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 37yrs old and i have cholesterol (LDL 3.7)?
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Heart randomly quickens and you can see it beaten?
Im writing for my brother here. One day he returned from his aunties, and sat on the computer for three hours. He turns it off, walks into his bedroom, gets changed, brushes his teeth, lies in bed, reads a book for an hour. His heart quickly beatens, over 140 per minute, possibly more. It looked like a cartoon, you could see it, beaten, it was clear to see, it stuck out loads. This never happened before, and he wasn't doing anything, he was very relaxed. Anyone know anything about this. We were going to take him to hospital, but my mother thinks its too late, because it slowed down, about 10 minutes later. Could we still take him. It happened about two days ago. We are defiantly taking him straight away once it happens.

Should see your doctor if it is becoming fmore frequent, interfereing with activity or brought on by activity, associated with other symptoms i.e. weakness, chest pain, sob. Also if it lasts for more than 30 monutes or so. Also if family history of heart trouble or sudden death.
Limit caffeine intake or other stimulant medications. I have commonly seen this after people have had energy drinks.
I assume no illicit drug use but Cocaine, meth commonly do this.
Your doctor could do a baseline EKG and consider a monitor for few days. No point in monitoring this if it is a very infrequent occurrence.

fancy socks
palpitations,,,,somepeople get them for no reason then they stop,,others get them when over excited,,if it happens regular perhaps you should get him checked out at the docs,,just to be sure,,,im sure he will be fine,,i get them from time to time,,alot of people do but dont realise what it is.

Your brother should see a cardiologist. My husband had the same symptoms as you described and he had Atrial Tachycardia. An EKG is not very helpful unless you are in that rhythm right when they take it. It can be diagnosed by using a stress test where they'll put him on a treadmill and see how his heart recovers from stress.

If he has A-tach, it can be treated by a catheter ablation. Basically they try burning the area that is mis-firing. It's usually a quite safe procedure. But, there are risks of them burning the AVnode(resulting in a pacemaker), so pick a good electrophysiologist.

Of course there are other things it can be, so definitely take him in to see a cardiologist.

Good luck.

Ask HIM!

Sounds fine. This happens to me and the specialist said it's quite common and nothing to worry about.

Tin T
to be honest you should have taken him when it happened. Definately visit the doctor now and tell him. They should end him for a heart scan/ treadmill test or an angio gram. I think what your brother had was a palpitation of the heart. My mum had opne of them, they hospital kept her in and monitrerd her heartrate for about 2 weeks. They have now given her Aspirin....Never leave these things, its better 2 b safe than sorry!! good luck!

How old is he? That could be a condition known as SVT ( supraventricular tachycardia) Alot of people have it and it can be very hard to diagnose because it is hard for doctors and tests like EKG's(electrocardiogram) to catch it. They need to pay attention to it and not negelct themselves emergency care if it doesnt resolve. Two common causes are too much caffeine and sugar. He needs to cut down on them. Another common cause is a condition known as Wolfe-Parkinson White syndrom in which a specific electric conduction pathway in the heart (the heart contracts with electric stimulation) that allows baby's hearts to beat as fast as they do doesnt dissolve after birth like it is supposed to causing random "runs" of SVT later in life. This conduction pathway can be surgically dissolved by a doctor in a procedure known as an ablation. This can be treated in an emergency setting with medicine such as Adenosine, or sometimes in extreme situations we have to give them a light electric shock known as a syncronized cardioversion. They are sedated of course.
Smoking and recreational drugs like Cocaine/crack can cause that too. He should see a doctor (just a primary care doctor) about that even if it doesnt happen again because that should be followed up on. Dont let it worry you, just address it. Take care and good looking out for him,dude.

Palpitations can be harmless, but if it's occurring frequently and is interfering with his day to day activities/exercise I'd take him to the GP..actually take him anyways just to be on the safe side..he'll probably do an ECG Also reduce his caffeine and sugar intake...take a note of how long these episodes last for, more than 30 seconds needs to be investigated

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