15. Latey i've been feeling out of breath and dizzy, ...

 Ihave very high chlestroll[331]i do not have bloked arteries .but i need to get on a good diet to lower it wha
what type diet do i need. anyone out there have the same ...

 How long does it take someone to die who has a dilated heart?
My dad died in his sleep...here is the specs:

Male, 53 y/o, one beer aday, maybe two cigs a day at work, construction worker, played with grandkids, watched TV, worked on cars, ate typical ...

 Weird Heartbeat?
Sometimes my heart beats really fast and I can feel it in my chest. It only beats like a couple of times like that and it makes me have a shortness of breath. It usually happens when Im laying down....

 My father Justcame out of the hospital from a MILD STROKE.....?
And he is stuttering and mumbling words which is very different for him because he speaks very well and intelligently ...i am wondering will he recover from the slurring speech or will he never be ...

 Can gas in your chest (burping) cause heart to beat funny?

 How long does it take after open heart surgery I can do cement work and brick work?
I'm a contractor and I do brick, block and cement work for a living how long should I take off before I go back to this line of work or should I just not do it any more
Additional Details

 Dizziness and how to fix it?
My mother in law had open heart surgery about 1.5 year ago. Ever since she is complaining about debilitating dizziness. Doctors can't really find anything wrong. It gets worst when she walks and ...

 What are clues to a stroke?

 How could children suffer heart attacks and similar coronary diseases?
I'm wondering how could children- and I mean children under 18- suffer heart attacks and similar coronary diseases. The question came to me after hearing that heart disease can strike- and often ...

 Pluse rate?
My pulse rate is about in the high 50's 54-58 is that bad.
My my blood pressure is just fine....

 Just recently i had stress test and the doctor has advised me to go for angeography, what is angeography?

 Hyperactive thyoid and heart?
would having hyperactive thyroid make you dizzy, have heart palpations and have low pulse. I recently had a pulse of 44?? I go to the doctor tomorrow for my hyperactive thyroid and they are going to ...

High blood pressure?????
Just wondering what the symptoms of high blood pressure are?

headaches, red face, sweating and out of breath.

Misty Blue
I was a slim 32 year old female with no health problems when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure on a routine check for something else.Turned out it was familial.So my advise to everyone is get it checked.
Oddly enough after being on meds for three years had it checked again and I'm fine and no longer need any medication.Must've done something right so it's not the end of the world.No symptoms by the way.

there aren't any symptoms ! it just means over time that your veins and arteries become narrower, which in turn means more work for the heart.

thinning the blood is a good start. taking Garlic (fresh or kwai tablets) will mean the blood can flow easier reducing the pressure

Grant M
passing out... getting dizzy when you stand up to fast... bending over to pick something up and you get spots.... those are a few... good luck Grant M in Pennsylvania

Quite often there are no symptoms and you only know that your blood pressure is high when the doctor checks it, and it may read high then because of the "white coat syndrome". You can check it yourself at a pharmacy if they have the free machines. Take it once and record the results and then take it a short time again. If you are overweight, losing a few pounds will usually bring your pressure down.


If your blood pressure is extremely high, there may be certain symptoms to look out for, including:

Severe headache
Fatigue or confusion
Vision problems
Chest pain
Difficulty breathing
Irregular heartbeat
Blood in the urine
If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. You could be having a hypertensive crisis that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

There isn't any that is why its called the silent killer. Get your blood pressure checked by a doctor to know for sure.

Oddly, there aren't any. This is the biggest problem with this condition but getting it checked out by your doctor couldn't be simpler.

Sometimes there are none, until it blows up as a heart attack: Not for nothing is it called 'the silent killer'.

But headaches and vertigo have been reported. And a person with high blood pressure will get flushed in the face more easily than most.

Your best bet is to have a check-up.

Good luck!

People with primary (essential) high blood pressure usually do not have any symptoms. Most people with high blood pressure feel fine and only find out they have high blood pressure during a routine examination or a doctor visit for another problem.

Very severe high blood pressure (stage 2), especially malignant high blood pressure (hypertensive crisis), may cause:

Headaches, especially pulsating headaches behind the eyes that occur early in the morning.
Visual disturbances.
Nausea and vomiting.
Over time, untreated high blood pressure can damage organs, such as the heart, kidneys, or eyes. This may lead to:

Chest pain (angina), heart attack, or heart failure.
Kidney (renal) failure.
Peripheral arterial disease.
Eye damage (retinopathy).
Abnormal heartbeat.

little miss naughty
Sometimes there are no signs, the Dr could find that out during a routine exam, some people would say they have a headache or feel dizzy.

For a very large majority of people there are no symptoms at all. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to stroke or heart attack. You can check your blood pressure at most drug stores so that at least you can get an idea of whether it tends to be high or not. If it is high, SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!

They say that there are no symptoms. However I was getting really bad headaches and dizzy spells, which is way I went to the doctor. My blood pressure was so high I was given medication straight away. I have my blood pressure checked every 2 weeks until they get the mediction at the right dose. It is advisable to have regular blood pressure checks as most people get no symptoms.

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