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 Chest Pain?
I would like to ask a question about some symptoms I've been having......
Around 10 a.m I had a dull burn in the middle of my left chest. It started off, just uncomfortable pain....

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 Please help??????
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 Ihave very high chlestroll[331]i do not have bloked arteries .but i need to get on a good diet to lower it wha
what type diet do i need. anyone out there have the same ...

 How long does it take someone to die who has a dilated heart?
My dad died in his sleep...here is the specs:

Male, 53 y/o, one beer aday, maybe two cigs a day at work, construction worker, played with grandkids, watched TV, worked on cars, ate typical ...

 Weird Heartbeat?
Sometimes my heart beats really fast and I can feel it in my chest. It only beats like a couple of times like that and it makes me have a shortness of breath. It usually happens when Im laying down....

 My father Justcame out of the hospital from a MILD STROKE.....?
And he is stuttering and mumbling words which is very different for him because he speaks very well and intelligently ...i am wondering will he recover from the slurring speech or will he never be ...

 Can gas in your chest (burping) cause heart to beat funny?

 How long does it take after open heart surgery I can do cement work and brick work?
I'm a contractor and I do brick, block and cement work for a living how long should I take off before I go back to this line of work or should I just not do it any more
Additional Details

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 How could children suffer heart attacks and similar coronary diseases?
I'm wondering how could children- and I mean children under 18- suffer heart attacks and similar coronary diseases. The question came to me after hearing that heart disease can strike- and often ...

 Pluse rate?
My pulse rate is about in the high 50's 54-58 is that bad.
My my blood pressure is just fine....

 Just recently i had stress test and the doctor has advised me to go for angeography, what is angeography?

 Hyperactive thyoid and heart?
would having hyperactive thyroid make you dizzy, have heart palpations and have low pulse. I recently had a pulse of 44?? I go to the doctor tomorrow for my hyperactive thyroid and they are going to ...

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I take lisinopril 20mg daily and I have stoped caffeine altogether cold turkey. What can I do to lower it?...

 Blood pressure?
what does 108/77 mmHG mean? and what is normal?
im a peteite ...

 What are the main causes of high blood pressure ?
what is the main cause of high blood pressure ?...

 Frusemide reduces Sodium & Potassium and increases uric acid level. What to do in such a case for HTN control?
I have a problem of Hypertension. I am obese (BMI=32+) and Hypothyroid. I also have high level of Uric Acid (6.5). I have been advised to consume Losartan Potassium 500mg and Frusemide 40mgm. daily ...

 Is there a problem with high potassium?

Heart palp/shortness breath... Should I have an echocardiogram?
I have had mild heart palpitations and slight shortness of breath over the past few years. It was finally bothering me so much that I went to a doctor and had an ECG and 24 Holter Monitor. Both came back fine with only rare PVC's (on the holter). I still have the symptoms and it seems to occur more when lying on my back, bending down or lying or my side. Sometimes it will occur when I start walking after sitting for a long period. I am wondering if I should have an echocardiogram to rule out hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I don't have a family history of any heart related problems, but want to make sure it's not HCM.

follow up with your cardiologist for treatment.

Janet H
I would suggest that you go back to your doctor and tell him/her. Maybe because it's summer time that it could contribute to it as well. Maybe have him/her rule out asthma. I get those periodically that my chest starts to thump real hard even when I am sitting.

I think it's a great idea. I wouldn't jump right to a conclusion about HCM, but it's definitely worth checking out. One of the indications for having an echocardiogram done is palpitations. It can evaluate things like HCM, valve disorders, high blood pressure, etc. Also, if you aren't having palpitations every day a holter monitor may not always show you what's going on. There are also event monitors which you can wear for 2-4 weeks. Talk to your doctor some more and see if they recommend anything further.

krissy f
Sounds like hyperthyroidism. I have graves disease (which is a form of it) and had those exact symptoms.

You only have one heart... and its too important to not get a second opinion. You know your body better than anyone else. Go get checked out!

Yes, in fact...you should have had all of the total work up for anything and everything...especially if you still have symptoms...
Get blood work done too...
Get the echocardiogram done also...
Ask to see a cardiologist, in fact, demand to see one...
Have you had your Thyroid checked???
Thyroid problems can give you heart palpitations and shortness of breath too....so ask the doc to include a Thyroid workup in your blood work...
Have you had a Stress Test??? If not, get one of those done too.
HOPE ALL IS WELL...and good luck.

L_H Qutub(Retired)
OK, you can go for echocardiogram, but in advance I am telling you it will be normal.

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